Cleaning Your Way To A New Job

You’re probably wondering what cleaning something has to do with getting a new job. You learn organization, planning, and following processes when you clean your office. These are called soft skills, and soft skills are the things that employers seek.

Many organizations pay a lot of money for training their teams, like 5S, 6 Sigma, value stream mapping, working with difficult people, and many other quality-related skills. And, therefore many job candidates read the books and know the key phrases.

I have you work with quality ideas because interviewers want to hire someone who has done the work. The interview board will see the gleam in your eye because you did the job.

I have a book on Amazon called ‘Clean Your Office.’ If you have any questions or guidance, email me at


I have seen many complain because they feel they have no power. And yet each of us has the power within us. It is up to us to take and use that power or not.

Most people have problems understanding power because they don’t understand it. Power is not forcing people, nor is it pushing demands. The real power comes from the care and work we do for others.

People with real power are concerned for their people. Chiefs eat after their tribe is fed. Commanders’ main concerns are for the welfare of their troops. Good civic leaders care for the welfare of their constituents. These people know The real power comes from mutual care for the needs of all.

If you want real power, start by helping someone who needs it. Then, go on and help someone else. Find a mentor to help and guide you. And always be willing to assist.

Power is not found corked in a bottle or locked up in a cabinet. It is always available to those who use it wisely. Yet you need to be there to help it, for it is not sedentary.

Do You Want To

All actions are processes, and all processes can be improved.

Process improvements work best if applied to a process that does not work well and needs improvement.

If we want to improve anything for the better, we first need to consider what we want the output of the better process.  I will always know where the car keys are?  Will I have more free time and money?  The milk does not spoil in the refrigerator?   If we do not know the desired outcome, we are trying to hit what will become a moving target.

We face This problem when we want to improve ourselves.  Suppose a person knows what they desire and has stability in what they usually plan and do. In that case, their processes can be changed and improved.  When a person is unsure or keeps changing their mind, the task can become extremely frustrating.

Anytime someone sets out to improve a process, the first action is to ensure the process needs improvement.  When we want to improve ourselves, we need to know what we want and where we want to go.  If we are not sure, there are places on the internet and in most communities where we can take assessments and talk to professionals (usually for free.)

To change for improvement is to work to better something.  Even ourselves.  Work that feeds our passions is excellent.  We just need to be sure we want to improve the process.

What would you improve?

If Someone Could Point the Way

Ever know where you want to end up and yet do not know the path to get there? One time or another, we all stand before this predicament.

We can ask for help from many sources, and yet what we will find is the answers do not totally match our desires. This is because we are all different in our makeup. We all have different experiences and ideas based on our life, likes, and dislikes.

I am not telling you not to ask others’ opinions or assistance. I am just saying that the answers have to be viewed in the correct context. The best people to assist are those who have already trod the path you contemplate. They best know the ups and downs of the journey. Although even here, there may be differences between their trek and yours.

It is always good to gain advice and knowledge from others in planning. Just know that all experiences have deviations based on time and remembrance.

How will you sort the knowledge you gain from others?

Why It Works

Sometimes what will work for one person or team will not work for another. People are often perplexed by this. I believe they have missed the crucial point of being successful. All involved have to know a positive outcome is possible.

If the belief is not carried by the majority of a team, the best plan will never work at peak performance. Even if leadership is doubtful, a good lead or supervisor can make something work if they rally their team to believe.

I used to do this by giving my team a challenge. I would show up wearing a lovely silk tie, tell the team that I had to wear it until a new daily quota was met, and the day we hit that quota, they could cut it off me.

Within the week, we hit over the needed units, the team gathered around, and pictures were taken as the tie was cut in half. The goal was met, and everyone felt better. It gave them a focus on doing what I knew they could. It is amazing what an old silk tie and a pair of scissors can do to boost morale and get something done.

What would you do to inspire your team and make a difference in their output?

Your Part

We all have responsibility for ourselves. We can help, guide, and teach others. Yet, what they do will all the assistance we give them is up to them. We cannot live their lives for them. At the end of the day, they must go forward and put in the work needed to get where they want to be.

For my part, I strive to give knowledge, faith in oneself, and hints and tricks that may be helpful. I help my clients leave disabling false fears behind, map a path forward they want, and understand what it takes to complete. It is important to help them find the paths to explore, the knowledge to compete, and the belief that they can meet their goal.

At the same time, I must not inhibit their freedom to do this independently. Clients must be in charge of their own destiny. I only help by providing and training people on the tools to help them.

What are you striving to obtain?

Hang In There

Strive for better circumstances. When the world sends you lemons, forget the lemonade. There are no guarantees in this life, so no one has said you must suffer (unless it is the fastest way between two points). I believe you should not unless you absolutely have to.

Studying, learning, and working hard is not suffering. It is a right and privilege that will make you stronger in your goals and wiser in your actions. Learn new things every day and never shrink from work. That is the only way you can gain actual experiences.

If your transportation is late and you have to, walk. If there are bills, worries, or pains, you are experiencing the real world and what actually happens while waiting for the next cable car. Never leave your karma or fate waiting.

The first week in May, I plan to roll out my subscription service for the Reveille.Rocks Roundhouse Training. It will start small and plans to have 30 courses, one-on-one offers, mini-lessons, and live calls. Please join us. We will start it at $27 USD and grow from there. If you join at a particular cost, that will be your monthly cost as long as you stay with us, no matter how high the subscription is raised.

I will keep everyone informed about where we are and where we are going.

Have you ever joined something and soon found out you only paid a small portion of what others who joined later paid?

Happy April Fools Day

I have something significant to tell you, and I am not fooling. I am in the middle of building a Training Academy for people looking for employment. It should be up and operational by the middle of the month.

There will be Micro-Courses, courses that we can do together one-on-one, some things I can do for you, and some things you will need to do on your own once I have taught you how. I am trying to make various training open and affordable to everyone who can benefit from it.

Keep an eye open, and I will keep everyone informed on the where and when.



Just Lucky, I Guess

I am lucky to live in a century where meeting the rest of the world is more accessible. Because of this, I am not restricted to a city, state, or country in running my business. And the neat part is neither are you.

We can meet on the internet and share or sell our goods with others in almost every part of the world. I believe that we can find a deeper understanding of who is out there and who we are in this age. It is almost like being an exchange student without leaving home.

I personally love meeting new people and sharing the fun of life with them. It is this interaction with others that gives life a special meaning. I also like to share what I am up to.

If you would ever like to share the good times, give me a shout.

Take Care Of Yourself

Did you know that you’re the only one like you in this world? That’s true. No one else acts just like you, thinks just like you, or cares just like you. And I believe the world would not be its best without you.

It would be a shame to lose you early due to preventable diseases or problems. To avoid an early demise, please take time to get good rest, a good diet, exercise, and fun. Taking a little time for you will allow your time here to be much longer.

This is the only body you’re going to get that we know of, and only you can decide to take care of it or not. Only you can choose to take care of yourself.

If you do not take care, you might not be here to face anything else. If you do take care of yourself, you are on an excellent path to handle everything else in your life well.

I’m not barking orders here. Just pointing something out.

What will you do to take better care of yourself?

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