Do You Have a Minute

How many minutes a day are wasted not doing anything productive? How often do we not have a minute to do something good for someone else when asked? If we are too busy to help another, why are we not more productive.

Actually, being productive includes lending a hand when someone else needs one. When you help someone else, are you not helping yourself? I remember reading in a good book somewhere that sharing your talents with others brings them back to you, shaken down and overflowing.

You cannot give away some things, and the more you try, the more they come back to you with interest. I do not know exactly why this is. I only know through experience that it is true.

What are your talents doing for you, and how are they multiplying?

What Are Your Alternatives

We do not always get what we want. Sometimes it feels like fate itself is conspiring against us. At a point like that, what are you going to do?

Well, that depends on what your alternatives are. So here is the sixty-four dollar question; what are your alternatives? Do you know, and have you checked them out?

Before you make any decision, big or little, you should take a moment to look at all the alternatives. You may find you do not need a choice that could be expensive for you. Maybe what you see as a need is only a temporary glitch. And possibly, new additions to the marketplace will make your choice null and void over the next 90-days.

It is like someone in a cave once said to some passing strangers, “Choose wisely.”

If some research and a good night’s sleep can save you a recurring bill for service that you will not get the full benefit from, isn’t that worth the money saved in your pocket

What was the service you purchased that failed to give you what you needed?

Peace Is Something We Earn

Anything worth having is rarely free. Someone has to work for it, and others are more than willing to take it away for their own selfish gains. And You Peace is something everyone else desires.

The peace you enjoy was not freely given. It was earned by generations of people standing up to tyranny and refusing to willingly hand over what little they had. No one understands the value of this more than those who lay down their lives for the peace and freedom of others.

I remember how my nation would help others by lending them aircraft and other means of protection on what was known as a ‘lend-lease’ policy. The President likened it to a neighbor’s house catching fire and lending him a garden hose to put out the flames before they lit your house.

Sometimes to help keep our peace and freedom, it is occasionally essential to help our friends and neighbors by lending them what they need.

What are your thoughts?

Jobs Are Back

Great news! Jobs are back, and employers are hiring. The mask mandates are lifted for most areas and life is starting to get back to normal. Now is the time to start earning again.

If you have problems finding the job you want, check out your local workforce center. Do not hang around there for weeks waiting for someone to come and hire you. That is not how it works. Go to the workforce center to find the hiring employers, write your resume to their needs, and go to where you can meet them and apply for the job.

If you need help, check out my books on I can give you a free discovery call, and we can work from there. If you need more help, contact me at

Are you ready for your new job?

Changing Jobs

Are you looking for a new job? If you are leaving an old job to do so, I would like you to stop and think for a second. I am not saying you need to keep the old position to show employment. What I am saying is do not separate yourself from one source of income until you have another income to take its place.

Does this mean you will be doing some ‘double-duty’ somewhere along the line? Maybe. Yet other things could be worse.

If you strike out on your own to find a job without adequate funding, you may be making a big mistake. If you are forced to go back to a position you did not like to start with, your dreams might be dashed.

How much money should you have? That depends. Calculate everything you are spending right now and add an extra 5% for inflation. Then add in the costs for training, education, and other expenses to learn a new career field. Then calculate the months to actually find a place to hire you. Double it. If you are going to work for yourself, Double it again. 

Now you have some real numbers to consider. The best-case scenario is you get hired next week, and the next family vacation is paid for. Worst case, at least you planned for it.

Many dream jobs start off as side-gigs for a reason. We do not do well without adequate funding.

What is your dream job?

They Pay They choose

Please check out my book, Critical Creative Thinking In Employment Now, on sale at: 

When you get hired somewhere, are you joining that company, store, business, or whatever it is? Or, are they joining you?

It sounds like a ‘so-what’ question, yet the answer will predict the odds of getting picked for your desired position.

You face one of the most important decisions you must understand before ever looking for a job. Putting this in the proper perspective, you must remember that you are not the only person applying for the position. You have no power to change management’s needs. If you do not fulfill their requirements, they will leave you in the dust. They are just too busy

When you get hired, you’re joining an organization that already has its ground rules, what works best for them. The equilibrium amongst their workers and management makes the company successful. They will teach you all of this information and then some. You want to remember that you are joining them, and you will work by their rules.

