Taking Care

It appears to be a cold day today. Wind chills are dipping down towards a -29 Farenhight, and schools have been delayed two hours in hopes that the temperature will climb a little. It is days like today that I want to talk about taking care of ourselves.

We try to watch out for the crucial things in life. Most of us swim with sharks as little as possible. Bungee jumping is not a daily occurrence, nor is scaling peaks without the proper safety equipment. And, we’re pretty careful with the big things in life.

Quite often, though, it’s not the big things that get us. We seem to succumb more to the small items that we tend to neglect. And therefore, the little things in life are the ones that tend to disrupt us the most. Forgetting to put on a coat as the temperature turns cold for the year. Not ensuring the car is ready for winter driving. Not eating a balanced diet is a biggie, and my nemesis, not getting enough sleep.

Our bodies are well-tuned machines that can do great feats if we take care of them. Treat our minds right, and they will do well for us. Yet if we ignore them, corrosion and erosion will take their tolls, and the tremendous biological machine we inhabit will slowly succumb to neglect.

Many of our bodies, if taken care of, can last nine or 10 decades. And although demise is always there at the end, our medical technology is always pushing the boundary back. I still believe in trying to get the most out of everything I have, and the body is no exception.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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