Taking The Journey

Whether we think so or not, we are on a journey. If we look around, we will probably not realize that we are moving. This is because everyone around us is traveling the same way at relatively the same speed as we are. Everyone is going in the same direction, and there’s only one question. Are you going to control your trip, or are you leaving the journey up to chance?

Before you answer this question, I would like to suggest a day trip. The day trip is broken up into two sections to give you perspective. For half of the day trip, I would like you to go to a park and sit for a little while. Spend your time watching those around you to see what they do and how they are living. Walk some of the inner-city streets to see who you meet, and walk by a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

In the second half of the day trip, I would like you to spend a little time in a coffee shop. Enjoy something to drink and watch the crowds. If there is a large office building with a waiting area or lobby, just go in and have a seat and watch people as they come and go. And, if you get a little hungry, enjoy an early dinner at a reasonably nice restaurant or café before going home.

Reflect on the day trip and think about it. Did you possibly see people who did not plan and simply left their journey through life to chance? Did you notice anyone who was obviously working there plans to be where they wanted to be on their journey through life? Most likely, you have seen some of both extremes, and several in the middle.

The question becomes, where do you want to be? Is there a plan that you have in mind? A place or a profession? Or are you just willing to take whatever fate may bring you?

It may sound strange, yet there is no right or wrong answer. As long as the answer is genuinely yours, and you make it with the full knowledge of what it means, no one can say you’re wrong.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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