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Have an Adventure

You ever find your inspiration for creativity waning? Do you ever wonder what you can do to spice creativity up a little? Actually, there are many ways to get your creativity back.  All you need to do is find a little inspiration. Inspiration can be as close as a walk in the park or as exciting and far away is visiting somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go.

I have a park with a lake in it just about a third of a mile from my house. Sometimes I will go out walking around it. And, if I find anything new or exciting, I will take a picture of that with my phone. Then I will come home, look over the images I have taken (usually between eight and 10) and either blow them up and print them out to put in my daily planner or add them to the background images on my computer or tablet.

It could be the fresh air, catching a little sunshine or just the excitement of getting out and seeing something new, that makes me feel better. Sometimes I’ll just walk to the downtown area to find inspiration. And sometimes I will drive out to a more extensive park, like Garden of the Gods, or Red Rocks Park and do some hiking and climbing. I always seem to find something exciting and have some fun doing it.

On occasions, I get to travel somewhere. Whether to a son’s wedding in Arizona work trip to visit grandkids in Walla Walla or other family members around the country, I always make it a time for adventure. There are boat rides or baseball games or concerts to add to the experience. These days, even flying seems to be an adventure.

When I am on these adventures, I try to pick up on some sort of theme and write a fictional short story just to have fun with the various things that I see and do. No one else ever has to see or read the short story. I am making it for my own entertainment and to practice a little creativity. Have you ever found compelling circumstances and just for the fun of it written down a quick short story? You should try it. Make it as straightforward or as outrageous as you want to, just make it yours and have fun doing it.

If you’re an artist paint a picture, write a poem, mold a sculpture or do whatever you do with your art. You never know what kind of inspiration you will find out of these outings. There is one thing that is for sure. You will never realize the potential of these exercises until you go out and try.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


We find ourselves this week coming to very holy days for some of the world’s major religions. The fire in Notre Dame Cathedral is made even more devastating because of the time of year it happened. I am very sorry to see the destruction and wish to thank all those who set aside their own safety to fight the flames and pull many major artworks and items of high historical significance out of the burning historical site.

I also want to say I admire the French president and the French business establishment. They have vowed to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral in the next five years and are already giving pledges raising over $700 million for the needed work and restoration. This is a real dedication to a revered World Heritage site for both religion and history of France.

No matter how much we differ with one another, when a tragedy strikes, it reminds us that we are all of one beginning and part of the same thread of life. Disasters remind us that we cannot stand alone. To survive, we must stand as one, for holding together we can defeat almost anything.

I know that for many of us, we are within a holy week. I wish to keep this short today. I just want to remind everyone we should cherish those around us. For apart, you are on your own. Yet as you stand united together, there is little which can sway you from your goals.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Change Is Hard

To change is hard. We have a tendency to do what we are used to doing. It’s something we usually like at first and then got tired of, grew out of, or possibly started to realize that what we are doing is hurting or killing us. Yet for all the negative reasons we have which tell us to get rid of the habit or an action, it is difficult to do away with.

Our difficulties reside within us because of something called the comfort zone. The comfort zone means we keep doing what we are doing not because we think it is the best thing for us or even because we like it; we keep doing those things which we have done because they have become a habit. It is easier to do them then to go out and try something new.

What I’m trying to explain is that within each of us we have these dynamic forces at work that play on our mind. These forces tell us it’s better to keep doing what we are doing than to explore some unknown which we are not totally sure about. To actually make a change, the desire for change must overcome the desire to stay within the comfort zone.

Sometimes we need some outside forces to weigh in and help us with what we desire to accomplish. Husbands, wives, significant others, mentors, parents, siblings, and friends sometimes play the role of this outside force. The closer someone is to you, the more power they have to use. This power is not centered in them,  it is centered in you because you care about what they think.

Quite often people with concerns do not wish to share with those they truly care for or have emotional ties to. This is where a life coach can step in and help. The life coach is not a clinical counselor, is not there to dispense medications, and is not there for the sole purpose of making you happy. The life coach is there to help you understand what your concern is, help you explore it, and through asking questions, helping you find the answers that are right for you.  

I can tell you this because I am a life coach. I help people who have fallen into holes within their life. I hate to see anyone stuck in such a state, and when I find them, I tend to jump in and help them. The stuck person thinks I’m crazy. I just smile and assure them that I have been here before, and I know the way out.

In our darkest and most troubling hours, there is always someone ready to help. All you need do is reach out to those around you and ask.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Be True to You

 This week we are talking about things that get in our way and what we may consider doing about it. I have heard it said, ‘life is what happens when you’re waiting for a bus.’ And I suppose that’s true. We seem to be waiting for something, to go and do something, and in the meantime, our life happens all around us. My question is, why am I just waiting? Why am I not giving up on the bus and just going out and starting to do something?

