Happy April Fools Day

I have something significant to tell you, and I am not fooling. I am in the middle of building a Training Academy for people looking for employment. It should be up and operational by the middle of the month.

There will be Micro-Courses, courses that we can do together one-on-one, some things I can do for you, and some things you will need to do on your own once I have taught you how. I am trying to make various training open and affordable to everyone who can benefit from it.

Keep an eye open, and I will keep everyone informed on the where and when.



Finding A Way That Works

Do you want to learn new things, yet there always seems to be no time to do so?  You cannot go to college at night. The demands of work are far too great to make time during the day. When you don’t have $3,000 to $5,000 to buy into somebodies E-course that will send you a hardwired training that may or may not cover what you really need to know and are trying to learn…

Sounds like I’ve been there and done that? Yep. I was a process engineer. Working at a computer manufacturing plant. I got so frustrated with people on the assembly line not being adequately trained in their jobs due to lack of time. It was so bad that I finally switched to training so I could at least make sure everybody knew what they were doing. Then I found the awful truth.

Management would not give the workers time for the training they needed. So, I had to go out and find ways of teaching by working around a very intense build schedule. This was easier than it looked. Working with a team of three other people, we developed computerized training for every course we had. This allowed workers to train on demand whenever the line was down. If machinery broke, parts did not come in, or there was a major software glitch on the line, the workers could go to the training lab and train until the problem was fixed. This earned me and three other people our six Sigma Greenbelt.

Computerized training is not enough. It does not answer all the questions, and some people can walk away with a misunderstanding of knowledge. To that end, I backed up the training by making sure I was on the shop floor regularly. I could act fast to answer questions, set things straight on the spot, and help with innovations. It worked, and after initiating it, the numbers began to improve.

There is one more thing that I learned that help me very much. I learned how to make a sharp impact to help people while training them on concise timelines. And how the students retain the knowledge was a very simple but very astonishing eye-opener to me.

Because I know that your time is also valuable, rather than writing a more extensive article for you to have to find your way through, I am using the blog this week to break down this training method in hopes it might help you. Each day I will impart a portion of this new training theory. Why it drove me to get my Master’s Degree in adult education and training. And how you could benefit from this.

Please check back each day this week, and I should have a new piece of the How-To-Learn written out for you.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Mean Old Master Sergeants

You will hear people refer to me as a mean old master Sergeant, and one of those people are going to be me. Therefore, I feel it important to explain to you what a master Sergeant is and what a master Sergeant does.

To the outside observer, a mean old Master Sergeant can seem rough and grumbly. Someone you really don’t want to cross. The rough façade you see is precisely that, a façade. Master sergeants and other senior noncommissioned officers are charged with helping the younger people who are learning their way in the military to make good decisions. The goal is that new members of the service learn how to be better soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen.

Looking at the desires and goals of the mean old master sergeant in that light, I am proud to be one. What makes me happy? When airmen have a tough choice and make the right decision. It means they are learning and are taking one more step forward to success.

As a mean old master Sergeant, I look for ways that others can find wins. What tells me I’m on the right track? When a young person in our service can come to me and ask a question of why. Why do we do it this way? This has several positive implications.

Asking a question of the rough and grumbly senior NCO means the person asking the question trusts the senior NCO. It also says that the questioner believes he or she will receive accurate information, and the person asked will not hold asking the question against the newer person.

Does this translate into the civilian world? You bet.  To give an example, let me explain what happened once when I was teaching computers. Most of the clients learning to use the computers were older. And one day we picked up a much younger client.

The client didn’t really want to be there and was being pushed by others to take the class. The client started the class loud and noisy, demanding attention and irritating the rest of the students. I talked with the rest of the learners and told them just to give the person a little leeway, and in time, I was sure that things would work out well. As time went on, things in class quieted down. Then one day the student received a call and was overheard in the middle of the call saying that it was not a dumb class, it was an informative and enjoyable class with a lot of practical knowledge. Nothing warmed my heart more than hearing a student say that.

Mean old master Sergeants have a place in life, both in and out of the military service. If I did not use the skills I have learned over decades to help others, I believe I would be wasting a valuable resource.

Do you have a resource you can share with others?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

The Computers Aren’t Coming, They Are Here

We have something new that you really need to consider when you’re looking at goals. That new item is an old friend called technology. We all love technology. Technology gives us wash and wear clothes that we can just throw in the dryer pull out and put on a hanger. Technology gives us everything from three-minute popcorn to being  able to watch all shows and movies for next to nothing without even having to leave the house. Computers allow us to talk to anyone in the world. To run our own business., and to do many other marvelous things such as the ability to look up anything we need to know at any time 24/7and be able to get a credible response.

Technology has become so good at what it does that it is now taking over jobs. We’ve all heard the talk about someday and some way. Well someday and some way, have arrived. There are 21 different jobs which automatons now do. An article in the Los Angeles times reports that in the next 15 years 38% of jobs can be run by automatons.

30 years out it looks as though those numbers more than double.

Take a look at the goals that you have set for yourself. Does anything include employment that may be considered dull and boring, dirty or filthy, dangerous or life-threatening? You may want to rethink careers that fall into these categories. The reason is those are the areas that are best suited for automatons to work in.

Humans will never be totally pushed out of the picture.  Yet the positions for humans who want careers done in mass by automatons will go to those who are outliers.  That is to say, those who lead and innovate in that career field.  You can be one of those if you are willing to do what it takes.

Tomorrow we will help you to look at your completed goal.

Have a great day.

Congratulations – It’s a Website

Here at ReadingSticks, we have exciting news today.

Today we have launched our newly revised website ReadingSticks.space.

This allows you us to bring everyone the ability to find and procure our courses, books, charts, and other help.

On our new site, you may contact us either by email, on our scheduling and contact page or you will be able to schedule a phone call with us. The first phone call which can last up to 30 minutes is free.

This offers us the ability to communicate and collaborate with anyone who needs help, or individualized service for them or for their companies.

Although this site was brought online today, you will see many additions installed and various changes in the next few weeks as we calibrate the site to the needs of our audience.

Please enjoy viewing this site at http://www.readingsticks.space

Please leave us a comment telling us what you like about the site and/or what you would like us to add or take away.


Mike Balof, Director Reading Sticks, LLC


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