Do Not Quit

We all learn new things.  We go through life transitions.  We change our views and our ways. We adopt new principles and let go of old ones.  What we can not and should never do is quit.  Change direction or do different work or grow a new attitude is excellent.  Stopping all that you do and giving up is nothing more than a death sentence.  The more you are out there doing something, the more stamina and grit can work in your favor.

In working either for ourselves or with others, we can find our self-worth.  We need to feel we are worth something.  We can find dignity in what we do, and in the passion. We know we are doing something that is helping others.  In this, we find our self-respect and our self-worth.

Without our belief in ourselves and without the interactions of others, we start a downward spiral that can end on the slippery slope of catastrophe.  It is not that we are supposed to pass on, merely that we have lost the passion for life.  We need the interaction of others and their appreciation as much as we need food and water.

Even if you find yourself in a position without work or status or need, you can still not only survive, you can thrive.  Be kind and say something positive to those you meet.  It may be the only caring thing that a person may hear all day.  And you may be the only person who can tell them.

Never give up on yourself.  And never give up on doing good for others. It is what we are here for, and it is what helps us to survive.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

Be Ready

Life is going to throw some good things your way. Unfortunately, you are also going to have some undesired items thrown your way too. You are, though, going to need to know what you really want out of life, so you can react in the right direction towards both the good and the bad.

You are going to need to know what your plans are so that you can react expeditiously. Life will not stick around and wait for you to make a decision. Time is moving forward no matter what you do, and you should be able to react in your best interests. So, the next question I’m sure you’re asking is, “How do I do this?”

You do your best at any point in your life. Know yourself. Know what you like, what you do not, and why.  Know what you have a passion for and what it would take to be good at it.  Good enough to make a living and enjoy the work.  The world will not take time for anyone who is ‘hemming and hawing.’  You need to get out there and do the job.

You can start at any time.  Sherly Temple was an actress as a tot and an ambassador in her latter years.  Grandma Moses was not even discovered for her paintings until she was in her sixties.  Betty White is in her nineties and still going strong.  Their Secret? They did not go home and just sit on the front porch.  They got and stayed active.

If you have given up, you still have two choices you can make right now.  You need to get active, or you need to plan what others might do if you are not around.  At least, that is what the statistics say.  Wonder why women live longer? More action and work in their lives overall.

Not sure where to start?  Talk to a life coach.  Find one you like and will work with you, asking the questions that make you think.  Life coaches do not have you dwelling on your past or crying over what could have been.  They work with you to understand where you are and what you could do if you wanted to. 

Life coaches help you understand that limiting beliefs are usually only in your head. You can really do anything you want if you are willing to put the work into getting the results you want. A life coach cannot do it for you, yet, they can be a guide that helps you to get rid of the negatives that stand in your way and help you to reach out to the goals you really desire.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Where Are You Going

There’s a question I’d like you to consider.  How do you know where you’re going? Have you set a goal as to where you want to be in the future? Have you started down that path? Are you moving towards your goal?

I did not ask you if you were going, believe it or not, you are always going somewhere. Time stops for no one. You’re either heading towards a goal you want to be at, or you are drifting, which can take you in any direction. But trust me, you are moving forward, just maybe not in the direction you thought you were going.

Even if you have mapped everything out, done your homework, and talked with all the experts, there is a significant tendency to drift once you are underway. To minimize your drift and ensure you are on the road to what you want, be sure to take timely measurements along the way.

Just as sailors would use a sextant and a clock to measure their latitude and longitude going from one port to another, you can take similar measures. You can look for an occurrence of new ideas sweeping into your goals to see what is new and possibly pushing you off your course to where you want to be. You may want to check current charts to ensure that your unique goals need the knowledge and abilities which you are gathering along the way. It is always better to learn early when you need to know something new, then to arrive there like yesterday’s news.

Taking checks is as easy as reading trade papers, watching YouTube’s on the subject, talking with friends and experts, and keeping your head up, looking for new innovations. New innovations usually make things easier, not harder, so it’s good to know they are there and how they work. And remember, the sooner you learn something new, the more time you have to practice it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Keep Moving

Sharks are always moving. Sharks need to move to keep finding food and to force water over their gills so they can have oxygen to breathe. If you have a dream, you have to keep moving just like the shark. Sharks move to eat and breathe, or else they would die. You need to keep moving toward your dreams, or else those dreams could die.

