We find ourselves in a place where technology changes fast. If we’re smart, we change also. Intelligent people make wise changes because they lead us from a world of ‘cannot do’ to a more accomplished world in less time. And if we don’t take advantage of these time savers, we often find ourselves behind everyone else who does.

Doing this does not mean jumping on the bandwagon of every harebrained scheme that comes along. I am saying here to check out what benefits a new technology offers, understand how these benefits can enhance our lives, and adopt those that work best for us. We are only as vital and substantive as the technologies we utilized.

I have seen people who have faltered and fallen by the wayside because they could not understand why a new technology would make their life better. They’ve believed that because if they never used it before, they do not need it now. I highly encourage everyone to consider innovations as they do quality of life.

Have you ever ignored an innovation? One which might help the environment, save you time, or give you a better quality of life? Did you later wish you had used it sooner?  

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