Own It

If you are going to work at something, do it. Not just work at it, work it. Whatever you do is an extension of yourself. Your work is something you put out for others to see. When others look at your work, they’re actually looking at you. Your output is what you can accomplish.

If your work looks good, you look good. If your accomplishment is of lesser quality, that is what you become seen as. You must know this upfront.

There is something else you should know upfront. It is the law of motion. When you put something into motion, it will tend to stay in motion until acted on by outside influences. Suppose you accidentally put out work that looks as though your builds are of less than sound quality. In that case, the idea becomes stuck to you, and although hard to change minds, if you work toward the better, people will notice.

What we have to do is own our work. The best possible is the goal; just remember none of us are really perfect. Do your best, check your work, and edit thoroughly. And, don’t forget to publish. Even though it’s probably not ideal if it is the best you do at the moment, publish. It is your best, and you will not get better until you are seen by others and get feedback.

We all get feedback we like, and some we don’t. What do you do with feedback that is less than stellar?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Correct Power Is Knowledge

It’s essential that as we grow, we keep learning. The more we know, the better we can react to everything else around us. If we don’t have the knowledge to act correctly, we are forced to go with the flow of whatever is happening. This can often leave us in a precarious position.

Just because we knew something 20 or 30 years ago does not mean that we know what we need to know today. We keep learning more about various subjects, and therefore the knowledge and the actions required constantly change. We actually double the understanding of our world at a much higher rate than any time in history. Now, what we knew last year or the year before may be outdated. If it’s important enough, you want to check it out before making a statement that some may consider foolish.

Next time someone tells you about something, and you really believe they’re wrong, you may want to check a few sources before saying anything. You want to do this before you disagree with something; it could have just come out last year and the other person has the correct change.

Have you ever disagreed with somebody over a subject and then found out the other person was correct?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

It Is All in The Mind

Work is what we make of it. Work can be drudgery. And work can actually be something that refreshes both the soul and the body. Work is like anything else; it’s what we make of it. Results are determined not by the Chore and not by the length; outcomes are determined by the worker’s mind.

Two people get off the plane in a remote area of the world. They are there to work for a year. The first person who gets off the Jet looks around as he walks down the steps and says, “This place stinks. This is going to be the most awful year of my life.”

 The person behind him gets off the plane and says, “This is fantastic. The party starts here.”

When the two people leave their work behind at the end of the year and get on the plane to fly home, a magical thing happens. It turns out they both were right.

This really happened. It happens more often than we think. Only we can control our destiny. Only we can control our thoughts and our actions. If you don’t like where you are or what you are doing, don’t talk to everybody around you. Start by talking to the person in the mirror.

Trying to control your own thoughts and your own beliefs may seem like a large undertaking. Yet, it’s like everything else; you need to practice something to build strength in it. You can find good and depravity in anything. If you want to live well, find the good. The less you practice this, the harder it will be. First, I can assure you the ability is within each and every one of us.  

If you need help, there is a lot of good free help or nearly free help to be had these days. Check on Meetup, Eventbrite, Thinkific, Udemy, and other platforms that offer classes. And if you can’t find anything, write me at mikeb@reveille.rocks.  I will give you a free 90-minute session to help get you started. Please consider this offer. I would be happy to help.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

In the Jungle

In the jungle, when it gets hot and sweaty, Tempers shorten considerably. If you can’t get a word in edgewise on an average day at a normal temperature, good luck trying to talk in a jungle when the other people and yourself are miserable beyond belief. Are you really looking for a reasonable conversation? Then you may want to jump in the river and cool down first. Just watch out for Schistosomiasis.

Being stuck in the ‘Jungle of No Return’ is no picnic. It is a beautiful backdrop for studying how people handle themselves and each other under stress. Please join us as we learn something about communications, not giving up, and keeping our heads together. All this as we try to push forward under some of the harshest circumstances anyone could ever think of facing.

Can we assure you of anything? I’m not even sure if it’s going to snow that day. Although I am not stuck in the steaming jungle. Please join us. We will share what we hope you find is an exciting story and some new things to learn.

Please join us 2 February 2021, at 2:30 p.m.  (MST (USA)) (9:30p.m. UTC).  You will get to have some fun and hopefully learn a little something about life values and communications.

To Grab your free tickets to this event, before they are all gone, please go to:

Thank you for being with me. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Can They Possibly Get Out

Our family team started out running from the security police in their city when Sam broke the mandatory curfew. The security police chase them up an ancient rope bridge in the middle of the night. Strong winds cause the bridge to tip over. each member of the family team fell down a 200-foot waterfall into the river that flowed through the jungle of no return.

Since then, the Family had to find each other and figure out what they had to do to survive in the jungle. They needed to follow the river towards the ocean to get out of the jungle.  They needed to get back to their own civilization. Their biggest problem right now is that they’ve been toiling in this hot jungle for well over a month, and the most significant thing that they have gotten so far is hot, sweaty, and tired. For all their hard work, they’re getting close to mental exhaustion. The biggest question is how they will solve this problem and move on to find a way home?

