Spring Cleaning

It’s hard for me to understand why spring cleaning always comes in the spring. If we keep everything tidy all year long, I would think that that would be enough. However, don’t look for me to be the example. Right now, I am catching up on my spring cleaning from 2000. I feel good that I’m only 21 years behind on this. It means I’ve been able to live somewhere for two decades without moving.

As I do this spring cleaning, I keep on finding things that would be great to do and wonderful to play with. And it makes me sad that I’ve gone 20 years without these treasured items. Maybe, I should not hold spring as the only season to tidy things up. Maybe, I should do a deep clean with each season.

With each season, I could clean and dust the house, vacuum the floors, wash the windows, and put out the decorations for that season. It almost sounds as though there might be a method to this madness. I think I’ll try it.

How do you do your deep spring cleaning, and does it ever get lost in the day-to-day turmoil of modern life?

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