What Questions?

Everyone will get nervous about what questions they will be asked. Here are a few thoughts to work on for responses.

Employers want to know what experience you have in the field? Be honest with what you can do.

What qualifications do you bring to the table? Any schooling, years of experience, and awards in the area, all play to making you look good.

They will want to know about past work experiences that may be relative. If you were in the service, that would play well to soft leadership skills.

Strengths and weaknesses are a question often asked. Be careful. Strengths are easy, and weaknesses are a trap. You cannot tell them you have no weaknesses because everyone does. It should be something small and explain what you are doing to be better at it.

Everyone should have long-term goals. When talking to the company, the plans to mention should not be ‘working for a competitor in two years.’

When you talk with the hiring board, know your availability and how you feel you will fit into their organization.


I am cleaning up a new class which I wrote and am republishing this week. I love to write courses that help people. I hate to pester people or nag them. This leaves me in a small quandary; how do I market my new product?

I have done some studying in marketing. As a solopreneur, I have a lot of people who market to me incessantly. With marketing funnels, emails, and even showing up as advertisements in my game apps, I wish not to cause anyone else the anguish that all the marketing focused on me causes. So, as I go through this week of questions to my audience, I have to ask a question. How do you prefer to be marketed to?

I don’t ask this to be trite. Instead, I’m asking because I really like to know, I am very curious. I am looking for and trying to design a marketing system for my products which is as noninvasive as possible. I would not market at all except for the fact that after four years of not marketing, nothing has sold. This proves the theory that if a course is developed in the woods, nobody hears it.

If you have any good ideas or find you have an idea which you think the public might like, please let me know. In the meantime, I am going to work hard at getting information of the course out to the public while trying not to disturb the public’s Qi.

Thank you for thinking about this and helping me.  Please send a comment with any thoughts you may have.   

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