Helping With Pain Points

A pain point can be anything, physical or thought, that takes time from us and causes us great feeling and emotion. When we work with others, sometimes we will realize they have a pain point that is just like one we have. It could be anything in which we both strongly believe. We could be either in sync or 180 degrees out, or any of the other 360 degrees of the compass.

When two people have the same pain point in the room, we must work to ensure we do not make the conversation about ourselves. We should be sensitive to the other person and their needs, especially if the other person has come to see us for help.  Focus on their concerns, and maybe, you will learn something that will help you solve your worry.

As humans, we all have things that bother us. No matter how minor or major the concern might be, there is a pain point that will not rest until found and handled. Discovering it is done with Socratic questioning and discussion. The idea is to have the person with the problem uncover the pain point so they can understand and deal with it.

Often the pain point is an emotional issue that is being frustrated by events the owner has no control over.  Helping someone find the pain point is the hard part.  Once found, they can often deal with the concern, and the frustrated blockage can be understood and handled.  Just remember, if you are there to help, do so, no need to make a meeting about you.

 Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Vision board

Do you know what you like to do? Not precisely this moment, preferably throughout your life? Many people get so caught up in the existence of moment to moment survival they forget how to live. Today, I will show you an exercise which will allow you to remember that people should work to live and not live to work.

The first thing you need to do is understand what you like in life and what you want from life. These are the things which you desire. You can take a look at many places trying to figure this out, yet the one real situation you need to look at is inside yourself.

Start by the closing or defocusing of your eyes, and taking three deep breaths. No, do not think of education, finances, or anything else as a hindrance or block to your desires. Now try to think of the things you would like to do. The things that you wish you could make come true. Maybe something that you may not have thought of since you were young.

What are the things that you like to do? The things that you always wanted to try? Think of them, explore back in your past, and look into your mind. There could be a few, and there could be many. Do not think just of the work, think of every aspect of your life. Think of romance, sports, spiritedness, exploration, and anything else that you have ever really wanted at least to try or attempt. When you’re through thinking about it, make a list of all those things.

The optic nerve for the eyes is 27 more times potent than the nerve for the ears. Therefore, if we can build things, we can see those objects, and they will make a more meaningful difference to us. So now we’re going to make a vision board.

Start by looking for pictures, magazine ads, drawing ideas, or even going on a free site such as to find images of those things that you would like to do In life. You can cut ad pictures out of magazines, or you could do everything on the computer depending on what you have and your abilities to use. 

Build a mosaic of all the things that you would like to do. I have one of mine at the top of this blog. I like to spend time to read, I’ve always wanted to fly, and even though I don’t have eyes for it anymore, I still like to practice on my computer. I like to sail sailboats. I enjoy walking in the fog along country lanes and by the ocean. I love sunsets and sunrises. I desire the time I get with my family and my wife. I put these things into the vision board of my life. I would like to do these again.

Your vision board will not look exactly like mine, nor should it. We are two different individuals. The best idea is to make your vision board based on the things that you like and would like to either do for the first time or repeat. Once you have built your vision board, find a place to put it where you can see it. It will help to remind you of the things you are interested in and desire in life. Look at the board daily to remind you and keep you on track by reminding you that life is not all work and toil. Life is also for a living, Even when we do so temporarily confined to small spaces.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

How Are You Doing

With all the problems we find in our world today, how are you doing? Could you be doing better? And the biggest question, what are you doing to make it better? All fair questions.

We find ourselves this year in a maze of problematic situations. We did not cause these problems, nor did we ask for them.  We are, right now, finding ourselves in the cauldron of fate where people earn their stripes and bragging rights or could end up cast back onto the slag heap of fate. So the question I bring you today is straightforward.  In all this turmoil, what are you focusing on that is making your particular life better?  

The fact of everything going on around you is scary. It does not mean that it is going on immediately in front of your face. There are a lot of negatives in the world right now, and many things we want to achieve, we cannot, we can find ways to make things more pleasant for ourselves. Before we can do that, we should understand our make-up.

Try to understand what makes you tick. Figure out what causes you happiness and joy, and find a safe and sane way to do those things. Also, try to understand what causes you angst and why. Try finding ways that will diminish that angst.

