Find Your Fit

The core of any company, the people counted on to rise to the occasion, have similar soft skills and often different hard skills. The company does not need everyone to have the exact same skill set. If everyone only had one set of skills, only one aspect of the job would be accomplished.

The soft skills for the entire core team are the same. The skills are loyalty and the ability to work as a team, care for the company’s output and reputation, and find alternate ways to get the job done correctly.

The hard skills of the core team are varied. Those skills include purchasing needed parts, shipping completed products, manufacturing, packaging, customer relations, and an ability to find needed resources.

It is very hard for you the be the best at everything. Work well with others, share your talents, and be positive. It’s better for your ability to fit into a situation and sought out than not to be looked on as reliable.

What are your core skills?

Do Your Best

It is essential to try your best at your work as you go through life. Whether parking your car or completing a million-dollar merger, what you do reflects back on you. You want to be seen in your best light.

We are not all the same. And I am not saying you must be perfect; no one is. You need to strive to repeat the great you do and better yourself where you can.

Even if you do not see any short gain from your positive actions, you will find improvement and better satisfaction in your work over time. These actions will genuinely help you to grow better.

What actions could you take to get better at the things you do?

Building Better Habits

Anything we repeatedly do or repeat in a set pattern can be considered a habit. Habits are not necessarily good or bad; they are just things we do based on expectation and repetition.

To build better habits, think of the actions that make you feel better and put you in a better position to face your day’s challenges. It may be taking a morning shower, shaving, and combing your hair. It could be drinking more water and less soda. Maybe your habit would be going to the gym to start your day or unwind after work is over.

Whatever helps you best and is done regularly over time will become your habit. You just need to start the actions and do them regularly.

What would help you to do better?

Back to Work

Today is the first day since November I am back at my co-working office downtown. Covid and health have kept me at bay. I am thrilled to be back here. 

I have a wonderful office at home in my basement. Yet, nothing is the same as having a change of scenery and great friends and coworkers that I can talk with and bounce ideas off of. It is good to be part of society again.

Where do you go to work with friends and Colleagues?

Cool Heads Calm Thoughts

It is amazing how many sources want to agitate users to spark controversy and push numbers. It is a selfish act to make better numbers for the protagonists. It is not to solve domestic or international problems, nor does it get anything solved or completed.

We all need to step back and think for a second. Look at what we know is accurate or not true. Instead of what others are trying to tell us, the cold hard facts we can find.

If you listen to what others say and compare it to the things you know for a fact, you will figure the truth out. If someone gets the things you know to be truly correct, the new stuff they tell you has a better chance of being right. If they do not get those truths you know correct, doubt what they say that you do not know.

It is up to us to check out what we are told and not follow blindly.

What do you believe? Why?

Healthy Choices

You may have been told this before, so please forgive me if this is old news. There is only one you. And if you want to get the most out of everything you do, you need to make some healthy choices during your stay here.

You can try to negotiate or capitulate. Possibly make tradeoffs and even fain ignorance. Everything is up to you. Just know that the body is resilient to a point, and then it gets downright hostile.

What I am saying is to treat your body right. Sometimes second chances are few and far between.

How have you been feeling lately?

What Are Your Alternatives

We do not always get what we want. Sometimes it feels like fate itself is conspiring against us. At a point like that, what are you going to do?

Well, that depends on what your alternatives are. So here is the sixty-four dollar question; what are your alternatives? Do you know, and have you checked them out?

Before you make any decision, big or little, you should take a moment to look at all the alternatives. You may find you do not need a choice that could be expensive for you. Maybe what you see as a need is only a temporary glitch. And possibly, new additions to the marketplace will make your choice null and void over the next 90-days.

It is like someone in a cave once said to some passing strangers, “Choose wisely.”

If some research and a good night’s sleep can save you a recurring bill for service that you will not get the full benefit from, isn’t that worth the money saved in your pocket

What was the service you purchased that failed to give you what you needed?

Peace Is Something We Earn

Anything worth having is rarely free. Someone has to work for it, and others are more than willing to take it away for their own selfish gains. And You Peace is something everyone else desires.

The peace you enjoy was not freely given. It was earned by generations of people standing up to tyranny and refusing to willingly hand over what little they had. No one understands the value of this more than those who lay down their lives for the peace and freedom of others.

I remember how my nation would help others by lending them aircraft and other means of protection on what was known as a ‘lend-lease’ policy. The President likened it to a neighbor’s house catching fire and lending him a garden hose to put out the flames before they lit your house.

Sometimes to help keep our peace and freedom, it is occasionally essential to help our friends and neighbors by lending them what they need.

What are your thoughts?

Jobs Are Back

Great news! Jobs are back, and employers are hiring. The mask mandates are lifted for most areas and life is starting to get back to normal. Now is the time to start earning again.

If you have problems finding the job you want, check out your local workforce center. Do not hang around there for weeks waiting for someone to come and hire you. That is not how it works. Go to the workforce center to find the hiring employers, write your resume to their needs, and go to where you can meet them and apply for the job.

If you need help, check out my books on I can give you a free discovery call, and we can work from there. If you need more help, contact me at

Are you ready for your new job?

What Do You Need

Sometimes, we get mixed up between what we need and what we want. Needs and wants are different, even if they do not feel that way. You need to understand the difference.

You need to breathe, eat, and drink water. You do not need to breathe vape smoke. Eating right is good, yet milkshakes and all-day sundaes are not much of a necessity. Water is vital for your body, not the bubbly kind that depletes calcium. There are better things that will help you feel and do better.

In balancing the budget and wanting to buy new things, think of what you need, what could make your life better, and what would be a pure luxury that you would get bored with quickly. Choose wisely, and remember you do not have to spend the complete bank account in one order.

Am I trying to throw water on all your fun? No. I am only encouraging a grown-up thought and maybe a challenge.

What could you do better?

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