Marketing to Friends

What have you been able to do that’s fun lately? What have you been able to do that renews your spirit, brightens your day, or just makes you feel happy to be alive and where you are? It is always these small joys that make life worth living.

I like to feel that I’m productive. I want to know that I’m learning something or doing something that has a positive effect on others. It is why I write my blogs. I do so to bring ideas, thoughts and hopefully a little joy into the lives of others. I like to teach, and I love to be with others who also strive to learn. And I believe it’s why I enjoy being here with you.

I am studying marketing right now. I am learning so much, and still, I understand that I’m only scratching the very outside of the subject. There is a lot to know about marketing.

I always thought marketing was an annoyance and not for me. Yet marketing, like most things, is essential and needed. If you don’t find a way to tell people what you have built, how do they know where to go and how to discover your offerings? How do others know if your offerings would be of benefit or be good for you? All this is what marketing is responsible for accomplishing.

Some people make their marketing brash, belittling, at times embarrassing, and above all mind games. These people are doing it wrong. I build my offers and do my work for people who I care about. Those who if not my friends already, will become friends as they read my books, work through my courses, and experience a little life coaching with me. Why would I want to treat my friends brashly, embarrassingly, or play mind games with them? If I handled my friends like this, I would not have many friends for long. There are better ways.

I am setting out to find better ways to get the word out and to help people. I hope to do this with a little humor, the truth about what the offer could accomplish for someone, who this would benefit, and most of all who this offer would not help.

I’m very interested in your feedback. If you see something in my marketing you like, please let me know. If you see something you do not like in my marketing, please let me know faster, because I want to take a look at it and make any changes needed to get good marketing back on track.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

A New Way to Market

Traditional marketing can often be stressful. I find it both stressful for the consumer and for the salesperson. Once a consumer shows interest in something the emails start to flow. The email congratulates you and assures you want what the salesperson has to offer.

As emails continue, the pressure mounts as the consumers are told how great the product is, and how dumb it would be to miss out on the offer. At times the emails can get downright offensive and embarrassing. The salesperson is under stress to convert more and more people from observers to users of the product. Failure to make quota means less money and a shorter job.

I have seen this on one platform or another whether magazines and snail mail or social media and email. Pretty much it all boils down the same.

I’m here to break that chain.

I know I just said something akin to let’s move Mount Shasta to the East Coast. I assure you, reworking marketing will be better and more accessible than repositioning a mountain.

I would like to start with a few ideas.

If you have something good, you want your friends and acquaintances to have it. Thus, you want to sell to friends.

Most of us have just a few friends. This means we have to make more friends. We have to gather friends who need the services we can provide for them.

How do you get rid of enemies?  Make them your friends.

You find new friends where they are, not where you are.

If your friends who use your products are happy, they tell their friends.

When the people who use your product are unhappy with it, they tell everyone.

I will tell you more tomorrow.  For now, I just wanted to start explaining a new idea in marketing that is different and might confuse some people. 


I am cleaning up a new class which I wrote and am republishing this week. I love to write courses that help people. I hate to pester people or nag them. This leaves me in a small quandary; how do I market my new product?

I have done some studying in marketing. As a solopreneur, I have a lot of people who market to me incessantly. With marketing funnels, emails, and even showing up as advertisements in my game apps, I wish not to cause anyone else the anguish that all the marketing focused on me causes. So, as I go through this week of questions to my audience, I have to ask a question. How do you prefer to be marketed to?

I don’t ask this to be trite. Instead, I’m asking because I really like to know, I am very curious. I am looking for and trying to design a marketing system for my products which is as noninvasive as possible. I would not market at all except for the fact that after four years of not marketing, nothing has sold. This proves the theory that if a course is developed in the woods, nobody hears it.

If you have any good ideas or find you have an idea which you think the public might like, please let me know. In the meantime, I am going to work hard at getting information of the course out to the public while trying not to disturb the public’s Qi.

Thank you for thinking about this and helping me.  Please send a comment with any thoughts you may have.   

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