Own It

If you are going to work at something, do it. Not just work at it, work it. Whatever you do is an extension of yourself. Your work is something you put out for others to see. When others look at your work, they’re actually looking at you. Your output is what you can accomplish.

If your work looks good, you look good. If your accomplishment is of lesser quality, that is what you become seen as. You must know this upfront.

There is something else you should know upfront. It is the law of motion. When you put something into motion, it will tend to stay in motion until acted on by outside influences. Suppose you accidentally put out work that looks as though your builds are of less than sound quality. In that case, the idea becomes stuck to you, and although hard to change minds, if you work toward the better, people will notice.

What we have to do is own our work. The best possible is the goal; just remember none of us are really perfect. Do your best, check your work, and edit thoroughly. And, don’t forget to publish. Even though it’s probably not ideal if it is the best you do at the moment, publish. It is your best, and you will not get better until you are seen by others and get feedback.

We all get feedback we like, and some we don’t. What do you do with feedback that is less than stellar?

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.