Day 8  Stick-To-It-Ness

Everyone is always designing calendars. Making new ones, changing them, trying new planers, and for some reason, never getting very far with them. If you count yourself in this lot, stop building calendars.

No calendar can help you until you get a little Stick-To-It-Ness. Anything should work as long as you have that sticky stuff. Put a stamp on an envelope, and it will go as far as the postage on the stamp allows. What makes this everyday miracle happen? The stamp has Stick-To-It-Ness and never leaves the envelope.

Before you buy a calendar, you have to gain enough Stick-To-It-Ness to follow the calendar and do what it tells you to when it tells you to.

Are you now ready to organize? It can save you time and earn you money.

Persistence Counts

We all have our ups and downs. The trick is to ride the ups as long as you can and, when you are down, do everything you can to get back up. After all, the view is much better when you are up.

We all have reasons that we find ourselves down and out at times. Almost none of these are connected to what we have done or not done. I know; you should hear some of mine.

We need to not only take ownership of where we are, we also need to take action. Why we are in an unfavorable position is less important than what we are doing to get back to where we belong.

If you work hard at something and do well, you probably belong in the upper section. Yet remember, the most significant contributor to your success is the planning and hard work you put into doing the job right.

What are you working hard at and doing right?

Take A Class

To all my friends out there, thank you for being with me. And also bearing with me. I am proud to announce that I’m getting closer to publishing my new course, and I have two new books in the works. 

Taking an end-of-the-year course with Sarah Cordiner has helped me rejuvenate, learn new ideas, and prepare for new adventures in 2022. It is essential to do this from time to time. Going through a rejuvenation class allows us to be ready for the unique items that we will learn or have to tackle in the new year.

I am on day eight of this 10-day course, and I feel great. I recommend that everyone find a great teacher like Sarah and take a class. Learning something new is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Have a great day, and we’ll hopefully be back tomorrow.

Take Our Next Step

As we walk through life, our goal should be to pick up what we need and desire to help us grow. The trick is not to pick up everything. We must choose between our desires, our wishes, and our destinies.

Like a holiday feast where we want to try everything and often eat more than we can handle, our desires in life often outreach our abilities.  We need to control our passion for projects and things.  We need to pick and choose through what we find to have the time and energy to be our best at what we strive to accomplish.

To be our best, we need to be ready to compete.

As you work and plan, what will be the outstanding achievement you will offer the world?

Do Wisely

Where I live, there is freedom of choice.  It puts us in control of ourselves.

We can live, work and do what we want, as long as we do not impose on the freedoms of others. We can share, learn and design the things we wish.

We are responsible for those things we choose and for what we do.

Choose wisely.  Understand what you want and what it will take to get there.  No one will stop you from trying, and no one else is in charge of keeping you on track.

Plan wisely, my friend, and follow through.

What greatness will you plan and accomplish?

Who Joins Whom

When you get hired somewhere, are you joining that company, store, business, or whatever it is? Or, are they joining you?

It sounds like a ‘so-what’ question, yet the answer will predict the odds of getting picked for your desired position.

You face one of the most important decisions you have to understand before ever looking for a job. To put this in the proper perspective, you must remember that you are not the only person applying for the position, and you have no power to change management’s needs. If you do not fulfill their requirements, they will leave you.

When you get hired, you’re joining an organization that already has its ground rules, what works best for them, and equilibrium amongst their workers and management, making the company successful. They will teach you all of this information and then some. You want to remember that you are joining them, and you will work by their rules.

I don’t want this to sound too rough. In my years of teaching people, I have had more than one person show up for a practice interview adorned with a full head of spikes; piercings, nose rings, tongue studs, and other paraphernalia, including earrings to practice an interview for a conservative company.

Most companies are not going to worry about what you do on your own time. These same companies want you in proper dress code when dealing with their conservative customers.

What choice does the company have? On average, there will be 252 resumes for each position a company advertises. Most people will have looked at the company website, read the company values, and probably the dress code. The majority of the 252 people applying for the job will be hungry and ready to do what it takes to gain that job.

Do you want the job? Play by the company rules.

One Step

We live in a world that’s temporarily in chaos. No matter where we look, we seem to find vulnerabilities, uncertainties, and complex ambiguities.

We find ourselves bombarded with so many thoughts and ideas. It becomes tough to know which ones are real and which ones hold no credibility.

Our doubts and worries often overwhelm us and cause us moments of loss, either losing what we think we know or losing our way.

If we stagnate, we will never get anywhere. Therefore, I recommend you take this journey like any other, one step at a time.

Hidden factories

In your life, you make things, do things, or maybe design things. When you do a good job, your work counts for something. When your efforts have errors or problems, you have just developed a hidden factory.

When you have worked on something that now has an error within it, you must fix the problem. Repairing any item costs time, parts, money, and people. It is a hidden factory because it does not show up in the books.

It is often too costly to take something with an error in it and throw it away. You need to fix whatever is wrong.  Included in the repair should be a new process step to remove the possible duplication of that error. If you do not remove the possibility for that error, it will repeat.

What hidden factories do you have within your life and work?

What will you do to remove them?

Changing Scenery Motivates Minds

Every so often, it’s great to trade venues. This change often inspires new thoughts and ideas.

If you don’t believe me, try it and see. If you are creative, spend one day somewhere new. Enjoy the unique scenery, fresh aromas, and activities. Let your creative juices start to flow.

No matter how great our daily workplace is, there is something worthwhile about an occasional change in scenery.

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