You can do this. It could be a little harder than it once was. Yet yes, you can do this.  It may not be perfect. It may take some work or a little ingenuity.   Most of the things that we try to do can happen if we put a little effort and brainpower behind it. If you do not believe me, prove me wrong. In the meantime, I’ll try to write another blog tomorrow, which will give you some ideas to work on, that may get you closer to these ideas.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

A Soft Voice

We all have our way of approaching our daily deeds. When it comes to speaking, some are loud and boisterous, while others are quiet and calming. I am not encouraging us to ignore our standard patterns in talking with others. I am saying there is a good thought in looking at different methods of discussion with people. Some ways of speaking may be better or worse, depending on the situation.

If the house is on fire, a loud voice that says everybody out of the house now is probably the best mode of the moment. When somebody is about to step on a snake, that same tone screaming watch out works well also. Not every situation needs to have a loud, overbearing voice, though.

If we are giving people technical information, the last thing we want to do is get them upset by being loud and rough with them. Loud and threatening voices cause us to be nervous. In an agitated state, we are less likely to get all the instructions correctly. Quite often, a quiet voice or at least a calm voice would be much better in sharing information.

When we catch someone doing something wrong, a quiet voice is more effective because it is unexpected. Speaking in a soft voice causes the rule-breaker to lean in and listen more intently. It is a great technique and one that will not soon be forgotten by the person perpetrating the misdeeds. As they lean in, you know that you have their full and undivided attention.

When approaching someone with a calming voice, it allows them to relax a little. It gives everyone some time to think. Maybe someone has a question or two. A loud, boisterous exchange from a superior, mentor, or peer may cause them to fear to ask.  Fear to ask a question can easily lead to confusion due to misunderstanding. The best thing to do is to keep everyone calm and focused on whatever they have before them.

Of course, this is just one mean old master Sargent’s Thought. To know for sure, try this technique for yourself.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


Faith is not sitting around, hoping. Faith is getting out and getting things done. And, as you get those things done, you know that if something holds you back or blocks your way, a way through will be open to you so that you can continue your work.

Faith means ‘walking the walk’ in true belief. It also means that you may not have a superhighway taking you to where you want to go. Yet, a path to your destination will be available. Just keep going where you think you belong or need to be.

Faith is not always immediate. It is also not always shaped by the way you think it might be. The tenets of faith are discernible to those who believe. To keep your faith, believe in, and do not be deceived.

When we cannot find our way forward, and storms rage around us, keep your faith well-maintained and ready to place into action. You might not see it, yet you might be surprised to find yourself surrounded by angels and people of goodwill.  All of these sent to aid you with your needs.  And present to help you keep your feet on the path and your eyes on the prize.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

What Again

It looks as though the virus is winning in many parts of our country. We can beat it, yet we have to be willing to do what it takes. And this means that we have to distance ourselves from each other to deny the virus hosts within which to foster growth.  Obviously, it means another lockdown.

For many of us, the first round of isolation was terrible enough. Yet, if we are going to live and survive, we will probably have to endure this again. The good news is that we have recent experience with isolation. Therefore, we had to hopefully learn some things that we can utilize to make this run more bearable. After all, If we have to do this anyway, why not enjoy it.

Plan now, and be prepared. If you know that you will need some tools or parts to do specific jobs during your new isolation, pick them up now, and be ready. If you want to do anything essential while stores are still open and most companies are also, now is the time. You want to have both necessities and a few luxuries that will make the time more bearable. We also want to pray that it doesn’t come to another isolation. Yet, if it does, the more prepared you are, the easier it could be on you. Please don’t take my word for this, consider it and see if it makes sense.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

New Ways

I just learned I might be doing all the wrong things. I am always setting goals and looking for results. When the goal becomes obtained, I go back to being my usual self. The problem is my usual self is not getting anything done. I need to work at this.

If I want a clean house without having to work at it eight hours a day, I need to develop a way that works for me and does that. If I want a nice-looking yard without a lot of back-breaking toil going into the mix, I need a way that will do that for me. Setting goals is sweet, yet how many goals have we set and how much disappointment have we found later when the target could not be maintained over time by itself?

