Brain Block

I had a terrible time yesterday trying to get things done. It seems that sometimes the more I work at something, the less productive I am. Yet I notice another time when I feel squeezed for time; ideas tend to just flow with ease and no problems whatsoever.

What this type of problem causes me is a need for last-minute rushes. When I had initially had time set out to do the job efficiently, not worrying about deadlines.  I’d much rather leave the stress and anxiety of at the last minute work behind and execute plans under better control. Unfortunately, to say that I’m getting 50% of this would be generous.

I’m not really sure why my mind likes to play these tricks on me. I seem to get the majority of everything done by the due date. I just miss the date that I wanted to have it prepared by.

I know that imagination is actually the mind at play; Albert Einstein taught us that. I just think that sometimes when my mind plays these tricks on me, there is a somewhat malevolent action behind it. I keep asking myself what I may have done to my mind to cause it to work like this on me?

Have you ever worked to get something accomplished and ended up with a brain block?

Process Control

I am tired of needing to fight so hard for each thing I accomplish. If it is not the computer acting up and taking out half my day while I fix it, it is the shock that something or someone has been billing me for something that I did not know I owed. It seems as though every workday brings a new surprise in a new adventure. I like good surprises and fun adventures, but I’m out to curtail what I have been facing lately.

A Wise person informed me that I need to control and manage my systems and my processes as a business. It was pointed out that any company is not about driving people. It is about controlling and managing systems and processes. Business is made of systems and processes which will work every time, just as the time before if we are managing them right.

My new goal is to verify each of my processes and ensure each of the systems has viable processes needed in place. If I can do this, I can see how I could save half the time or more by not having to chase my tail everywhere as various problems reoccur.

If you find yourself surprised in your day-to-day business, and it happens regularly, please consider joining me in a process overhaul of your systems.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

New Group Sessions

Today, I scheduled my first Meetup group session. My Meetup group sessions, called “Getting Jobs and Not Being Overlooked.” The group sessions help individuals who are looking for work and, unfortunately, feel they are being overlooked for the jobs they want. And, no, I do not think they are paranoid. It actually happens every day.

There are many things that employers worry about when they hire somebody, especially somebody who is a little longer in the tooth. And according to statistics, employers are correct to worry about it. However, you are a person and not just a set of statistics. As long as you can show you are a viable person able to do the job, you can have as good a chance as anyone else.

The first meeting is next Tuesday, the 19th of January, at 2:30 MST on zoom. We will discuss tactics and techniques for getting jobs in detail. The how to’s of present the right ‘front and center’ attitude at the interview. You will help the employer know that you are not the dawdling old-timer. Instead, you are the sharp, mature worker they are actually looking to hire.

These group sessions will run every Tuesday from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. MST and are free for at least the first four sessions that a person attends. The regular price is $25, yet for the rest of this year, because of the problems with COVID-19 and finding work, I will hold the cost down to only $10 per visit. Please sign up through “Getting Jobs and Not Being Overlooked.” On Meetup

Please ask, If you have any questions, by writing to  Also, feel free to ask me through Meetup. I would be glad to help you better understand any particular concerns. If you know anyone else who could benefit from such a group session, please let them know that we are out there and willing to work with them.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Have You Started

We are six days into the new year. Are you working on the new you? Are you finding ways to make your life more productive, happier, or more meaningful to you? If you are working on it, great. If not, I hope it’s because you already have everything you need and everything you have ever desired. If you are delighted and want for nothing, you should not change. You live the life that the rest of us genuinely envy.

If you were not quite that fortunate, then I have to ask a question. What do you find missing from your life? If you’re not as portrayed in the paragraph above, obviously, something is missing. At this point, there seem to be two choices. One is just sitting there and pouting, blame everybody else, and just be miserable. The other option is to get out there and do something about it. So the question stands.  If you don’t have everything you want, why not, and what do you do about it.

I’m not trying to push everybody into a greed fest. I’m just asking a question. If you want something you don’t have, is it because you really don’t need it or care about it, or is it that you’re just not trying hard enough?

Often, it boils down to priorities. With so many things we could have within the world, we have to choose what is most important at the moment. And that is a sage thing to do. And if that’s what you have to do and where you are, it is absolutely OK.

