Spring Cleaning

It’s hard for me to understand why spring cleaning always comes in the spring. If we keep everything tidy all year long, I would think that that would be enough. However, don’t look for me to be the example. Right now, I am catching up on my spring cleaning from 2000. I feel good that I’m only 21 years behind on this. It means I’ve been able to live somewhere for two decades without moving.

As I do this spring cleaning, I keep on finding things that would be great to do and wonderful to play with. And it makes me sad that I’ve gone 20 years without these treasured items. Maybe, I should not hold spring as the only season to tidy things up. Maybe, I should do a deep clean with each season.

With each season, I could clean and dust the house, vacuum the floors, wash the windows, and put out the decorations for that season. It almost sounds as though there might be a method to this madness. I think I’ll try it.

How do you do your deep spring cleaning, and does it ever get lost in the day-to-day turmoil of modern life?


We find ourselves in a place where technology changes fast. If we’re smart, we change also. Intelligent people make wise changes because they lead us from a world of ‘cannot do’ to a more accomplished world in less time. And if we don’t take advantage of these time savers, we often find ourselves behind everyone else who does.

Doing this does not mean jumping on the bandwagon of every harebrained scheme that comes along. I am saying here to check out what benefits a new technology offers, understand how these benefits can enhance our lives, and adopt those that work best for us. We are only as vital and substantive as the technologies we utilized.

I have seen people who have faltered and fallen by the wayside because they could not understand why a new technology would make their life better. They’ve believed that because if they never used it before, they do not need it now. I highly encourage everyone to consider innovations as they do quality of life.

Have you ever ignored an innovation? One which might help the environment, save you time, or give you a better quality of life? Did you later wish you had used it sooner?  


The essential thing in doing something is to get out and do it. You take the time to figure out if it’s economically possible, learn all the ins and outs of the subject, and talk to everyone involved or not. By the time you finish doing everything and ready, the opportunity has passed.

I’m not saying skip the study; learning is smart. And when you see a good opportunity, it should be something you know a bit. I am saying that don’t spend so much time getting ready and planning that you never get to do what would have brought you the goals and goods you were seeking.   

To make positive things happen, you have to learn and apply that knowledge to an active campaign as you move forward. If you fail to do so, you will find yourself walking in circles and going nowhere. When you learn, seek out the professionals in the field you need knowledge on and use the knowledge and the talents they can share with you.

Above all, remember that your work is work, whether digging a new garden or writing a book. And to gain the fruits of your labor, put that labor to good use. Those who do, win

What new labor can you produce that will get you to where you want to go?

Building A Better You

When you build something, whether it is a course, a book, or a couch, you are making something for another person. Aren’t you? And when you sell it to whoever is going to buy it, aren’t you dealing with a person? It may sound strange, yet this is something important we need to remember.

These days when we rarely meet people face to face in an everyday setting, it is easy to forget the customers are real people. Sometimes, as sales increase and numbers grow, everything looks like a spreadsheet. We need to remember that a person is striving to do something behind every number, striving to be better.

We often get embarrassed or shy around others, and to overcome that, sometimes we pay more attention to the representations than we do to the natural person. We need to pay attention. It is important to remember that whoever uses the thing you made is more like you than any object ever made. Both of you have dreams, hopes, and desires. You both are working to become something better in life.

If you think of that client as a person just like you, they will get more out of whatever you make for them, and so will you.

What have you made lately? Has it helped anyone? How has what you made for someone else help you?


We all make excuses now and then for things we really don’t want to do. Is it a form of procrastination? You bet. Yep, we look at it as our given right to not do those things we don’t want to.

We need to realize that most of the things we excuse ourselves from are the things that we need to do to make our lives better. Also, the things we try to ditch must be done sooner or later anyway.

When we prolong actions from being completed, they don’t go away. These undone actions tend to hang around and do whatever they can to pester us or even cost us. We might as well go ahead and take care of them upfront.

What do you have that has been pestering you lately?