If we want to be able to do something and make it last, we need to find ways of doing so that a will not break the bank and still allow us to live the type of life we want to live. Not to say that there will not be compromises. It is just that when we do make compromises, we need to make them to the betterment of our real desires, our families, and our surroundings.

It is all relatively new to me, and as I learn (mainly by trying, making errors, and trying again), I will let you know how this goes. For now, this is something to consider. For me, it is an idea on how I can change my life for the better while working through the changes I need to make myself, to make good things happen.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Stand Tall

Everyone wants to stand tall.  We want to think of ourselves as one of the best in what we do.  Yet, to gain status, we need to work hard and do our best.

You will never stand tall by tearing everyone else around you down. If you try to stand on a hill made of the remnants of those you have torn asunder, you will find yourself on some very slippery slopes. You will discover these slopes filled with the pebbles, slop, and traps that you have made.  Standing on top of the now barren and dangerous landscape you have made, you will surely fall.  And, no one would be able to stand on that slope with you.  And you will be known for causing the mess left behind that causes everything to be unproductive for some time to come.

To be noticed, you need to stand on the best of what you have accomplished. Will you be the highest? No. No matter how good you are, there will be others that will be better. The good news about that is you will not be the least, either. There will always be somebody with fewer skills than you, also.

So, what is the best foot you can put forward? Be the best you can. Remember, there are always people better and worse out there. And strive to keep learning because the World never stops moving forward. The only people who are stuck are the ones who fail to move forward with it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


It’ is a simple question, who is going to take care of you? As we live our lives, we could think of many people who take care of us. Our mother takes care of us when we are born, as a young person mom and dad help each other in taking care of us. As school starts, there are teachers. And as we grow older, there are professors, mentors, drill instructors (if you’re in the military), wives, kids of your own, and many others.

With all these people there watching out for you, You might think that you can sit back and relax. Unfortunately, that is not always true. A question you should ask yourself is, why are all these people helping me? Then, are these people doing this for my benefit? Or do they want something?

I do not like to bear less than overwhelmingly good news; however, most people have agendas, which causes them to come out on the positive side of interactions. It’s not that they’re mean or evil; everyone who needs something will find a way to get it.

Parents want bragging rights. They want you to do fantastically well. Or at least they want you to do better than the new baby that was born down the block. As you go to school, your teachers want you to do very well. It is so that they can show how good they are as teachers, yet you earn all the A’s. If you were only a C student, then they want you to work hard and bring your grades up to A’s. That makes the teacher look even better.

As you go through life, your bosses, your drill instructor in the military, your families all want you to do very well. You are creating for them distinction, sales, status, and wealth. These actions do not make them evil; it only makes them what we all are, human.

I do not mention this to discourage you. I tell you this so that when you take the advice and thoughts of everyone else, be sure to listen to yourself. What do you want? How do you want to get there? And what are the deepest desires that you hold within you.? After all, who takes care of you?  You do.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Inside Us All

We are all different.  Different tastes in what we like. Diverse ideas in what we want to be and do.  And different ways of thinking.  Yet, for some reason, we all have at least one person that we hate to face alone.  Maybe more, but at least one.

We will often do many outlandish things to avoid the person with whom we end up spending most of our time. And yet, every time we turn around, there he or she is.  Fate dictates that we just cannot avoid running into this person.

This person is often obnoxious.  They pry into our most private thoughts and demand that we think of the most horrible things imaginable.  When they are around, we are never right, never safe, and according to them, probably not even sane.  Why we even let them near us is a wonder.

We need to guard against the anxiety and stress we end up with whenever this conveyer of nays starts to badger us. Trying to argue is futile.  Until we get a firm upper grip, the verbal lashings go on and on.

We find control almost impossible, and the likelihood of complete separation impossible. This person feels and often acts as the enemy, destroying our deepest dreams, and yet, also acts as our closest friend.  They know everything about us because they live within us.  They are our inner being.

If you can learn to control your inner self, you can go far.  Failing to do so will always find you hampered.  You want to be careful, though, because sometimes your inner being might be right.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.