On the other hand, if your lack of something is caused by your ‘get up and go’ having ‘got up and went.’ That is another matter. Suppose you’re not getting what you want out of life because you find yourself stuck in a rut and just not able to actively pursue your needs. In that case, you are at the point you need to find yourself a new direction and some energy to follow it.

If you find yourself stuck, without the energy, or unable to find the right direction, I am here for you. Starting on Tuesday, 19 January, at 3 p.m. Mountain standard time, I will be hosting a group session for people to share where they are. Also, where they want to go and ask for sharing ideas and ways to get there.

For anybody who wants to join, I will make the first month free. After the first month, the fee goes to $10 a week. When my website publishes in the next week or so, you will also find discount coupons for other assistance which I offer.

Please keep an eye out for this blog, and I will keep you informed on what is going on within Reveille.Rocks, and hopefully, you will find some items which will be of great use for you.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

It Is New, Now What?

Welcome to day five of our new year. And congratulations on making it here. Now the question is, what are you going to do?

I’m not talking about the facade of goals, which will be gone in a few months. I am not worried about what you want to be 10 years from now. What I’m asking is, now that you are in the new year and the year you hate is now behind you, what are you going to do.

I grant everyone the fact that last year was horrible. The year was one problem after another building to one calamity after another. But you have made it through, and here you are. You own a new year, a new day, and hopefully a better way.

Yes, I know the date on the calendar did not change the status of things on the ground. That is not the point, though. The fact is you drew a line in the sand to get a new year. Now you have it. If you do nothing to make this year better, you just have what you had before. If you do better in your life and your situations, you will have better outcomes.

Does this mean hard work? When did getting what you wanted out of life not mean hard work, planning, and a fair share of elbow grease and midnight oil? The nice thing is whether you know it or not, you can do this. Can I do it for you? No. Can your parents or kids do it for you? Absolutely not. Every time you look at a smiling CEO, a farm doing well, or a plumber happily doing the job, you see people doing the things they love. They are there because they took the time to learn and grow within their careers and professions. 

You have come this far. Do not give up on yourself now. You are in a new year, and you are closer to the cusp of getting what you want than you were a year ago. It’s time to forge forward, not backslide.

I tell you these things for the good of all of us. When someone succeeds, we all raise just a little; and when we fail to try, everyone else sinks just a bit. It’s not that I’m worried about everyone being let down. I just don’t want you to be back here a year from now asking the same questions about what happened.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Back in the Office

It’s an eerie day today. Today is the first time I’ve been allowed to return to my offices downtown since the start of stay at home orders. We are in a ‘safer at home’ situation now. I know that my home is secure.

Yet, something drove me; I had to come to the office at least one day during the first week we were allowed to do so. I wanted to make sure all my files were OK, and that other people that I had worked with are all right. I need to see the owners who let me in my office and see what downtown looks like today.

My favorite coffee shops are closed and probably will not open until the middle of the summer. There are not a lot of people downtown. The biggest gathering is contractors, busy repairing the streets. And because they’re working behind barriers and signs, it is easy to avoid them.

Today is far from the hustle and bustle of what our city looks like typically. I am in early, and at my work, I’ve only counted seven people out of the usual complement of more than 50 who were here. I have not even seen the admin people who run the building. We call them the space captains because they are responsible for maintaining the space and making things happen. Everything appears to be running. I know the space captains will be here in a little while.  They placed markings on the floor in some areas for where to stand and where to go.

The fact that I’m here gives me a sense of coming back to normal. Seeing the lack of people and the number of changes that had to happen for the safety, I do not think we are ready to look ‘normal’ in the face for some time.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


Ways A Life Coach Can Help

Many things we help with boil down to having a misconception on how a person views their life and actions.  Although we are often willing to give someone else a break, we often see our own lives as stark 100% right or wrong with nothing except the extremes.  Life is not black or white; instead, it is infinite shades of grey.  Here are some of the ways we work ourselves into a rut.

We have a tendency sometimes of dramatizing small actions into gigantic events, which will end our chances for good things. Sometimes an error is just a tiny thing that is understood, and everyone moves on.

We love to jump to conclusions.  We probably think this would save time, yet we do not know what the future will bring, and we are usually not the best mind readers.

 We spend a lot of time in our past trying to tell ourselves what we should have done.  You cannot change the past.  Trying to find ways to fix that past is just a waste of time.  Change “I should have” to “I will.”

