Time To Do It

In 2 weeks, I will start giving free training to those who wish to learn.  The training is on a variety of subjects around staying safe and finding new employment during COVID. 

Gaining a job has happened numerous times using these methods. What I am teaching is not new.  I am just giving you a technique to move forward when everyone else is sitting on stop. And the neat thing is that yes, you can do this.

I am no hero in this endeavor.  I am only a guide to show you the way.  If you want the hero, you have to go and look in the mirror.  Heroes are those willing to go on the quest.  I can only show you the way.

For now, you hold one question for the person in the mirror. “If many others can do this, what makes me think I can’t? I am as smart as anyone else.  And what I don’t know, I can learn.”

Think about it.  I will put the training in as many social media places as possible.  I will also have a way for you to contact me with questions. If you feel nothing is worth something unless you pay, a donation is appreciated, yet never necessary.

Seeking Employment?

It is starting to look a bit darker out these days, and it’s not just that we’re going into the dark of winter. It seems as though the pandemic is making a comeback. Jobs are once again starting to close, and with fewer jobs offered, hiring is on hold. And yet, looking at monthly job openings for the United States, August 2019 to August 2020, there’s been 5 to 6 million jobs out there open and ready.

 I believe this year is real and deserved, and at the same time, I also believe there’s a job out there if you want one. The problem is to find your job and do it safely. Shaking hands and talking to somebody for 20 minutes or an hour is not going to work. It would be best if you had safe ways to make contact, sending a resume along with a request for employment. Most of all, you must find a way to work with positive emotion, need for expediency, and realize that you are a thoughtful person talking to serious-minded people.

Although I have a class on employment, I will start teaching in a month or so; I am willing to help you now and look towards that job. And this help will be free until the course begins. If you wish, watch my blog. I’m going to be giving hints and ideas to help you seek and find employment. It will not be as robust as my class will. The course will have one-on-one work with the instructor and group sessions to share ideas and things they have seen working and those they have witnessed not do so well.

You’re going to hear about the class coming out later this year. And I am marking it down because I understand that any money is critical for many. I don’t want to bore everybody by placing everything out here for the public. Contact me, and I will share these lessons with you for free, along with a guarantee that we will stop sending you correspondence anytime you say stop.

I do appreciate you reading this blog and for being with me today. If you’re looking for employment, I wish you the best of luck, and stay tuned-in. Future blogs will have information that will help you. In the meantime, stay warm and stay safe.

Low Hanging Fruit

I do not know why I have always had an aversion to going after the low hanging fruit. Whether it be grapes, or people I can help, or the things that I can do, I have always wanted to challenge myself. I have also always had the drive to help others.

In my stubbornness to do better and help more, I often forget that it is the sustenance from the lower hanging fruit that gives you the skill, energy, and knowledge to go after things far more challenging. By reaping what you can from the low hanging fruit of your trade, you can build better skills and a more stable organization to take on more abundant adventures. The little fruit was put there for a reason. Could that reason be to help you grow and do better?

Just because you can take what you reach does not mean you do not wish to go further. It just means we all need to start where we can achieve. And because of today, tomorrow we will be able to reach farther, and even more the day after that.

Do what you can. Do all that you can reasonably do. And when you have accomplished that, reach further.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


Organization means different things to different people. If I want to know exactly where people are and what they are doing, I need organization. If I am a creative, and I want to keep track of where I am on various projects to keep myself or my superior happy, I need organization. If I am a home hobbyist who likes to work on many projects and needs many items to do so, I am more comfortable when I do not have to search the whole house for those items. I need some organization.

Sometimes in the quest for organization, especially in business, those seeking such tend to run rough shot over everybody else. The hierarchy wants what they want when they want it. And when they have a fear they may not be able to get it, micromanagement ensues.

Unfortunately, micromanagement is the one real death toll of imagination and creativity. Those who are creative need two things. They need to know the schedule, and they need the elbow room, which allows creativity to flourish. By hiding one or the other from a creative, their best work will never see the light of day.

Working, in general, is a cross between magic and a balancing act. To get your best work out, you need to look at each situation and find the magic point at which everything balances. When you take the time to do that, your chances of success are improved, and your leadership is undeniable. Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.


I remember when I was a child, there was good and bad, right and wrong, and decisions did not take long at all. Usually, I was always wrong. There appeared to be more clarity about life. And everyone seemed to have an opinion.

It makes me wonder if, back then, the correct decisions were always right. Or did choices boil down to a set of circumstances, or made up rules rather than the facts? I am not sure. What I do know is that in today’s world, it is hard to make a decision, and there is the consideration of many factors.

I am not saying that one era is right, and another period is wrong. I am trying to question how decisions happen. And why if they were made so fast in the past, do they take so much time now?

When we were young, four, or five, or six, we followed what our families and elders told us, and there was no questioning. Today I question everything, and I do not know why, yet today it appears that everything takes time. And maybe it should because everything does depend.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.