What Life coaching methods can the family use to help save them and keep them on track?  To find out, join our class on Eventbrite:

To get your free tickets to this event, please go to:

Please join us 2 February 2021, at 2:30 p.m.  (MST (USA)) (9:30p.m. UTC).  You will get to have some fun and hopefully learn a little something about life values and communications.

Thank you for being with me for this first Sunday edition of my blog. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

What Would You Do?

If you had to leave your city and run for your life, and if you fell down a 200-foot waterfall and miraculously survived, what would you do? Our training revolves around a family story, a team of four, who had to do this. They understood technology, Herbalism, ancient writings, and supervision and management. What they didn’t know about themselves and each other could fill the Grand Canyon. This is a story of their fight through a jungle to get back to where they belonged. This is their story of learning about themselves and each other.

This story is the background for our learning module, presented on the 2nd of February 2021 at 2:30 PM (MST). It will be 9:30 PM UTC. We’re going to take a chapter of the story, use it as the backdrop to learn better communications, and figure out what happens when everyone is trying to do their desired tasks when so much counts on what they do for survival.

They are not sure if they can get out of the jungle and back to where they belong. And the question comes up, is getting out even possible, or is the family just going to die trying. I genuinely hope it’s not the latter. But you will have to join us and help us figure that out.

To get your free tickets to this event, please go to:

Please join us 2 February 2021, at 2:30 PM (MST) (9:30 UTC).  You will get to have some fun and hopefully learn a little something about communications.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

New Group Sessions

Today, I scheduled my first Meetup group session. My Meetup group sessions, called “Getting Jobs and Not Being Overlooked.” The group sessions help individuals who are looking for work and, unfortunately, feel they are being overlooked for the jobs they want. And, no, I do not think they are paranoid. It actually happens every day.

There are many things that employers worry about when they hire somebody, especially somebody who is a little longer in the tooth. And according to statistics, employers are correct to worry about it. However, you are a person and not just a set of statistics. As long as you can show you are a viable person able to do the job, you can have as good a chance as anyone else.

The first meeting is next Tuesday, the 19th of January, at 2:30 MST on zoom. We will discuss tactics and techniques for getting jobs in detail. The how to’s of present the right ‘front and center’ attitude at the interview. You will help the employer know that you are not the dawdling old-timer. Instead, you are the sharp, mature worker they are actually looking to hire.

These group sessions will run every Tuesday from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. MST and are free for at least the first four sessions that a person attends. The regular price is $25, yet for the rest of this year, because of the problems with COVID-19 and finding work, I will hold the cost down to only $10 per visit. Please sign up through “Getting Jobs and Not Being Overlooked.” On Meetup

Please ask, If you have any questions, by writing to mikebalof@reveille.rocks.  Also, feel free to ask me through Meetup. I would be glad to help you better understand any particular concerns. If you know anyone else who could benefit from such a group session, please let them know that we are out there and willing to work with them.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Time To Do It

In 2 weeks, I will start giving free training to those who wish to learn.  The training is on a variety of subjects around staying safe and finding new employment during COVID. 

Gaining a job has happened numerous times using these methods. What I am teaching is not new.  I am just giving you a technique to move forward when everyone else is sitting on stop. And the neat thing is that yes, you can do this.

I am no hero in this endeavor.  I am only a guide to show you the way.  If you want the hero, you have to go and look in the mirror.  Heroes are those willing to go on the quest.  I can only show you the way.

For now, you hold one question for the person in the mirror. “If many others can do this, what makes me think I can’t? I am as smart as anyone else.  And what I don’t know, I can learn.”

Think about it.  I will put the training in as many social media places as possible.  I will also have a way for you to contact me with questions. If you feel nothing is worth something unless you pay, a donation is appreciated, yet never necessary.

Sure You Can

When your whole world feels upended, what do you do?  You learn to walk on the walls.  If the world turns upside down, you live on the ceiling.  You are a smart and agile person who can meet and overcome any out of the norm encounter.

This year, it is hard to understand what the norm is.  And that is all right.  Unless you are from a culture indigenous to your country, Someone in your heritage must have moved to where you are. They would have to learn new skills and new ways and become part of the new community.

No one could talk about being owed anything or being entitled. Each person worked for what they received and had no guarantees for how much the wages for work would help.  Yet your for-bearers survived and thrived.

We have come so far as a planet and as people of the earth.  You can do more and go farther than anyone before you.  All you need do is apply yourself. 

I am here to help.  I am a career coach specializing in people who find themselves continually overlooked for gainful employment.  And yes, I can help you.  Want a free book on the subject?  Please send me your email and ask for the book.  I will send you a copy for free.


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