When you make an appointment with someone, everyone has expectations. The person you made the appointment with expects that they are coming to receive a service or learn something or find some other value. Everyone agrees to be there to give or receive value.

What would you think if you showed up to the meeting to find out nothing of value was developed, offered, or given. I know I would feel bad for having wasted time. I find myself short on time most of my working day.

Imagine if you had spent weeks or months developing new concepts, ideas, and protocols to help others save time and money. You offer the training, and many sign up, then only a very few attend.  You might feel slighted or cheated out of your time and your ideas snubbed.

Have you ever offered something online only to have participants back out at the last moment or not show up? How can we fix the root cause?

Be Kind and Be There

I often wonder what the best thing is that I can do. As I look at my options, I realize that there is only one thing which stands out. The best thing I can do is be there. Just being there with others shows you care.

To stand shoulder to shoulder with others is extremely important. It shows that you care. You care enough to be there. Be humble and give honest advice when asked. But most of all be genuine.

Be a good listener. Do not interrupt. Listen to what the person says, rather than trying to formulate a response. The response will mean more if you have taken the time to hear the person’s full statement.

When you do make a comment on what the person has told you, be kind and honest. Talk to the person like you would like to be talked to. And remember the idea is to make them feel better and be better informed than when you started.

If you don’t have an answer to their situation, do not make one up. An honest answer of not being sure, given with empathy, always trumps a made-up answer that will not help the other person in the long run.

The best way to approach others is usually the way you would hope that they would talk to you. In a world full of so many slamming doors, so many people going unnoticed, and where so much heartbreak exists, kindness and empathy stand out like a beacon. If you are that beacon, you will indeed be remembered as such.

Have a great day. I will post again soon.


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