Life seems to give us friends, family, and other helpers whose main job obviously rotates around keeping us in our place. These people sometimes seem to be zealots at performing their tasks of holding us back. We have a love for others in our hearts and ideas that can help people, why would we ever want to keep our ideas and projects from those who could positively use them.

I remember a family member who counseled me on not sending my oldest son to a large school or university. I was always told that community college would be good enough for him.  I shielded him from the advice of this family member and encouraged him anyway. He received his bachelor’s from Colorado College and his doctorate from Dartmouth. Upon receiving his doctorate, the family member looked at me and said,’ Who knew?’

There is a considerable danger in letting others write or decide your path into the future. They do not know what you are truly capable of, and do not know your desires and abilities to help others. After all, each of us has good within us and gifts to share with the world. Imagine what great things will happen when you go to work on your projects and better the world and the lives of others.

I am not saying go off on a wild goose chase, and do not lock yourself off from everybody. Work with others. You have an idea of what could be, and you could build something bright and shiny and new. Yet, if you do not work with others, you never find out what they really need and really want. Many great inventions have failed and now litter the path to the future because the inventors did not take into account what the people who would use those inventions wanted or needed. If you look at the great entrepreneurs and visionaries we have today, you will see that they all take stock in the people around them. They listen to others.

I hope you take time to understand that the naysayers mean you well even though they are often misguided. And I hope that you build positive friendships with those who encourage you and can offer sound advice. Each of us has talents, and I encourage you to find the ones that help you to positively engage and help others.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Working Together

Welcome to a brand-new week. Have you taken a moment yet to lay out your plans for the week? Having a system that allows you to lay out your ideas and keep track of what you need to do when is always a valuable tool.

I often have a problem with the systems I use. They work well for managing my standard regimen. I wake up at a specific time every morning, catch the news at a time, and write my blog at a particular time. Things like this happen at the same time daily every week. Because these items are time driven, I know what to expect, and I just do it.

When I sign up for a specific course online, or a meeting that is outside the usual parameters, or something unique and out of the norm, I have problems. I have a tendency to miss or be late for those activities.

I understand where the problem lies, it lies with me. I feel like the old saying, ‘I have met the enemy, and he is me.’ A scheduler, planner, calendar, or a written down reminder is nothing more than an inanimate object. It is there to be acted on by a sentient being who actually owns the process of working with various tools to better his or her own productivity. I can no more blame my scheduling system or planner for missing an appointment than I can complain to the computer for doing what I told it to do.

The truth is you have to interact with anything or anyone with whom you expect to have a positive working relationship. It could be that something or someone you interact with doesn’t do what you need, or there could be something better for you to use, however, you can’t know that until you actually work with the system or person to their full potential. To work with something or someone to full potential, you have to spend time understanding, knowing how they work and attempting to grow together.

This week I’m looking at things that are supposed to make my life better and try to figure out why they work well or have problems. This would be a pretty dull week for most people unless they also were given a chance to participate. So, I am asking you to join with me on this quest and send in your stories about what works well for you, what you know you can count on, and things or systems that just let you down.

You can comment through word press, or whichever platform that you read our blogs on or you can email me at mkeb@reveille.rocks.  I will place all comments into the blogs and be sure to cite and thank the people who sent them in. I also will not be trying to sell you anything or pester you with unwanted mail.  All my sales for books are made through Amazon, and all my courses are sold and taken through Thinkific. I am not making any direct sales through email. 

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Being A Leader

We have been talking about various actions you can take. Those things that you do which actually help yourself when you are out there helping others. There’s one thing important which we do have to talk about. We need to talk about the reality that thinking about something does not get it done. You actually have to go out there and do it.

I once worked for a wonderful lady who came up with brilliant ideas. She would come up with a great idea and assign it to someone. Then, she would walk around for the rest of the day saying, “Execute. Execute. Execute.” in a loud voice. It used to drive us crazy.

Having a good idea is great. Unfortunately, if you have a great idea, you cannot just force it on some unsuspecting underling and tell them to get it done. Halfhearted attempts have a tendency to die on the vine. You can no better push somebody to do something then you can get behind a rope and try to push it somewhere. You need to lead people like you pull the rope. Fruitful actions happen best when leaders are out in front.

Here’s the secret, we all seem to have a leader buried inside us somewhere. The leader within you may be embedded in there deep. A leader may not really recognize themselves as a leader until an emotion kicks in, caused by an idea that you realize will make a positive difference in how something happens for people.  Some leaders have no idea about their abilities until they are actually out front making something good happen.  Yet the talent is always there, waiting until needed.

When the leader appears, remember that questions show interest and ideas should always be considered.  These show that people are interested and want to make a good idea better.  Be kind and encourage, and understand that not every thought will add what is needed.  Still, thank the person for thinking of it and let people know that every idea is considered.

And every leader must take care of those they lead.  One person does not change much.  A team of people, working together, with a leader can change the world.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.