Need a coach?


I am in the business of helping people. I am a life coach.  I work with people to help define where they want to go in life or a life-stage transition.  I also help them discover the best ways to attain the transformation from where they are to where they want to be.  I look at this as a crucial position that I have worked my entire life so far to attain.

Some people just sit and wait for life to hand them something.  Some people have some desire in a multitude of career fields. And some people know what they plan to accomplish in life.  Regardless of what group they are in, they are all in need of help, advice, and some training on the critical thinking that will assist them in saving time and money in getting to where they want to be.

 That is where the life coach can be of great use.  A life coach will not tell you what to spend, what to choose, and where to go.  The life coach is there to help you examine the alternatives for yourself.  Coaches ask questions you might not have thought to ask yourself. They help you to plan your route to your future through Socratic questioning. 

Coaching costs are minor when looking at the whole process of plotting your path.  Yet how much more would it cost for you to get somewhere and find out that was not where you wanted to be?  What if you talk yourself out of your life’s dream because of limiting beliefs and find out later that those limiting beliefs are false?  Would work with someone up-front help you?   It does for many people.

I cannot tell you that I can cure all woe’s and answer all questions.  I cannot. If you desire, I can work with you and help you to ask the questions and find the information that you may need.  If you are interested, my email is  You can also schedule an appointment on my website:  Inquiries and sessions are kept confidential. With the internet, we can talk anywhere in the world.  I can work on ZOOM or Facetime.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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