Good Deeds

You need to figure out who you are and what you are about in life. When people first see you and talk to you for a few minutes, can others tell what your mission is? Without you saying anything, can they tell what you work to accomplish and how those accomplishments make a positive difference in the world?

If you are dedicated to your cause and use that position to make life better for others, those who meet you will probably be able to detect the desire within you. Having the drive to do good for others does not require an abandonment of your work to also do good for yourself. When done right, one good deed assists other positive actions. When people seek and work for positive effects, they also quite often find positive responses seeking them as well.

Does this mean you’ll end up rich and wealthy and famous? Maybe not, and I don’t believe most of the people who reach out to do good are solely working for personal gain. This also, though, does not mean you live the life of ashes and sackcloth. We each find our own particular point of comfort in life. Attaining that point does not mean you stop, it signifies you have discovered your platform upon which you can live in go forth to do good for others.

Everyone has a gift. Everyone has something someone else needs. And everyone needs something that someone else has. This week we explore the questions of what we may have that others yearn for? And, what others may have that we need?

For today I would like you to think of what someone has shared with you in the past that made you feel better. Also, think about the things that you have shared that have caused others around you to feel better. We all have a tendency to consider tangibles, a baking dish, a ladder, and a newspaper or a car ride.  Even though sharing these items is nice, sometimes our best gifts are intangibles. Think of a smile to a stranger, time spent with someone who is lonely. Discussions over books or movies, a prayer or good thoughts for the person going through a crisis are always positive and often the most needed help.

Not everything that helps is tangible, and many things that do the most good are intangibles. We all do them and sometimes without even a thought. Think of the things that you have done for others and the things that others have done for you.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Where The Week Went

I seem to have lost control of another week. And the big question is, where did the week go. I am not sure if I’m asking it because I did so much work throughout the week that it just slipped by me unnoticed, or if I spent the week hardly doing anything and it snuck right by me.

I feel I need to do more. I want to be more productive, help good projects succeed before they are passed by, and be more active in the now. How do I do that? I need to leave the past to the past, and the future to the future. I need to live and work where I am, both geographically and within the timeline.

I do this because no matter what I do I cannot change the past. And in that same moment, I do not know what the future will demand. Therefore, I need to own what I am presently doing in the here and now. To do anything else would be to waste time and resources.

So how do I make the best out of my here and now? By being active. It is no coincidence that those who do well in their pursuits start each morning by making their bed. Doing so shows their intent and desire for an active day. In the evening, it is no mistake that they prepare for sleep, and even use meditation to set aside or get set for the concerns of the day. These people take care of themselves, and they take care of their surroundings.

Personal time, making your bed, meditation, these sound like little things, and some may feel that sounds a little bit selfish. Yet, it defines a significant question, “How can I help others if I can’t take care of myself?” It is a fair question and one in which we each have to seek and find our own answers.

You’ve heard me talk before about schedules. You’ve probably read about schedules being hard to create and work with because growing up no one wanted to run on your schedule, everyone wanted you to work to their schedule. If you’re going to be effective, develop and be active in using your own schedule.

Your schedule is the actual roadmap which will lead you to success. You will not have to worry where the day, the week, or the month went when you are following your roadmap to success. The exciting thing about following your schedule is that you will soon realize you have more time than you ever thought. All you have to do is work at it.

If you would like to have some tips on how to develop and utilize your own schedule, please tell me where to send them.  I can send you some ideas and templates to help.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.

What’s Your Story?


Do you make something for others? Do you build or design, do you blog or write stories? Do you show people how to do the things they want to do? Do you sell what others make? For whatever you do, are you noticed, and do you have an adequate number of people who follow you and purchase what you have to offer? If yes, that is very good. If no, there is one more question, why?

It is said if you build a better mousetrap, somebody will just create a better mouse. I am sure that since the invention of the Touchstone more than 5,000 years ago, some variation of that joke has made the rounds. And true enough, there is always somebody coming up with a new invention or a new way to do something.

If there is only one place someone can get something they absolutely need, that is the place utilized. If there are two or more places that can offer you whatever you need, you usually align yourself with an establishment that has the same thoughts and ideas that you do. You are looking for a company that has the best value and not just the lowest price. You’re looking for a friendly company that you can count on and the one who goes the extra mile for you.

Of all the companies that can meet your needs, how do you know which ones have the same thoughts and ideas as you? Which companies are a real value based on your needs and are friendly enough to go the extra mile? Often it is as easy as listening to their stories.

A good story is one that tells others why you do what you do. A good story gives examples of going the extra mile. A good story tells of others who you helped and what positive outcomes your work had for them. A good story is one with answers to the questions and concerns that a new customer may have. A good story should be short, concise, and to the point. And, if you and your story are going to be around a while, your company story has to be positive and genuine.

Here are some starters to consider:

  • What are you offering?
  • Who needs that type of a product?
  • Why do I need that product?
  • How does your offer help others?
  • Where would I find your product, and where would I use that product?
  • If I use that product what will it do for me?

The story does not have to be organized in this particular order.  You could also do it in a system of here is a problem, here is a cure, here are some testimonials, and do you have a problem like this we could help with?

The biggest takeaway is, if you want to sell something, people have to know that it exists and is worth purchasing.  If people are going to talk about your company, you need to give them a positive experience and a real reason to talk about it. And sometimes, you just have to start the conversation.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


We had an adage in the Air Force, ‘To be early is to be on time.’ And the saying has a deeper meaning than just being to appointments on time. It means to take care of concerns as soon as possible. Take care of those problems before they turn into significant issues.

