Hi everyone,

I know that the pandemic we are facing right now can be scary.  Many would like to hop in a hole and pull the opening in after them.  Yet, that is not realistic.  We need to eat, pay bills, do our chores, and do our best to live our lives. 

We also need to stay up on top of the real news.  There is a CV-19 Dashboard at https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/coronavirus.  There is a link on the page where you will find the current infection numbers and an overall view.  You can also receive useful information from credible agencies on the web.  One of the best defenses is good knowledge about something.

If you are worried about food, and other necessities, you can shop many of your larger stores on-line and have the items delivered to your home.  Or, stores can have an order ready for you, so you can drive by and pick it up.  You can pay many bills via the internet.  You can use call-in services such as health advisors, and you can call some clinics or have an appointment over the Internet.

I do not have much to offer. I do have a small life coaching practice.  I do a lot of my training, studying, and even practice live sessions over the internet. Also, anyone worried right now can email me, and we can set up a live meeting on Zoom.com or FaceTime to talk about things.  During this crisis, I am not going to charge anyone for any of the times they talk with me. No matter who you are, we are a team, and we will get through this together.    

As a life coach, I am a certified practitioner.  My goal is to help people.  To do this, we look at where we are and what is happening around us.  Then we work at how we can get to the future we desire.  

I only speak English.  I know people in 67 countries read my blog, so I imagine there are other English speakers out there.  To do this, you will need an internet signal and the capabilities to use Zoom.com or facetime.  Patience, as we start this adventure, is another virtue that helps.

The important thing is that we stay calm, know the facts, and make it to the other side of this, putting it behind us.  We have survived worse in the history of the world.  And, with a little help from above, we will survive this.

I cannot offer much. I do believe that a caring ear and a good discussion can often be great medicine.  If you would like to talk, please contact me.

Mike balof

Reveille.Rocks Life Coaching


Website:  www.reveille.rocks

Take the Time Needed

Have you ever tried to accomplish a great many tasks, knowing precisely what you wanted to do and yet the harder you worked, the less you achieved?

It sounds like me this morning. Waking up early this morning, I went through my morning ritual, had a good breakfast and could not wait to get to work. Then, the computer took its own sweet time firing up.

You might say, “Not your fault Mate, it’s the technology.” And yes, it would be very easy to blame the technology is slow. And yet it is not always the technology. It is more the way we interact with the technology.

Technology has a very subtle way of doing things, and when firing up first thing in the morning, it has several routines to run. If the operator doesn’t give the technology time to do what it needs, the system will genuinely seem slow. When an operator does not provide technology the time to do startups and then demands more programs to start that requires more processor time, more memory, and more functionality, the technology just bogs down even more.

The smart thing for the operator to do is to fire up the computer and step away for a cup of coffee while the computer goes through the morning rituals of preparing the technology for the day. Then, bring up requests for software in a smooth and orderly fashion.

After all, the operator is actually biological technology. If pressed too hard by too many demands, the operator will suffer the same ‘bogging down.’ And, lose the ability to accomplish his or her requirements for the day.

Just something to consider as the desire to accomplish grows larger.

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