Being able to say no is a key talent to have. The better someone is, the more the rest of the world will want to lean on that person and have them do the work. It turns out this work is often free or pro bono. We all like to help, myself included, and yet there is a time when we have to be accountable to ourselves for where we are in life and what we have to earn to sustain ourselves and our families.

Having to tell someone no often hurts me more than the person who asked in the first place. I do like to help people. I am always open to a new venture. And I want to get out and work with people. I have learned that finding myself into so many things and so far over my head with different work, it was hard to see the light of day. Saying no and finding a way to make the other person feel good about it was very hard for me to do. Today, if I can help someone and still accomplish my goals, I will do so. Yet, there is a hierarchy I need to remember of who I have to take care of first before I have the luxury of reaching out and helping others.

Have you ever found yourself with too much work to accomplish because you’re helping others? How do you handle it?

Time to Organize

We rarely have the privilege to make a drastic change and reorganize to build a better plane upon which to work. One such chance is when you purchase a new device. It is a time when we can take all those files and documents that always seemed to be pushed helter-skelter in our hurry to get things done and realign them in proper locations with proper headings. And although it will take a tiny percentage of time to do this, getting it right to start with allows us an enormous amount of saved time as we press forward with our work.

We should consider taking time to sit down and understand where we’re going, and what we’re not going to need, and most importantly, the legacy documents that will be important to us down the line. I am undergoing this test now, hoping that any work of this sort will be made more accessible in the future. Of course, I wish I would have done this the last time I got the new device.

Have you ever been fortunate enough to take advantage of a new device to reorganize Anne reset up your files?

Waiting Too Long

Some human traits are better than others, and with some, you really have to watch out.  One of my worst traits is procrastination. I have studied and taught procrastination to others, yet I still often wait until the last minute.

If I started early, would I do better? Most probably so. If I did not have so many different ideas going on, would the fewer things I did turn out better? Maybe. If I were more organized, could I keep more control over everything I am trying to do? Good question.

Different people view the same situation in many different ways. A lot depends on their knowledge, where they have come from, and what they have been a part of. Because of this, the answers will be different for different people. There is no one size fits all within our universe. To make up for this, we each need to look at our situation and figure out what we should do to make things better.

Want help? Leave me a message.

Brain Block

I had a terrible time yesterday trying to get things done. It seems that sometimes the more I work at something, the less productive I am. Yet I notice another time when I feel squeezed for time; ideas tend to just flow with ease and no problems whatsoever.

What this type of problem causes me is a need for last-minute rushes. When I had initially had time set out to do the job efficiently, not worrying about deadlines.  I’d much rather leave the stress and anxiety of at the last minute work behind and execute plans under better control. Unfortunately, to say that I’m getting 50% of this would be generous.

I’m not really sure why my mind likes to play these tricks on me. I seem to get the majority of everything done by the due date. I just miss the date that I wanted to have it prepared by.

I know that imagination is actually the mind at play; Albert Einstein taught us that. I just think that sometimes when my mind plays these tricks on me, there is a somewhat malevolent action behind it. I keep asking myself what I may have done to my mind to cause it to work like this on me?

Have you ever worked to get something accomplished and ended up with a brain block?

Process Control

I am tired of needing to fight so hard for each thing I accomplish. If it is not the computer acting up and taking out half my day while I fix it, it is the shock that something or someone has been billing me for something that I did not know I owed. It seems as though every workday brings a new surprise in a new adventure. I like good surprises and fun adventures, but I’m out to curtail what I have been facing lately.

A Wise person informed me that I need to control and manage my systems and my processes as a business. It was pointed out that any company is not about driving people. It is about controlling and managing systems and processes. Business is made of systems and processes which will work every time, just as the time before if we are managing them right.

My new goal is to verify each of my processes and ensure each of the systems has viable processes needed in place. If I can do this, I can see how I could save half the time or more by not having to chase my tail everywhere as various problems reoccur.

If you find yourself surprised in your day-to-day business, and it happens regularly, please consider joining me in a process overhaul of your systems.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.