Subjectively Happy

Many ‘new’ ways aren’t really all that new. Most people have the same desires and results as their fore-mothers and forefathers. We get to use better methods based on better technology.

Do we need to stay up to date with newer technologies? Well, like everything else in life, that depends.

Are you looking to have a fast-paced life where you partake in new technology, information at your fingertips, and a fast track to what is happening globally? You might need technology.

Are you one who likes to read an actual book while sitting in the shade of the back porch, skip the store and pick a tomato off a vine that you grew, and look up at night with awe and wondering as the universe displays itself above you? Maybe not so much tech.

The goal is the same in either case. We want to be subjectively happy.

What do you need to be happy?

Opening Up

I’m lucky to be where I am. Getting to this point in my life, I look at as something like a miracle. It is not that I’m rich; I’m not. I’m not handsome or good-looking. I’m nowhere near the sharpest tool in the shed. Yet, I found something I thought I never would. I have found happiness.  

I can give you only one hint as to how you can find happiness. You will never find happiness in things or in inanimate objects. You can only share the joy with other living creatures, those who also think and love and have happiness of their own.

Happiness could be a singular entity, and if it is, that is very rare. Happiness is most often found in sharing. It is not a give or take, rather something shared between two or more thinking beings. It is almost impossible to stage happiness; it is where you find it.  

If you want to find happiness, you should be kind, understanding, and open.  Everything has a risk in life to go along with the reward that can come from it. If you open yourself up, you leave yourself open to risk. You also leave yourself open to rewards.  You have to chance one, to find the other.

Can I guarantee you that there is always a happy ending? No. I can only tell you of my experiences in life.

Have you ever opened yourself up to risk and found either reward or failure?

How Do You Feel

What we feel is determined by our actions. The same is also true for our lives. If we go out and pick up every sorrow that we find, we will be sad. If we go out with the intent of happiness, we will find it. The trick is not what is around us every day; it is where we pay attention. 

If you aren’t sure about this, I would like to suggest putting it to the test. First, do you want to feel happy or sad? Second, go out and find those things which match the way you wish to feel. After you’ve done this for a while, check yourself out. Are you happy, or are you sad? Give yourself a scale of 1 to 5. 

Some people may try to tell you some emotions are easier to find than others and more comfortable to assume. I want to suggest they are the same. You will have to run your test to see if I or some of the others are correct or not.

When you find out, please let me know. Just add a note to the blog and send it back to me.

Thank you for being with me. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

You’re In Charge

One of my favorite actors and comedians announced today that he had Parkinson’s disease. Although I felt a little saddened by it, he stated that he felt great. He spoke of all the great things he was doing and the various ways in which he was actively helping people. 

I was moved by the fact that this fantastic person could, instead of dwelling on misfortunes, reach out to help others and live a very meaningful life. I think we should all take a lesson from this. I do not feel any life comes with a guarantee. I do believe that each and every one of us, no matter what the circumstances or how the odds are stacked, are the authors of our own stories.

It is up to us to understand where we want to go, what we want to do, and what paths we need to climb to get there. Sometimes there are traps along the way, trying to hold you back. Many times, some good people and resources can help you along your journey. Although all of this is found along the paths to your goal, only you can walk your path.

With all the well-meaning people, brilliant technology, and mentors along the way, it comes down to you. Only you can determine which goals in life you wish to achieve. Only you can set yourself and motion. Only you can choose the mentors, family, and other significant people and things you take with you.

This does not mean you’re alone. It just says you’re in charge.

Enjoy your life and remember to laugh with others. It is good for the soul.

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