A Great New Class

I have a small secret I would like to share. Along with a few friends, I have been working on an exciting story that we will use to provide some outstanding training to whoever is interested. Our premiere of this training will be on 2 February at 1430 ( 2:30 pm mountain standard time.) That would convert to 9:30 pm UTC.

Our story is about a family team who found themselves lost in the jungle. They need to work together to battle their way out of their predicaments and back into civilization. I can’t do this entire scenario justice so let me give you a little bit of the story:

~ Slowly, small gripes turned into finger-pointing, and finger-pointing eventually turned into name-calling. Everyone was at each other’s throats. They each felt that they were doing more than anyone else in their team was doing, and they were calling each other out about it. The truth was, they were working as hard as they could and yet trying to do the required work and their own unique projects at the same time. It just made everything even harder. ~

What do you think will happen? How will they solve the problems and get back to the tasks at hand, the things they need to do to get back to civilization?

To learn more, please join us. Go to Eventbrite and sign up for Your Journey Forward. The class will be on 2 February 2021, at 9:30 pm UTC.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Mountains or Molehills

If you want to make Impressive sales, take your clients’ mountains and make them molehills.  People like to talk.  All you have to do is give people a good reason to talk about what you did for them.  People are going to talk about you, and what you did, whether it was good or bad, you just need to give them the road map to a positive conversation.

If you have read my blogs, you have seen this before.  If you do a beneficial job for someone, your client is going to tell a few people. If you do a poor job, they will tell everyone.  The only question that you have control over is what you want people saying about you. 

If you give your clients a poor deliverable, you just put a mountain in the way of where you want to go with your business.  If you provide an advantageous product, the worst you may have is a few molehills along the way. Think about everyone and everything you are taking on your journey to the future.  There will be enough high hills as you make your business journey, do you really want to get all that over a mountain if you do not have to?

Work with your clients.  Learn what they do and what they need. Understand how your work can help them to do their jobs better, and explain the benefits to them. You may need to modify your wares a little, just as a tailor tucks and hems for a suit or dress to fit perfectly.  In making this available to the client, you are doing two great deeds, one for your client, and one for you.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

A Journey Is Not Just the Destination

While you are on the path to your future goals, you need to take time to appreciate the people and things around you.  You may not all be going towards the same place, yet you are traveling in the same direction. And, a long journey can use a little companionship and help along the way.

You will find things of beauty, both in nature and in the acts of some people you meet. You may also see some sights and people which you pray to never see again. Both positives and negatives are vital for building you into a well-rounded person.

Knowing how to work with a variety of other people, and getting them to work with you towards your goals is imperative. You can read all the books you would like on this subject, however, to actually learn this and know how it works you must get out and do it. No one person ever does it alone. And this is because no one person ever knows everything. Have you ever heard somebody brag that they are a self-made man and nobody ever helped them with anything? I wonder who taught them to say that?

Some people you meet along your journey will be with you for a short time. Others you meet along the way may become lifelong friends, maybe even partners. Each and every one of them, though, is important because each thing that you learn from them will probably help you in the future. It will be a fair trade because they will also learn things from you which will help them in their future.

You, along with those you meet along the way, need to take care of each other and make sure that no one falls victim to the demons along the road. Those who would steal your dreams or convince you that you were not worthy of your planned destinations. It is also good to have a friend to help you out if you fall into the trap of the rut. We have all done this, and a good friend will jump in with because he or she knows the way out. You want to make sure that you would do the same for them.

Think about this, and please let me know if you agree with it or not.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Taking The Journey

Whether we think so or not, we are on a journey. If we look around, we will probably not realize that we are moving. This is because everyone around us is traveling the same way at relatively the same speed as we are. Everyone is going in the same direction, and there’s only one question. Are you going to control your trip, or are you leaving the journey up to chance?

Before you answer this question, I would like to suggest a day trip. The day trip is broken up into two sections to give you perspective. For half of the day trip, I would like you to go to a park and sit for a little while. Spend your time watching those around you to see what they do and how they are living. Walk some of the inner-city streets to see who you meet, and walk by a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

In the second half of the day trip, I would like you to spend a little time in a coffee shop. Enjoy something to drink and watch the crowds. If there is a large office building with a waiting area or lobby, just go in and have a seat and watch people as they come and go. And, if you get a little hungry, enjoy an early dinner at a reasonably nice restaurant or café before going home.

Reflect on the day trip and think about it. Did you possibly see people who did not plan and simply left their journey through life to chance? Did you notice anyone who was obviously working there plans to be where they wanted to be on their journey through life? Most likely, you have seen some of both extremes, and several in the middle.

The question becomes, where do you want to be? Is there a plan that you have in mind? A place or a profession? Or are you just willing to take whatever fate may bring you?

It may sound strange, yet there is no right or wrong answer. As long as the answer is genuinely yours, and you make it with the full knowledge of what it means, no one can say you’re wrong.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Can You See the Road


In life, you find inspiration and guidance wherever it lives. I had something remind me of an important fact earlier this year. And, I found this nugget of wisdom in the strangest of places.

My wife is a big Lucy fan. She has just about everything that Lucy has ever made, from the Lucy-Desi comedy hour to all the other sitcoms, and she watches them every day. It was while she was watching the Lucy show that I had a lesson reinforced upon me. It was poignant, concise, and help me to realize something important about our journey through life.

In the show, Lucy and Desi, along with Ethal and Fred, are starting on a trip to California. When they go to pack everything they are going to take with them, there is a sudden realization they have too much for the car to carry. That’s okay because Fred has a plan.

Fred tied everything onto the car. By the time the job was done, he had things hanging well off the back of the convertible.  And, hanging well off the front, and all the sides of the car. He even had the hood of the car layered with different objects to the point where the driver could barely see the road. When I saw that, I realized something.

We are on a journey ourselves through life. If we fail to plan, we may end up trying to take everything and everyone with us. We could have packed many items that we may never use in the future. These items could be both physically in our life and mentally in our head.  They could block our vision until it becomes tough for us to see the road we want to travel. And it means we will either not go far or end up in the wrong place.

What we need to do is make a plan. Sit down with those who are going with us and figure out where we are going. Then we need to figure out what we need to take with us, what we can pick up along the way, and what items would just get in our way as we move forward. Think of this as an exercise in physical, and mental housekeeping. We checked to see that everybody’s on the same page. That we are taking steps to ensure everyone’s needs are met. And we understand the differences between what we need to go with us, and what we will either pick up along the way or as we attain our goals.

In the case of Lucy and Desi going from New York to California, they finally took only what they needed and mailed everything else forward. You may believe that you can’t do that moving to the future. However, you can send yourself future encouragement and ideas. You can write a series of letters or emails to yourself. You can set them up to be mailed to you or opened at a future date. These can help remind you of where you’re heading when you set off on your adventure and where you’re planning to go.

Just something to think about.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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