Opening Up

I’m lucky to be where I am. Getting to this point in my life, I look at as something like a miracle. It is not that I’m rich; I’m not. I’m not handsome or good-looking. I’m nowhere near the sharpest tool in the shed. Yet, I found something I thought I never would. I have found happiness.  

I can give you only one hint as to how you can find happiness. You will never find happiness in things or in inanimate objects. You can only share the joy with other living creatures, those who also think and love and have happiness of their own.

Happiness could be a singular entity, and if it is, that is very rare. Happiness is most often found in sharing. It is not a give or take, rather something shared between two or more thinking beings. It is almost impossible to stage happiness; it is where you find it.  

If you want to find happiness, you should be kind, understanding, and open.  Everything has a risk in life to go along with the reward that can come from it. If you open yourself up, you leave yourself open to risk. You also leave yourself open to rewards.  You have to chance one, to find the other.

Can I guarantee you that there is always a happy ending? No. I can only tell you of my experiences in life.

Have you ever opened yourself up to risk and found either reward or failure?