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Ever hear someone complain that change is happening too fast, and too often, and everyone just needed to slow down a little? I have even heard the Statement, “Everythings Changing, and none of it for the better.” Well, Let’s take a look at this.

Yes change is here. Change does happen faster each year. Is change bad? Is ironing for hours more productive than Wash-and-Wear? Does the Microwave oven give you a little less time in the Kitchen? Does the steam mop help out on the floor or should everyone scrub on their hands and knees? I am not sure either way.

The facts are that the population of the earth was doubling knowledge every 100 years in 1900. By 1945, general knowledge was doubling every 25 years. Now, very technical and new technologies double their knowledge every couple of years. General knowledge doubles every 13 months. As the population of the earth learns more, the doubling of knowledge speeds up. Soon we will double our general knowledge every 12 weeks and eventually, according to some data processing giants, we will double our general knowledge every day.

What do we as a people receive from this rapid change? Better medicines, longer lives, the ability to be more active. We also have better transportation, cell phones that make safety a reality along with instant videos, worldwide communication and the ability to see chat and talk with loved ones anytime and anywhere.

There are thousands of good items, from watching the weather radar on your computer, to being able to work from anywhere. 39% of people with bachelor’s degrees do not work 9-5 jobs anymore. They telecommute and often work project to project.

Is change all good? Is change all bad? Like anything, change is what you do with it.

Don’t believe in change? Want nothing to do with it? I can help with this!

Please send me all your quarters and dimes. I love change.

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