It is great to be out there, pushing yourself forward, doing everything within your power to conquer your world. At the same time, you need to remember you have others around you with whom you have activities. Changing your schedule may not help their needs.

Too often, any schedule, no matter how well planned, will fall to the side; it is merely a fact of life. It is essential to realize and ensure no activities or people end up forgotten because of this disruption.

Is it easy? No. Is maintaining the balance doable? With a bit of attention, yes.  Whatever system you use to support your changes and additions, make sure it works for you.

How do you keep up with what is next on your schedule and what is looming down the road?

Take Our Next Step

As we walk through life, our goal should be to pick up what we need and desire to help us grow. The trick is not to pick up everything. We must choose between our desires, our wishes, and our destinies.

Like a holiday feast where we want to try everything and often eat more than we can handle, our desires in life often outreach our abilities.  We need to control our passion for projects and things.  We need to pick and choose through what we find to have the time and energy to be our best at what we strive to accomplish.

To be our best, we need to be ready to compete.

As you work and plan, what will be the outstanding achievement you will offer the world?

Excitement Fills The Air

Fall is upon us. Days grow shorter, cooler, and grander as the leaves change and smells of comfort fill the air.  It is the time of high school football and bands marching for halftime shows.

Everyone is busy cleaning their yards and prepping for the first snowfalls of the season. As parents prep holiday decorations, the children try to decide what they want to be for Halloween. Teenagers look forward to the homecoming dance. Fall is the time everything has excitement and a chance to relax for a weekend.

The hot summer is gone, and the biting blizzards of winter are not here yet.  All the senses get touched with reminders of happy and comfortable times.

Which memory will you enjoy?

Time To Explore

How many of us get caught in the same rut day in and day out? Not just the big things, the little ones too. How many of us wake up, hurriedly get dressed, and run out the door with little more than a cup of coffee and maybe a banana?

I used to do that. I would get to work in start having Low blood sugar symptoms by 10:30 or 11:00. By the time I got to eat around 12:00 or 12:30, I had difficulty thinking straight and was angry at everything. It’s not the way to work, and it’s not the way to live.

I have recently worked at eating better and started making avocado toast once or twice a week in the morning. It’s easy to do; an avocado is less than a dollar.  I mash it up, mix in a tsp of salad dressing and some bacon bits, smooth it onto some toast, and I have an excellent start to the morning with a great breakfast.

What could you do before work that would make your day?


Ever start to do a small project? Write a book, build a course, coach a few people? And all of a sudden, you find yourself in a tsunami of more people who offer you help at a cost than you have ever thought existed.

Everybody means well, and everyone wants to help. As with most things these days, there is always a price. What do you do with all these people who want to sell you something? They mean well, and many of them are doing what you are working on, building a sound and viable product that will help others, and then finding people to buy it.

The answer is simple. The emails you get come from people, people running businesses, and they also need help in areas you might be great doing. You need to stop looking at everybody who writes you as someone who wants your money and start looking at them as someone who would be willing to pay you to help them do better.

Stop looking at others as someone who looks to squeeze you out of some money. Start looking at them as someone you can work with to a mutual benefit where you both succeed and grow.

The next time someone writes you offering a service, how will you help them become a paid partnership where both of you succeed?

What Are Your Plans

We have a new month about to come to us at the end of this week. The big question in my mind is what are we going to do?

You’re more likely to get something done if you make a plan and write it down. You don’t have to make earth-shattering discoveries. Sometimes the most profound work boils up from small ideas.

There’s a trick to getting things done. Figure out what you want to do for a given period, and write it down. Not in the back of some notebook that you won’t be looking at for the next three months, write your intentions down somewhere where they are in your face, and you see them every day. I often use a whiteboard, an affinity chart built with post-it notes, or my monthly calendar, which I carry and look at every day.

When something is important to us, we take the time to do it right. Everything has a cost, yet not all prices are monetary. Time and attention are two resources we need to spend with great care.

What are your plans for our upcoming month?

Do Wisely

Where I live, there is freedom of choice.  It puts us in control of ourselves.

We can live, work and do what we want, as long as we do not impose on the freedoms of others. We can share, learn and design the things we wish.

We are responsible for those things we choose and for what we do.

Choose wisely.  Understand what you want and what it will take to get there.  No one will stop you from trying, and no one else is in charge of keeping you on track.

Plan wisely, my friend, and follow through.

What greatness will you plan and accomplish?

What Will You Do

Yesterday is gone.  You cannot change anything about it. You can try to make up for errors or remember good actions, yet whatever happened there stays there.

Tomorrow is too far out of reach.  You can plan; you cannot complete those tasks today,  not if they will not happen until the future.

Today is the here and now.  Now you can stand up and do something.  Today you can change yourself and the world.  Today you can make and be the difference.  Remember, you can do this only if you get up, go out, and do so. 

Today is the day.  What will you go out and do that is good?

Do Not Stop

Never give up on your desires and what you want to do. We’re talking about the core of you.

You may have to pivot to go around a boulder, and you may have to realign goals to make the best use of resources. It often happens when you explore out in the woods. Many of us are entrepreneurs, and as such, we search the landscape of needs and sales to others.

We may need to polish or change our approach, product, or our marketing. Each of these changes helps our product to grow. We do not give up on our product if it is something that can help others succeed. And we do not give up on ourselves or the people who back us.

How will you position your products to do the best they can for others?

Slow Down

When your life gets super busy, and you find yourself running in circles, you need to slow down.

When you can’t find what you need to be working on, find the book you need, or find that you are booking various meetings one over another, you need to slow down.

When you get in such a rush, you fall down the stairs; you need to slow down.

A chief master sergeant once told me that I needed to slow down because I did not get something done in time. I thought he was a little bonkers at the time. The truth is he was absolutely correct.

When you are at the edge where you have too much to do, and no time to do it, the first thing you do is stop. You take time to sit down, prioritize, organize where needed, and set off to complete everything. This time you will get it done one item at a time, in a safe and sane manner.

What are you going to get done first, and where does it stand on the priority list?