Mountains or Molehills

If you want to make Impressive sales, take your clients’ mountains and make them molehills.  People like to talk.  All you have to do is give people a good reason to talk about what you did for them.  People are going to talk about you, and what you did, whether it was good or bad, you just need to give them the road map to a positive conversation.

If you have read my blogs, you have seen this before.  If you do a beneficial job for someone, your client is going to tell a few people. If you do a poor job, they will tell everyone.  The only question that you have control over is what you want people saying about you. 

If you give your clients a poor deliverable, you just put a mountain in the way of where you want to go with your business.  If you provide an advantageous product, the worst you may have is a few molehills along the way. Think about everyone and everything you are taking on your journey to the future.  There will be enough high hills as you make your business journey, do you really want to get all that over a mountain if you do not have to?

Work with your clients.  Learn what they do and what they need. Understand how your work can help them to do their jobs better, and explain the benefits to them. You may need to modify your wares a little, just as a tailor tucks and hems for a suit or dress to fit perfectly.  In making this available to the client, you are doing two great deeds, one for your client, and one for you.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

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