What Are Your Plans

We have a new month about to come to us. The big question in my mind is what are we going to do?

You’re more likely to get something done if you make a plan and write it down. You don’t have to make earth-shattering discoveries. Sometimes the most profound work boils up from small ideas.

There’s a trick to getting things done. Figure out what you want to do for a given period, and write it down. Not in the back of some notebook that you won’t be looking at for the next three months, write your intentions down somewhere where they are in your face, and you see them every day. I often use a whiteboard, an affinity chart built with post-it notes, or my monthly calendar, which I carry and look at every day.

When something is important to us, we take the time to do it right. Everything has a cost, yet not all prices are monetary. Time and attention are two resources we need to spend with great care.

What are your plans for our upcoming month?


We often know what we need to do. We don’t seem to get it done. I don’t think that it’s genuinely laziness that gets in our way. As we find ourselves more and more overwhelmed, getting anything done in a timely fashion gets harder. Ergo I am working on a new plan to find a better way.

I shall schedule a time to sit down and go through all correspondence and either get it done on the spot or schedule an appropriate time to complete the task at an early date. 

Rather than when it is due, I am looking at when I can complete and send the work to wherever it goes next. Will I have to bump planned actions from time to time?  Yes, yet I will know when I do so, Why I did it, and when I complete it. 

How do you handle the snarling lion in your inbox that eats up all your time?

Can I Help You

I wish I could do more for more people. The truth of the matter is I can’t do anything for anyone, they have to do it for themselves. I can work with people and guide them. I can ask the tough questions that only those seeking for themselves can answer. And, I can hold them as accountable as they wish to be.

I can, though, and am willing to jump in the hole someone may have figuratively fallen into. Others may feel that I’m crazy jumping into a hole when someone else cannot find their way out. Yet, I’m okay with it. I’ve been there before, and I know the way out.

What I can do is help people learn new tools and new abilities to help them as they move forward through life and explore the future. I would mention something about boldly going, however, between concerns over plagiarism and split infinitives I have decided to take a considerably safer route. I am here to help you with the specific concerns you are looking to fix and do better with.

I have books on Amazon right now teaching how to research and make a map to guide you to your future. This is important because I have many friends who worked hard, went to school, striving for something they truly wanted. When they got to their destination and started working, they realized that even though they had gain success, they did not enjoy the job and really did not want to be there. Some ended up not using their advanced degrees, taking trade jobs that they enjoyed and preferred to do.

There are many ways to research various professions and careers. The time you spend doing so is minor in comparison to getting a position you can’t stand and having to start again from scratch. There are even ways and some jobs where you can shadow somebody for a day and learn what the real work is all about.

Within the month, I should have my new planner system out. It comes with training, and each planner is designed and assembled to the specific needs of the individual using the planner. We do this by working with you in understanding what you need and either loading pages you need into your planner or designing the planning and data pages you need from scratch. Your planner comes with either a book on how to use it or course to train you about the planner step by step.

I don’t want to say much more at the moment. If you’re interested in the planner designed specifically for you, please let me know. I am also looking for six volunteers who will use the system and give me feedback on what works well and what I can work to improve. If you’re interested in receiving a planner and training, please let me know. I can’t promise everyone who volunteers will be picked as one of the six. I promise that everyone who volunteers will be seriously considered.

Think about it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Can You See the Road


In life, you find inspiration and guidance wherever it lives. I had something remind me of an important fact earlier this year. And, I found this nugget of wisdom in the strangest of places.

My wife is a big Lucy fan. She has just about everything that Lucy has ever made, from the Lucy-Desi comedy hour to all the other sitcoms, and she watches them every day. It was while she was watching the Lucy show that I had a lesson reinforced upon me. It was poignant, concise, and help me to realize something important about our journey through life.

In the show, Lucy and Desi, along with Ethal and Fred, are starting on a trip to California. When they go to pack everything they are going to take with them, there is a sudden realization they have too much for the car to carry. That’s okay because Fred has a plan.

Fred tied everything onto the car. By the time the job was done, he had things hanging well off the back of the convertible.  And, hanging well off the front, and all the sides of the car. He even had the hood of the car layered with different objects to the point where the driver could barely see the road. When I saw that, I realized something.

We are on a journey ourselves through life. If we fail to plan, we may end up trying to take everything and everyone with us. We could have packed many items that we may never use in the future. These items could be both physically in our life and mentally in our head.  They could block our vision until it becomes tough for us to see the road we want to travel. And it means we will either not go far or end up in the wrong place.

What we need to do is make a plan. Sit down with those who are going with us and figure out where we are going. Then we need to figure out what we need to take with us, what we can pick up along the way, and what items would just get in our way as we move forward. Think of this as an exercise in physical, and mental housekeeping. We checked to see that everybody’s on the same page. That we are taking steps to ensure everyone’s needs are met. And we understand the differences between what we need to go with us, and what we will either pick up along the way or as we attain our goals.

In the case of Lucy and Desi going from New York to California, they finally took only what they needed and mailed everything else forward. You may believe that you can’t do that moving to the future. However, you can send yourself future encouragement and ideas. You can write a series of letters or emails to yourself. You can set them up to be mailed to you or opened at a future date. These can help remind you of where you’re heading when you set off on your adventure and where you’re planning to go.

Just something to think about.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Are You Prepared?

I was fortunate enough to be a scout when I was young and a scout leader as an adult. I like the Boy Scouts, and I think that they do a good job for kids. They give kids good skills and an ethical compass to follow as they grow to adulthood. I am humbled to say that I earned my rank of Eagle Scout while living in Puerto Rico where my dad was stationed with the Army.

Learning in the scouts was very interesting, and I still try to follow the motto of being prepared. Of course, they never told us what to be prepared to do. Yet it was our motto, ‘Be Prepared.’ I always took this to mean keeping your eyes open and stay light on your feet.

We do not know everything that could come our way, and it is always good to have a plan A, B, or C. It is also useful to understand the things that you would or could do, and those things that you would not or could not do. Having this figured out in advance gives you a framework of what might work best for you.

The world is a very iffy place. This often makes being prepared a guessing game. If you live in the north, you don’t have to prepare for a hurricane, unless you live along the coast, in a place like New Jersey or New York City. You don’t have to be prepared to find bears inside a pizzeria unless you live somewhere like Colorado Springs. And, you do not have to fear attacks from seals, unless you’re a young person sitting on a pier. After looking at some of these things, being prepared sounds like a good thing to consider.

I’m not talking about running to your bunker for safety or hiding under a rock based on what might happen. I am talking about understanding options, a thoughtful response, and a quick personal check to see if you really want to be in a particular situation or not. Often, a minimum of pre-thought can save a lot of ‘I wish I had.’

I hope this is something that may help you. Just remember, it came from a very old Eagle Scout (who once used to be a mean old master Sergeant.)

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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