Subjectively Happy

Many ‘new’ ways aren’t really all that new. Most people have the same desires and results as their fore-mothers and forefathers. We get to use better methods based on better technology.

Do we need to stay up to date with newer technologies? Well, like everything else in life, that depends.

Are you looking to have a fast-paced life where you partake in new technology, information at your fingertips, and a fast track to what is happening globally? You might need technology.

Are you one who likes to read an actual book while sitting in the shade of the back porch, skip the store and pick a tomato off a vine that you grew, and look up at night with awe and wondering as the universe displays itself above you? Maybe not so much tech.

The goal is the same in either case. We want to be subjectively happy.

What do you need to be happy?