How Long Does Making A Blog Take

It takes me about an hour to write a blog and post it on eight sites. Five of the sites are set up automatically, and three are specialty sites that I sometimes post and sometimes do not. The trick is to remember that most people reading blogs don’t have much time. You want to tell them something important, yet you need to tell it in about 300 words or less due to this time crunch.

I like to make my blog a conversation where I describe something to a good friend. Some people like to tell just the facts and keep the articles terse and only main points. Everyone has their own style. I’m not telling you to turn your style over for something else, instead to polish your style for your audience.

I run the blog through Grammarly as I write, plagiarism checker when finished, and then Read Aloud on Microsoft Word when it is done. Then I find a good eye catching picture on Unsplash to put with it, and publish. The blog will usually take 10 to 20 minutes, and cleaning it up is another 10.

When I started, the blog was a two-hour ordeal. As you do this, it gets shorter. I have been doing this since 2015.

Day 8  Stick-To-It-Ness

Everyone is always designing calendars. Making new ones, changing them, trying new planers, and for some reason, never getting very far with them. If you count yourself in this lot, stop building calendars.

No calendar can help you until you get a little Stick-To-It-Ness. Anything should work as long as you have that sticky stuff. Put a stamp on an envelope, and it will go as far as the postage on the stamp allows. What makes this everyday miracle happen? The stamp has Stick-To-It-Ness and never leaves the envelope.

Before you buy a calendar, you have to gain enough Stick-To-It-Ness to follow the calendar and do what it tells you to when it tells you to.

Are you now ready to organize? It can save you time and earn you money.


My name is Mike Balof, and my one big goal for this year is to meet and help as many people as possible. I am a life coach assisting people in finding gainful employment. And, if desired, new careers in different fields.

I am told I’m good at what I do. Over the years, I have helped many learn new skills. Not only do I have years of practical experience in this, I also hold a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training. 

If you know of someone who needs my talents, please encourage them to write me at or sign up for a free 20-minute Zoom call through

My quest is to find and help all those I can, so they help themselves find great and enjoyable work leading to a great and satisfying life.

If you are interested, join me on this mission. Book a 20-minute call, and we will talk.

I Wish I Knew This When…

Growing up, I was part of a very conservative Catholic family. As a matter of fact, my grandparents lived right across the street from a Greek Orthodox family. A family not unlike the Greek Orthodox family we see in the movies.

I grew up believing that whatever happened, I was wrong. Even if I was right, I was wrong for being right. And guess what, I was wrong. I thought that’s the way life worked and as I ventured out on my own I started working with these thoughts in mind.

I learned that to get the best work out of people, you really wanted them to be correct and have the feeling that those above them had their back because they knew they were right. They needed to be praised in public and corrected in private. They need to know that their supervisor is there to guide them and have their back, and encourage them on.

Learning this knowledge actually helped me in the long run. When the factory I worked at had four open supervisor positions, they interviewed 81 different people. I was one of the last.

When asked about supervision techniques, I explained it as a supervisor. I was the cheerleader. It was my job to get everything the people needed to get their jobs done correctly. Parts, guidance, and correct work processes must be present and ready for the job. That’s what I was really supervising, The success of my team.

Isn’t that something a team member would like to know upfront?

This Could Change Your Life

I have something to tell you today that will change your life. It is the fact that there is only one person who can get you a job; there is only one entity who knows what you can do. And only one person who can convey your desire, your knowledge, and your abilities to an employer. You see that person every time you look into a mirror.

I know you figured it out by now. You are the only person who can understand and help. You’re the person with the drive, the moxie, and desire.

And the truth is you can do it if you want to. Nobody is going to tell you it’s easy. Often it is not. And yet you have the resources within you. All you have to do Is dig down deep and find them.

Don’t be boastful or bragging. Just be confident and know you are the one who would do the best job. New facts, methods, and strategies come to light every year, and soon It will be every month. Will you be learning new things along the way? I’m willing to bet you will. Do not be doubtful of new knowledge. Merely reach out and absorb it.

Now go find where you will be working and let them know you are ready if they are.

Persistence Counts

We all have our ups and downs. The trick is to ride the ups as long as you can and, when you are down, do everything you can to get back up. After all, the view is much better when you are up.

We all have reasons that we find ourselves down and out at times. Almost none of these are connected to what we have done or not done. I know; you should hear some of mine.

We need to not only take ownership of where we are, we also need to take action. Why we are in an unfavorable position is less important than what we are doing to get back to where we belong.

If you work hard at something and do well, you probably belong in the upper section. Yet remember, the most significant contributor to your success is the planning and hard work you put into doing the job right.

What are you working hard at and doing right?

Need a Real Job

I remember when I worked with job seekers. It was called the great recession, and there were no jobs to speak. I am always able to find something. Something that someone could do until the economy improved. It might be working in a department store, running a cash register at the local fast-food place, or even helping with some sales type. The point is, if you look hard enough, there is always a job out there.

Unfortunately, my most challenging work often met with thank you very much, but ‘please don’t look too hard for me right now; I still have 13 weeks left of unemployment.’ I believe that if you’re not going to take this seriously, please don’t waste my time. In the grand scheme of things, 13 weeks go in the blink of an eye. The whole idea of unemployment is to give someone temporary assistance until they find their subsequent employment.

Many people think that once the COVID subsides, everyone will be hiring again. History has proven this not to be the case. Owners and operators will not employ new workers until they absolutely cannot do without the help.

Do you go for the job When it is in front of you or is that the time you start to prepare? To get the job, you need your ducks in a row. History proves time and again that real victories go to those who plan and are ready when opportunity strikes.

Do you want a livable income? Want to be ready? I have developed some training that could definitely help you. Ask me,

Howdy and Welcome to Wednesday

I’m in a class with Sarah Cordiner, and I’m learning to live stream. I’m looking for a good time of the day to send out live stream videos when you would be available to see them. If you have any times that work or don’t work, please let me know. You can contact me through My Facebook, LinkedIn or write me directly at

I am sending out daily tips on finding employment and how to change careers. I can come up with ideas to speak about all day long, and (for those of you who know me) it can be at length. Instead, I would like to give you tips for what you’re genuinely in need.

Please let me know your questions, and I will get them into the daily tips. And also, let me know what broadcast times would work best for you.

What Are Your Plans

I mean for the next year. I think I just heard work, house cleaning, taking care of the kids, etc. I am asking what you are going to do for yourself.

Are you going to take a course in something? Write a book or visit a strange new place? Are you going to take up painting or some other activity?

The new year is very close at hand. You may want to start looking at your options and thoughts now. Who wants to try making possible life-changing decisions the day after a big late nite party.

Whatever you decide, think about it and make it something you can have fun with.

It’s Always Something

No matter how we live our lives and what we do to make them perfect, they never will be. You can spend years fighting this. You could spend decades denying it. And in the end, it will not be perfect.

We are not perfect people. We do not live in ideal circumstances. Our world is not perfect, nor is it totally imperfect. Our world is what it is.

And as people, we need to understand this. We do not give way to bedlam, and we do not demand the impossible.  We find a way that we can live with what we can accept. 

I know I have my flaws. And I know they will still be there long after you have read this and gone on to dinner. I know how to find a middle ground towards peace and acceptance, and I hope you do too.

What will you do this week to find your peace and acceptance?

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