Change Is Interesting

On the one hand, change drives us forward. Change helps us to discover new ways and allows us to do more things better. Change can be a great ally.

On the other hand, change can also be a time of sadness. We lose what we have come to know and use. Change is a point of momentary confusion towards what is next.

Do not fear change. Look at change as an opportunity to improve.

What has changed for you lately? 



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Hard Skills in Demand

People looking to hire hard skills today are looking at computer-related skills. The most in-demand are:

  • Computer programming
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Web development
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud computing

With everything turning to automation, the skills listed are highly sought after by employers. The skills are needed to stay competitive in the modern digital economy.

Some related skills companies also need are:

  • Project management
  • Financial analysis
  • Digital Marketing

Soft Skills

Soft skills are some of the most sought-after skills in the modern workplace. Employers know that by hiring people with these qualities, they have better workers that will earn more for the company. It is in the company’s interest to find and hire people with soft skills.

Soft skills are not hard to learn and use. You can find training on YouTube, online, In books, or in local night classes. The desired skills include:

  • Strong communication
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Data analysis
  • creativity
  • working well with others

Other essential skills that are becoming increasingly important and will help you with employment include:    

  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Customer-focused mindset

How Many People Are Out of Work

One often asked question is how many people are out of work today. The truth is it’s hard to tell exactly how many are out of work because, for many reasons, accurate numbers lag by close to a year and a half.

The better question is, how many jobs are currently open?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are currently over 7.4 million unfilled jobs in our economy. That is more jobs than when the bureau opened in 2000. The number is probably higher because measuring all the Gig Economy jobs is hard.

Do not take this to mean there are plenty of jobs, and you don’t have to get one right now. These numbers do change. Also, some companies will take a while in the hiring process. If you want a job, get it as soon as you can.

What Questions?

Everyone will get nervous about what questions they will be asked. Here are a few thoughts to work on for responses.

Employers want to know what experience you have in the field? Be honest with what you can do.

What qualifications do you bring to the table? Any schooling, years of experience, and awards in the area, all play to making you look good.

They will want to know about past work experiences that may be relative. If you were in the service, that would play well to soft leadership skills.

Strengths and weaknesses are a question often asked. Be careful. Strengths are easy, and weaknesses are a trap. You cannot tell them you have no weaknesses because everyone does. It should be something small and explain what you are doing to be better at it.

Everyone should have long-term goals. When talking to the company, the plans to mention should not be ‘working for a competitor in two years.’

When you talk with the hiring board, know your availability and how you feel you will fit into their organization.

Don’t Be A Pest

It’s alright for you in a polite way to ask hiring managers, people at job fairs, and even people at a work agency who are trying to help you find work, how the process works, and roughly how long it would take. The one thing you do not want is calling them every week or every other week with the question, ‘Are there any jobs yet.’ Asking once is being inquisitive in showing interest. I think it becomes redundant. There is a significant danger you may consider a pest, and people within the company or workforce center will start to ignore you.

I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just telling you the realistic expectations and the thin line you absolutely do not want to cross. Who wants to hire a pest?

Recap the First 21 Days of January

This month I have been giving hints on how to get jobs. Today I just like to go over some of the things I have mentioned. Tomorrow we’ll start talking about what you hear on the news, whether to listen to it or not and how to place yourself in the best position to find work this year.

Make sure your resume and cover letter are always up-to-date, and tailor them for each job you are applying for.

Before applying, research the company and its job description to ensure you are a good fit.

When looking for a job, reach out to everyone you know. Jobs are often gained because people you know may know someone who’s hiring.

Be persistent. You deserve a job. Don’t give up on yourself until you have the job.

I do not know if you were a scout; however, your new goal is to be prepared. Practice interview questions and think of short stories that demonstrate your skills and experiences. Follow up by contacting hiring managers and directors 2 weeks after sending a job application to see if there is an interest or need. Do not make yourself a pest

Interview skills

Interviewing is not easy. You have to practice and practice and practice. And in some respects, it’s like trying to get to Carnegie Hall.

You wanna start by doing all the research you can about the company. Go to their websites to see what people are saying good and bad about them. Not that you’ll tell them that during the interview, but it gives you some ideas.

Know the company’s mission statement. Know their goals and what they call things. Try to use their words when you speak to them. In the interview, you are working hard to look like the person they want in their corner.

You want to make sure that you dress professionally. Usually, dress one step better than standard company attire.

Do not wear a suit if you’re a contractor going out for a job, building houses, etc. Dressed in good work clothes better in good repair with good work boots. During the interview, don’t fidget or rock in a chair.

Keeping eye contact and looking people eye to eye is good. It shows that you’ve done your homework and are interested in the company. Have some relevant questions based on what you’ve read about the company.

Ask if there are any particular times for a follow-up check to see if the job has been filled. Finally, after you have left, write thank you cards. Do it by hand. Make them neat and personal, and you can always leave them with the front desk person to distribute them for you.

Finding Professional Networks

Many think professional networks are set up for top-tier CEOs, doctors, and lawyers. There are professional networks for just about anything you can think of. You just have to go out to the Internet and find them.

You can look for online communities related to your field on the Internet, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other platforms. These communities are great places to learn and take a course or two. You may even find professionals from your locale that you can talk to and discuss what kind of employment you could find.

Just remember not to put them on the spot by asking them directly to hire you. That often will kill the conversation. Do have a resume handy but only send it if they ask first.

You will need job-specific skills

When you apply for a job, your employers will be looking for a specific set of skills. The nice thing is that many jobs use the same skills even though the jobs themselves may often be different. You need to look specifically at what the customer is requesting. Then, look at the jobs you have held in the past and understand which things you may have done before and which items you have not.

Every company has its particular way of doing things. They will probably train you on what they want you to do on the job. They do not expect, however, to have to train somebody from the ground-up level if they have already asked for somebody with particular skills.

If you aren’t sure precisely what skills those Include, you can go to www.onetonline.org and look up your old jobs and your perspective job to see what items they have in common. The site is free. It was developed by the Department Of Labor and is very helpful when finding a job.

You never want to tell a falsehood on the application or the resume. This site will allow you to look at all jobs to know what’s similar and different.


one of the things that most employers want to see is three to five references. A reference to somebody who has worked with you before and knows you. These people will be asked to series of questions by the company over the phone. Usually, 2 learn a little bit more about yourself.

Your references are essential. You want to make sure when you put somebody’s name and number on the application what they’re going to say about you and even the fact that they will talk to the people from your new company. What they say will be taken by the company even more than what you have told the company.

You do not want a reference to be caught off guard by not knowing that they were a reference so you need to talk to the contact upfront and make sure that they’re OK with you using them. Have an excellent feeling about what they’re going to say and how they will portray you pre tray you to whoever’s on the phone.

Ask them to call you if they were caught by the company, and thank them because they have just done you a reasonably solid thing.

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