I don’t want this to sound too rough. In my years of teaching people, I have had more than one person show up for a practice interview adorned with a full head of spikes; piercings, nose rings, tongue studs, and other paraphernalia, including earrings to practice an interview for a conservative company.

Most companies will not worry about what you do on your own time. These companies want you in proper dress code when dealing with conservative customers.

What choice does the company have? There will be 252 resumes for each position a company advertises on average. Most people will have looked at the company website, read the company values, and probably the dress code. The majority of the 252 people applying for the job will be hungry and ready to do what it takes to gain that job.

Do you want the job? Play by the company rules.

A Prescription for the Whereisits

Hi, Mike b. here, I am building courses and books. To get you the best information, I study and learn new methods from many different sources. I also work with people as a life coach, helping them get hired. You are right if you think it takes some time to do all this.

I am experiencing an even more significant problem right now. I am suffering from the “Whereisits?”. I have had something like this before, only that was “Wherediditgoes.” I know I am printing things out and making booklets which I can eventually email to people. I just cannot find what I did with them. By the time I tear my office apart looking for them, I have no idea where anything else is.

So I am building a new course, it is how to arrange your office to never lose another thing you need and have already made.

I will send you starting pictures, day-to-day work details, and a course at the end you can get.

In the mean time, please follow along and maybe try a section or two that will help you.

What’s Your Footprint?

When we walk the earth, we can leave a footprint of our worth to others. The footprint is an impression in mud that can be easily washed away. The imprint is what we leave in the minds and hearts of others we interact with along the way. And quite often, what we do for them makes us memorable.

You know people whom you have never personally met, who have passed from this earth long ago, and yet it’s still their deeds that are the cause of how you remember them. You may remember Alexander Graham Bell when you make a phone call. George Washington, who helped found our country and was our first president. You may think of Steve Jobs, who helped bring new ideas in computing and entertainment into our world. These three people and thousands more are remembered for the work that they had done with and for others.

We need to consider what the footprint we leave behind will look like. It has been said that most people cannot remember further back than their great-grandmother. This is because family generations farther back either had very little or absolutely no interaction with today’s family members. Unless you directly connected with Margaret Wummer, you probably would not know her. Although she did incredible things, raising her children and grandchildren, helping in her church, and generously donating to her community.

It is essential not to keep our talents bottled up within us. We are here to work as a team and grow as cultures and societies. It is vital to work with others both for their sake and definitely for ours. The more we do, the more we touch other people. And, the more connections we have, the more likely we are to be remembered.

Keeping your talents to yourself means that you are the only one who ever benefits from them. That means you have a lot of good in you, which is never seen or used. People like to talk about the positives in life around them. They also tend to gloss over ordinary things and minorly annoying ones.

I’m not saying we all need to invent the computer or the telephone. Also, I think we might get in trouble trying to establish our own country. Yet, we can do what we can do to help others. And that is important because we know that there are times when we will need help ourselves. We are not trading; we are sharing. And I believe that’s why talents are given to us to start.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Day 8  Stick-To-It-Ness

Everyone is always designing calendars. Making new ones, changing them, trying new planers, and for some reason, never getting very far with them. If you count yourself in this lot, stop building calendars.

No calendar can help you until you get a little Stick-To-It-Ness. Anything should work as long as you have that sticky stuff. Put a stamp on an envelope, and it will go as far as the postage on the stamp allows. What makes this everyday miracle happen? The stamp has Stick-To-It-Ness and never leaves the envelope.

Before you buy a calendar, you have to gain enough Stick-To-It-Ness to follow the calendar and do what it tells you to when it tells you to.

Are you now ready to organize? It can save you time and earn you money.

Persistence Counts

We all have our ups and downs. The trick is to ride the ups as long as you can and, when you are down, do everything you can to get back up. After all, the view is much better when you are up.

We all have reasons that we find ourselves down and out at times. Almost none of these are connected to what we have done or not done. I know; you should hear some of mine.

We need to not only take ownership of where we are, we also need to take action. Why we are in an unfavorable position is less important than what we are doing to get back to where we belong.

If you work hard at something and do well, you probably belong in the upper section. Yet remember, the most significant contributor to your success is the planning and hard work you put into doing the job right.

What are you working hard at and doing right?

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