Be A Cheerleader

If you want to go far, help others along the way. Encourage those you meet and work with to do their best in whatever they do. 

Be kind and generous.  Teach others what you know and take time to let them teach you.  In many cases, this trade of wealth will increase both your knowledge bases.

To grow, you have to give. Plants give oxygen. Humans share knowledge which hopefully allows us to develop better understanding and processes.

I would love to learn anything you would like to teach me.

What would you like to know?

Opening Up

I’m lucky to be where I am. Getting to this point in my life, I look at as something like a miracle. It is not that I’m rich; I’m not. I’m not handsome or good-looking. I’m nowhere near the sharpest tool in the shed. Yet, I found something I thought I never would. I have found happiness.  

I can give you only one hint as to how you can find happiness. You will never find happiness in things or in inanimate objects. You can only share the joy with other living creatures, those who also think and love and have happiness of their own.

Happiness could be a singular entity, and if it is, that is very rare. Happiness is most often found in sharing. It is not a give or take, rather something shared between two or more thinking beings. It is almost impossible to stage happiness; it is where you find it.  

If you want to find happiness, you should be kind, understanding, and open.  Everything has a risk in life to go along with the reward that can come from it. If you open yourself up, you leave yourself open to risk. You also leave yourself open to rewards.  You have to chance one, to find the other.

Can I guarantee you that there is always a happy ending? No. I can only tell you of my experiences in life.

Have you ever opened yourself up to risk and found either reward or failure?


We were blessed yesterday and the day before with a beautiful treasure of flaky frozen water that covered the earth and, for a while, it hid all of our junk underneath it. It is amazing how much better things look when you do not have to see your problems every time you look out the window. The junky back yard in the unkept front yard looks beautiful with a white carpet of snow laid over them.

We find it easy for us, also, to hide all of our unkept junk behind a covering smile, and a little makeup.  We always seek something new and different that can Hide our real worries and feelings from others.  We really want to hide them from ourselves. 

Our neighbors know the bump in the snow is an overturned tub with a hole in it. And those who know us probably know those things which we are desperately trying to coverup within ourselves.  You do not need to be made of glass to live in a fishbowl.  Those who see you often are smart enough to put the pieces of the puzzle together. 

If you cannot hide something, and cannot keep others from guessing, maybe it is good to go ahead and admit it.  Even if it is just to yourself to start with. Accepting anything is the first step to finding a better way to work and handle whatever it is.

Once you see your fear and face it, you will be able to figure out what to do next. And then the step after that.  You do not have to face this alone, no matter what the situation is, you can always find knowledgeable professionals that can help you if you ask.

Just one old Master Sargeant’s thought.  Be kind to yourself.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you tomorrow.

Care For One Another

There is a time we come to realize that we are human. And as such, we need to take care of ourselves. As we grow in life our bodies age and with this aging comes the need to take better care of both ourselves and those around us.

We find the time comes when we cannot do strictly for ourselves. And we have to count on a partner (wife, spouse, significant other, or friend) to do things with us and eventually, for us. It is the dedication of two people to each other and/or extended family which helps each of us to go further and accomplish more.

We need to be kind and caring to others. Because as we age, our marriage, friendship, partnerships, all serve to help us in our later years. Just we as we are part of the team to help others in their later years.

You can see that I have not called these times the golden years. If they are much like my years lately, rust would be a better descriptor. Yet, please remember even Rust doesn’t mean you’re down and out. Rust just says you have a little extra work to do to keep the chassis running.

I know that my alter ego is the mean old Master Sergeant. Please remember the job of a mean old master sergeant is genuinely to be of service to others and to help those others grow and do better. It is not something ordered by rules and regulations. The tasking of service to others actually stems from the heart.

Take care of your family, your friends, all those you care about and even more for those who care about you. You may find your work coming back to you filled to the brim, shaken down, and overflowing.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.




Things to Remember

Now that I am one, I am allowed to say, “Don’t mess with me just because I’m old.” Another joke has to do with being wiser, meaner and over insured. The truth of the matter is the reason we grow old is to share the knowledge and the lessons we have learned. We share our experiences with those younger, in hopes that they will not need the same trials and tribulations which we have encountered. And at the same time, we understand there are some lessons each person must just learn on their own.

I know we get deluged by ideas, thoughts, and rules to live by every day. And yet there are some truths which bear repeating. I would like to share those rules with you, at least some of them. It is essential to keep some things in mind to use as mental tools during your journey.

Rules to the Future:

  • You do not have to say yes to everything. And, you should not say no to everything either. Take a moment to weigh what is being asked of you. Is there a moment in the request where you can see yourself doing something or meeting someone that will help propel you along your path to your desired future? Also, ask yourself, do I have the time and tools to do this task correctly, or is this something where I will be funneled into failure.
  • Always know that middle-management must be given due respect and kindness, yet they are rarely the movers and shakers that make things work. The real movers and shakers are those on the floor doing the work. If an executive is locked in the office all day how can that executive no more than someone who comes in contact with the majority of people within the plant? You may be surprised how much a friendly janitorial staff member or the guy from the mail room actually knows.
  • Never treat somebody differently (either better or worse) because of their job title or station within the company. Treat everyone with kindness and good thoughts. You will find this much more enjoyable, and your work will be better.
  • If you are going to hold anyone to account, you have to start with the person in the mirror. To not act on this with yourself first, and then have a radiating effect on others, will never give you the best outcome.
  • If you work with the betterment of others in mind, you will find yourself being seen more and more in a positive light.
  • Never, ever make or keep an assumption that something will last forever. In our world, there are beginnings and endings to just about everything. To assume the job, the house, family, the car, or anything else will be as it is now forever, could leave you dismayed at some point. Treasure what you have, understand that things do change, and know with a little hope and work they might change for the better.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Be Kind and Be There

I often wonder what the best thing is that I can do. As I look at my options, I realize that there is only one thing which stands out. The best thing I can do is be there. Just being there with others shows you care.

To stand shoulder to shoulder with others is extremely important. It shows that you care. You care enough to be there. Be humble and give honest advice when asked. But most of all be genuine.

Be a good listener. Do not interrupt. Listen to what the person says, rather than trying to formulate a response. The response will mean more if you have taken the time to hear the person’s full statement.

When you do make a comment on what the person has told you, be kind and honest. Talk to the person like you would like to be talked to. And remember the idea is to make them feel better and be better informed than when you started.

If you don’t have an answer to their situation, do not make one up. An honest answer of not being sure, given with empathy, always trumps a made-up answer that will not help the other person in the long run.

The best way to approach others is usually the way you would hope that they would talk to you. In a world full of so many slamming doors, so many people going unnoticed, and where so much heartbreak exists, kindness and empathy stand out like a beacon. If you are that beacon, you will indeed be remembered as such.

Have a great day. I will post again soon.


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