Late Nights Early Days

Ever have trouble either going to sleep or staying asleep through the night?  If you do, you should take a little time to figure it out and make some changes to ensure sound sleep.  Lack of proper sleep is as bad as any other medical condition and could easily hold you back from achieving what you want from life.

If you had stomach pains or a broken leg, you would not just hobble around the house and say it is ok and would get better in time.  You would go and talk to a doctor.  The problem would be a medical issue, and the doctor would fix it.  There is nothing wrong or shameful about needing help with such a concern.  It shows wisdom on your part that you recognized the problem and took action to get it fixed.

We often overlook problems with diet, exercise, and sleep because we think they are controllable, and professional guidance is not required.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  Help from knowledgeable professionals that actually put actions in place to remedy the problem can save you time, stress, and money that could all increase as the diseases grow over time.

Willingness to seek assistance is often not a mark of weakness, it is actually a flag of intelligence. Consider this if you have problems or concerns.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Caring for You

In life, we need to learn to slow down and do what is important. The important things will be different for each of us, and yet we will know and understand them. If we don’t take time to realize and separate the important from the urgent or the mundane, we may be overrun and miss the essential things altogether.

To be ready to tackle the critical actions within our life, we need to work from the inside out to be prepared, available and understanding of each situation. It starts with taking care of ourselves. Many people do for everyone else and feel that it is selfish to make time for themselves. The truth is you have to take care of yourself so that you are ready and available when the essential things of life show up. Because you never know when and where the crucial needs are going to be required, you need care for yourself as you care for others, both physically and mentally so that you are ready and prepared.

Next, you need to take care of those things and people who are most important to you. Taking care of the people and the things that are closest to you and most vital to your happiness requires handling the small stuff. Taking care of small concerns, in the beginning, keeps them from becoming major problems later. This helps you find peace of mind, and the ability to look forward without being bogged down in the minutia.

Having yourself centered and aligned, and the people around you well allows you freedom. You can plan a future that will enable you and those around you to do the things each dreams of doing. You can explore, research, and find your way to where you want to be. To put this in another context, you have satisfied the basic needs of the Maslow pyramid and are moving towards self-actualization.

For many, who grew up watching John Wayne movies and ideas such as take care of the others first, this idea may sound a little strange and selfish. I do assure you though, this is the way to move forward with the people, items and ideas that are most important to you. It always, as with any journey you will take, starts with one person. You.

Please don’t take my word for this. As with anything worth doing, test it out. Start out small. If it works, try a little more. If it does not work, evaluate what you’re doing and determine if it is right for you or not. Remember, not everything works for everyone. This idea as with many good things comes with some trial and error.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

What Have You Done for #21 Lately?

We do a lot of things for many people.  The higher we grow, the more we do.  If we do our job well, we often find ourselves with more and more people attaching their projects to our time and less time for us to have to ourselves. It is all right to do well for others as long as you take care of #21. I have to ask you today, are you taking care of #21?

Granted, #21 is not at the front of the pack. Usually doesn’t get all the limelight deserved. And can often get lost in the stampede to get things done. Yet, the team would not be a whole one without this valuable player.

When you’re checking your roster of contributors and lineup of required actions, be sure to look out for the little guy. Ensure that even #21 is given a calculated blend of playing time, training time, and time for recuperation. The balance is essential because without the correct balance you will not get your best performance.

Thank you for being here with me and allowing me a little play on words. This blog contains a puzzle, and in solving it, please tell me a little bit more about #21 in the comments section. I’m not sure where everybody is reading this from. I do know where #21 lives.  #21 lives within our hearts.

I hope to be with you again soon, in the meantime don’t forget to take care of #21.

Take Care Of Yourself

You have friends, relatives, extended family, those who count on you and those who want you to rely on them. And yet, you only have one self, yourself. The more you use your skills, thoughts, ideas, muscles and other attributes, the more you need to take time to take care of yourself.

For each of us to take care of ourselves for the work that we do is essential. I am not talking about binge-watching the latest season of a TV series while going to seed on the couch, that would actually end up being counterproductive. Just like you plan and do for others, plan and do for yourself. If you’re around people all the time, would you like some alone time for a walk in the park or to go fishing or maybe even to a movie? If you would like to be with friends, would you enjoy going to a party, or to lunch with someone, or on a picnic?

I cannot tell you what would be best for you. We each only know what would be best for us. What I am suggesting is whether it is five minutes to read the quote of the day, 10 minutes to relax with of favorite munchie and a cup of coffee, or something else, if it helps you be more productive, you should get it in. A morning walk in the park, or a planned trip for a few days to go to a city you’ve always wanted to see, takes more time and could be much more therapeutic if needed.  You should plan, and do the things that will help you to relax and enjoy a little life.

Taking care of yourself is part of keeping yourself mentally and physically fit, so you can stay healthy and stay on top of your game.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.