Considering the planes that we flew in, the spacecraft we used, and the missions we had, a small concern not taken care of could quickly grow into a massive problem. It was vitally important for us to stay on top of what was going on and keep everything working well. Staying on top of things in your work life and your home is just as vital to you as my mission was to me.

You need to stay on top of those things you count on, and the things that would be problematic if they failed. Missing a payment to the utilities could leave you in the dark. Running out of some medications might cause severe medical problems. Not filling the car with gas and checking the tires could end up with you stuck in the middle of nowhere and you may not have enough bars on your phone to call for help. You need to stay on top of what is essential.

The good news is if you do something long enough it becomes a habit. You do good things you have good habits. If you do bad things, you have bad habits. I cannot tell you which habits will be your good ones, and which habits will be the bad ones. All I can do is recommend you take a look at what you do and find out what works for you and what seems to be problematic.

If something is actually working in your favor and possibly even helps others you interact with, it may be a good habit, and you may want to keep it. If you find yourself running down to the utility company the week after the payment was due, or if you continually have to call your doctor for new medications, maybe those habits are not your best ones. The good news is if you want to fix that you can.

A habit is nothing more than doing something over and over again in a certain way. If you like what you’re doing and it helps you, keep doing it. If you find yourself doing something the same way time after time and it causes you a problem, you need to replace it with something that does work for you. And to replace it all you have to do is pick something different that you think will work for you and try it out. If it works well, keep doing it.

Many people who try to get rid of a bad habit do so cold turkey. This leaves a vacuum where the bad habit used to be. And vacuums cannot happen in our world, and that is why picking a bad habit is hard to do. Instead of stopping cold turkey and leaving a void, start a good habit that replaces the bad one. This way you have no gap to contend with because you’re busy doing the new good habit.

No one else can tell you what is going to work and not work for you. You have to try and then figure that out on your own. The only thing anyone else can do is give you encouragement and possibly help you consider ideas. In your life, only you are in charge.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


I hope you’re having a good day. Good days, like most things, are planned. When you are asked if you’re going to have a good day, do you tell the person asking you that you will try or that you will? Now, you may ask me a question in return,” What is the difference?” It is a good question. Let me explain.

The answer to the question of having a good day states your real intention. If you’re only going to try, it means you’re not really committed to having a good day. It just says you’ll try until something gets in the way. Something will always try to get in the way and then your good day turns sour.  If you decide to have a good day, and you say so, then it doesn’t matter if a small concern shows up or not.

Time is precious. And you never want to waste it chasing after little annoyances. You should Take care of the things you need to and enjoy doing them. Do this because you know taking care of them means you get to have a good day.

If you have a bad day, you still have to do your chores and take care of other items that come up.  It just means that you feel bad while doing it.  Life is too short to walk around feeling bad.

The secret is you do have a choice in whether to be happy or not.  Happiness resides within you.  If you let others squash that happiness, you will end up sad.  If you refuse to let others steal your happiness from you, then, no matter what they do, they will never take your happiness away.  Only you control your happiness, and no one else can take it away.  Also, your emotional state is independent of what you are doing.  Each thing you do can be done with you either happy or miserable.

Whether you are happy or sad, the only person affected is you.  Those around you have their own happiness and sadness to deal with.  They will each have to decide which they want to enjoy.  Just like others cannot affect your state of emotions, you cannot affect theirs.

This gives us all something to consider.

Thanks for being here to

Get it done

I am probably one of the most hardened procrastinators. Or, at least I used to be. And I had great excuses. The job was too tough, it would take too long, I don’t have the right skills, and so on. My problem was when I was young I believed that stuff. It reminds me of something that my father-in-law used to say about the Cowboys, you should never read your own press.

The problem is you can only sit around and look at all the junk for so long. After staring at everything for longer than one should have, I finally had to try. Usually, I had to attempt something when boxed into a corner with an inspection due or someone coming to visit.

Just a little side note, cleaning is a never-ending game. When you’re young, you clean up every time your parents are going to come by. When you’re older, you clean up every time the kids are going to come by. I guess there’s really no rest from cleanliness.

What I learned was, when push came to shove I could do it, and it never took as long as I thought it would. The same was true of things around the house I could fix or replace. Whether it was a window on the back door, a dryer vent that fell apart, or a car that needed more brake fluid. I even built my own fence for the backyard that still stands today.

The point is not what I can do. The take away is the fact that anyone can do it, all you need is a desire to get it done, a modicum of elbow grease, and an understanding to ask questions when you’re not sure about something. I’m not telling you to do anything that should be done by a professional. Most work on your vehicle probably should be taking care of by professionals during regular servicing. Replacing a lightbulb does not mean you get to rewire your house. And, if you’re not sure, always go talk to the pros. There are many places this day and age where you can get the proper information.

Whether you do it yourself, or you are hiring somebody to do it for you, the point is you’re getting it done. Many things that give you problems do not get better on their own. Unlike someone who has a fever or the flu and then gets better, a running toilet will not stop until you replace the flapper.  It is just one of those laws of the universe. Remember to be careful. Use your safety gear and be safe.

When you are done, you will have a great feeling of accomplishment and feel so much better about how your place looks.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.