Can They Possibly Get Out

Our family team started out running from the security police in their city when Sam broke the mandatory curfew. The security police chase them up an ancient rope bridge in the middle of the night. Strong winds cause the bridge to tip over. each member of the family team fell down a 200-foot waterfall into the river that flowed through the jungle of no return.

Since then, the Family had to find each other and figure out what they had to do to survive in the jungle. They needed to follow the river towards the ocean to get out of the jungle.  They needed to get back to their own civilization. Their biggest problem right now is that they’ve been toiling in this hot jungle for well over a month, and the most significant thing that they have gotten so far is hot, sweaty, and tired. For all their hard work, they’re getting close to mental exhaustion. The biggest question is how they will solve this problem and move on to find a way home?

What Life coaching methods can the family use to help save them and keep them on track?  To find out, join our class on Eventbrite:

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Please join us 2 February 2021, at 2:30 p.m.  (MST (USA)) (9:30p.m. UTC).  You will get to have some fun and hopefully learn a little something about life values and communications.

Thank you for being with me for this first Sunday edition of my blog. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

World of Uproar

Each of us must remember that the ‘World of Uproar’ does not have to be our world, and the majority of the time, it does not have anything to do with our real goals. It is always good to stay abreast of what is happening in the world. We just need to understand that we have minimal sway over anything that happens out there.

I can control little, so I must pay attention to those things that I can avoid or capitalize upon. To do that, I need to stay abreast of trends and happenings. This doesn’t mean that every second can be devoted to wading through daily news up to my shoulders.

The majority of news lately is an attempt by one side or another to sway us to their way of thinking. I like reports that tell me the facts and leave it in my hands to figure out how it affects me. I can usually find that if I watch the news from other countries that don’t have an immediate stake in what they are talking about and reporting on.

I am not knocking our homegrown new services. The majority of them do excellent jobs and are very diligent in getting the facts right. However, we all have to admit some news services are formed merely for us trying to sway the public one way or another.

We should consider our news the same way that we treat our email. It is excellent to check for two or three times a day and be left off the rest of the time to get our real work done. Sitting on the couch, watching things for hours that we can not control, does not do any good for us or anyone else. Mail gets checked at 8 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. Why not check the news at seven, noon, and five? Just one man’s thoughts.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

My Thought

Unfortunately, tragedies, either natural or man-made, will happen at times in our lives or will happen elsewhere and have a profound effect upon us. We do need to take notice of these tragedies and understand them. And, all though these tragedies affect us, we cannot allow them to consume our lives to the point of overshadowing everything else in our existence.

In our lives, we find yourselves with many duties. There is a duty to our deity, responsibility to our country, family, and ourselves. Each of these duties should be kept in balance. To allow a tragedy or problem with anyone to overshadow others or to render us incapacitated towards our responsibilities in other areas does not help you, others, nor the situation.

This week we have seen a violation of our democracy. I will not debate whether it was caused within or without the government. We should not react in kind because this is not how we handle concerns and problems in America.  We hold to the rule of law, and that is where we must settle this matter.

Although we cannot stand for this type of insurrection against our government, we must be careful not to become, ourselves, the thing we hate. We need to ensure calmer heads and truer values prevail. And hopefully, we should ensure that they come from us.

I am not sure what causes people to sink to a level where they feel they have a right to act out in such vandalism and mayhem. I would like to stress here that nothing is ever won worth having by sinking to the lowest level that mankind can offer. The day is won when you encourage others to rise to your level. For within that battle, all win.

This week, we have seen how low our nation could fall. Our goal is not to leave it there, rather play a part in helping it to rise again, as we always do, to reclaim the status of that shining beacon on the hill.

Thank you for being with me today. We hope to be with you again soon.

It Is New, Now What?

Welcome to day five of our new year. And congratulations on making it here. Now the question is, what are you going to do?

I’m not talking about the facade of goals, which will be gone in a few months. I am not worried about what you want to be 10 years from now. What I’m asking is, now that you are in the new year and the year you hate is now behind you, what are you going to do.

I grant everyone the fact that last year was horrible. The year was one problem after another building to one calamity after another. But you have made it through, and here you are. You own a new year, a new day, and hopefully a better way.

Yes, I know the date on the calendar did not change the status of things on the ground. That is not the point, though. The fact is you drew a line in the sand to get a new year. Now you have it. If you do nothing to make this year better, you just have what you had before. If you do better in your life and your situations, you will have better outcomes.

Does this mean hard work? When did getting what you wanted out of life not mean hard work, planning, and a fair share of elbow grease and midnight oil? The nice thing is whether you know it or not, you can do this. Can I do it for you? No. Can your parents or kids do it for you? Absolutely not. Every time you look at a smiling CEO, a farm doing well, or a plumber happily doing the job, you see people doing the things they love. They are there because they took the time to learn and grow within their careers and professions. 

You have come this far. Do not give up on yourself now. You are in a new year, and you are closer to the cusp of getting what you want than you were a year ago. It’s time to forge forward, not backslide.

I tell you these things for the good of all of us. When someone succeeds, we all raise just a little; and when we fail to try, everyone else sinks just a bit. It’s not that I’m worried about everyone being let down. I just don’t want you to be back here a year from now asking the same questions about what happened.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Time To Do It

In 2 weeks, I will start giving free training to those who wish to learn.  The training is on a variety of subjects around staying safe and finding new employment during COVID. 

Gaining a job has happened numerous times using these methods. What I am teaching is not new.  I am just giving you a technique to move forward when everyone else is sitting on stop. And the neat thing is that yes, you can do this.

I am no hero in this endeavor.  I am only a guide to show you the way.  If you want the hero, you have to go and look in the mirror.  Heroes are those willing to go on the quest.  I can only show you the way.

For now, you hold one question for the person in the mirror. “If many others can do this, what makes me think I can’t? I am as smart as anyone else.  And what I don’t know, I can learn.”

Think about it.  I will put the training in as many social media places as possible.  I will also have a way for you to contact me with questions. If you feel nothing is worth something unless you pay, a donation is appreciated, yet never necessary.

Seeking Employment?

It is starting to look a bit darker out these days, and it’s not just that we’re going into the dark of winter. It seems as though the pandemic is making a comeback. Jobs are once again starting to close, and with fewer jobs offered, hiring is on hold. And yet, looking at monthly job openings for the United States, August 2019 to August 2020, there’s been 5 to 6 million jobs out there open and ready.

 I believe this year is real and deserved, and at the same time, I also believe there’s a job out there if you want one. The problem is to find your job and do it safely. Shaking hands and talking to somebody for 20 minutes or an hour is not going to work. It would be best if you had safe ways to make contact, sending a resume along with a request for employment. Most of all, you must find a way to work with positive emotion, need for expediency, and realize that you are a thoughtful person talking to serious-minded people.

Although I have a class on employment, I will start teaching in a month or so; I am willing to help you now and look towards that job. And this help will be free until the course begins. If you wish, watch my blog. I’m going to be giving hints and ideas to help you seek and find employment. It will not be as robust as my class will. The course will have one-on-one work with the instructor and group sessions to share ideas and things they have seen working and those they have witnessed not do so well.

You’re going to hear about the class coming out later this year. And I am marking it down because I understand that any money is critical for many. I don’t want to bore everybody by placing everything out here for the public. Contact me, and I will share these lessons with you for free, along with a guarantee that we will stop sending you correspondence anytime you say stop.

I do appreciate you reading this blog and for being with me today. If you’re looking for employment, I wish you the best of luck, and stay tuned-in. Future blogs will have information that will help you. In the meantime, stay warm and stay safe.