We often blame ourselves for not doing the right thing.  We forget that we were not the only ones involved, and we use emotions rather than facts to keep focusing on the negatives.  We need to balance our thinking.

If you find yourself labeling yourself and others or using some of the worries listed above, a life coach could help you refocus on better and more productive thoughts. If I can help you in any way, please let me know.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

Mike Balof, Life Coach

415 N. Tejon St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Prep Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I realize that some who read my blog do not, so I am going to talk about holidays and preparing the day before. Getting ready ahead of time is something anyone can do for any holiday.

Where I live we like to watch ballgames, go to movies, have friends and family over and sometimes watch parades. We also enjoy having a lot of food, and maybe even a barbecue or a cookout. This means that while we are trying to enjoy everything there could be a lot of work. This is why I recommend a prep day.

Take a day or two before the event, and preset up everything you’ll need. Maybe you need to set up chairs or lawn furniture. Possibly you need to rearrange the living room to fit all your guests that are going to come. And any food items that can be prepared ahead of time and cooked the morning of the festivities could also save you both time and mess in the kitchen.

Often times holidays bring stress and tension. This usually happens because we’re rushing to make everything perfect, instead of relaxing and taking time to enjoy our friends and family. The real trick is to get things done ahead of time. So you have the time to be with those you love.

There is one more wonderful thing that many people do not do, which could greatly help. Sometimes when we get busy doing tasks with guests over, they feel stressed because they think they should get up and help in some way. Often the best thing you can do is ask people if they would like to help you by doing one small chore or another. Many people appreciate the ability to be of help to friends or a member of the family.

Also, it helps when we look at this time, not as a contest of striving for perfection. We should look at this is the time to relax and enjoy all those around us. If we do this, and if we relax our selves, our friends, guests, and family will also relax, and everyone will get to enjoy the day.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

We Don’t Always Know the Why’s

We don’t always know why things happen. Yesterday it was 75° here. And by this evening we will be enjoying the snow. With 2 – 5 inches due by tomorrow.  Most people here don’t understand why the weather changes so fast. The only thing we can say is, “Welcome to the wonderful world of Colorado weather.” This may be an extreme example, yet the idea behind it is real for more than just Colorado. We see this throughout our lives. We see things happen both good and evil, and can only ask ‘Why?’

We try to attach meaning to events to make them more understandable.  And yet, why a plane ends up in the sea, or a car crashes or anything else happens, is often beyond our understanding.  Many times, I see things, and I can only ask why because I don’t know.  Why did this or that happen? Why?

I do not want to blame everything on random chance.  I also do not want to blame all tragedies on pre-ordained fate.  As a process engineer who believes in continuous improvement, I know that as we understand more, safety and health improve.  And, in this, there is some understanding.  Because someone a long time ago stood next to some shiny leaves and got a rash, we now know to stay away from poison ivy.  Someone had to make the error so the rest of us could learn.

The next time something happens, we could blame it on fate.  We can blame the pre-ordination of man, or we can empathize with the who and what, and learn something that could help us, and everyone else.

It is hard to say why things happen.  I know I do not understand a lot in the larger scheme of things. I do know that time, life, and knowledge are essential.  I feel I need to pay more attention.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Needed Improvements

Have you ever had an irritating problem that just threw you off your whole day’s activities? Something significant enough to be a thorn in your side and yet should’ve been small enough that you would handle it in due course? I had one of those this morning. And it disrupted my whole morning routine.

My cell phone died. The end had been coming for the last few weeks. And although with technical help, I had been able to breathe life back into it for a little while, it had died. It had been an excellent 2014 phone which had lasted me just shy of four years. It’s the longest time I had ever had the same cell phone.

There was no reason to get hung up about the problem. It was just an inanimate object whose time for replacement had come, and yet it started my whole week off by having to cancel the weekly call with my accountability partner. And although I’ve had problems like this before, I don’t know why this one took me over the edge.

I think it might have been the fact that, I believe I should’ve been more active in staying ahead of the problems and not letting them come to fruition. Rather than trying to squeeze every penny out of every item in use, I need to pay closer attention to functional lifespan and staying ahead of the curve on needed improvements.

Our business, personal, and family life, all deserve upgrades as needed.

I do not believe I’m the only one to ever face the need for positive change either and what I use or what I do. If you have a story about a needed change, please share with us. I would be glad to see that it gets posted.

Thank you for being here. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.