If you have a dream and you want to follow it, you need to keep moving in that direction.  Sometimes the conditions are right, and you make significant headway. Sometimes many obstacles clutter the landscape and get in your way.  It does not matter if it is infrastructure, marketing, or the weather. You want to keep on looking at finding the workarounds.

If it snows one day, and you take a day off to do other things, that gives you time to breathe, reflect, and do something a little different. That is a good thing because everyone, from time to time, will need a rest. If it snows every week and you’re taking time off, you’re losing ground required for getting to your goal.

If you have a laptop, you could work just about anywhere. Although some of the venues are more conducive to work than others. Do your best and maybe make a list of what you could do best where. That way, if circumstances cause you not to be where you usually work, you have a list of things you can do wherever you find yourself.

The idea is to minimize the obstacles that get in your way and prevent you from making progress towards your goals.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Don’t Dwell

Today we honor our past leaders.  Those who stood tall to shape our country and our society.  Whether good or bad, the presidents were there and tried.  They served in an office with such problems and pitfalls that most people, for many reasons, would never want to hold.

It is important to remember and honor our past.  Our past, good or bad, is what has made us.  We cannot go back and change it.  We can take the lessons learned from that past and strive to create a better future for ourselves.  This does come with a warning of actions that we can all be susceptible to.  Look but don’t Dwell.

Understanding our past helps us to know where the hidden traps are. The snags that can drop us into deep holes or ruts where we cannot find our way out.  To avoid those, we need to keep looking to where we are going, not where we have been.

If you are driving somewhere, you keep your eyes looking out the front window, more than the rearview mirror.  It seems to be safer that way unless you are backing up.  Life does not have a reverse on the stick shift, so, eyes forward.   

Wherever you are right now, you have learned knowledge from your past and hopefully developed future plans.  Keep your eye on the future, and you will probably get there.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Tell Your Story

We all have a story to tell.  It could be a series of short stories or a great epic saga.  The fact is that we all have a history that we have lived and should share.  You should do so.

Your stories live within you.  You are the only one who knows and can tell them.  If you share them with others, then everyone can laugh, cry, and learn together.  If you hold them in, only you know, only you have learned, and if anyone else brings them to light, they are told in another narrative.  Your stories belong to you, and you should express them.

When we share our information, our knowledge base grows exponentially.  When we fail to share, learning is stunted, and everyone learns at a much lower rate of trial and error.  This is easily seen in both individuals and cultural groups which close themselves off from the main-stream society.

Look at your story, those things that you have done.  Granted, some are personal, private, or embarrassing.  You do not have to tell too much information, share your best.  People will appreciate it, and so will you.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

Do What You Can

In life, we cannot do everything. We should, though, strive to do what we can. We may not always win, yet we will feel good for what we do.

I believe in helping others where I can. And I think that I should learn something new every day. I work at a mission one day a week, where we help the homeless. We are open for a few hours, five days a week.

In doing this, many rules are set forth for us to follow. We do not, under normal circumstances, help people before we open because we need that time to get ready. We do not continue to serve people walking in after we close. And yes, as you can imagine, there are always deviations to these rules for one reason or another.

Yesterday we had several people who needed to make phone calls after we had put the phone away. As the low man in the pecking order, I cannot just reconnect the phone and let people continue making phone calls. Luckily, I had someone with more pull tell me I could do so, and we did. Someone was able to call somebody for a ride to where they needed to go. Of course, once the phone was out, someone else had to make a call, and we could not deny them.

One of the callers started asking for other items, such as toiletries. The client wanted a toothbrush, a nice toothbrush, not just any toothbrush. The caller also asked for soap. I freely gave a bar of soap, and it was handed back to me. A large bar of soap was needed, and since I had two larger bars sitting on the counter, both of them were needed. After some discussion back and forth, I handed over the second bar, even though I realized I was only supposed to give one per our rules.

Another client who was watching this said that some people are like that.  And then the observer did a remarkable thing.  That client told me about a bible verse that says, if someone wants your coat, give them your shirt also.  The more I thought about the verse, the more I realized I was doing right. Even for those who were late or wanted a second helping of something, I was doing the right thing.  That comment from an observer enabled me to learn a valuable lesson on helping and serving others.  I truly appreciate the thought.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.