A Journey Is Not Just the Destination

While you are on the path to your future goals, you need to take time to appreciate the people and things around you.  You may not all be going towards the same place, yet you are traveling in the same direction. And, a long journey can use a little companionship and help along the way.

You will find things of beauty, both in nature and in the acts of some people you meet. You may also see some sights and people which you pray to never see again. Both positives and negatives are vital for building you into a well-rounded person.

Knowing how to work with a variety of other people, and getting them to work with you towards your goals is imperative. You can read all the books you would like on this subject, however, to actually learn this and know how it works you must get out and do it. No one person ever does it alone. And this is because no one person ever knows everything. Have you ever heard somebody brag that they are a self-made man and nobody ever helped them with anything? I wonder who taught them to say that?

Some people you meet along your journey will be with you for a short time. Others you meet along the way may become lifelong friends, maybe even partners. Each and every one of them, though, is important because each thing that you learn from them will probably help you in the future. It will be a fair trade because they will also learn things from you which will help them in their future.

You, along with those you meet along the way, need to take care of each other and make sure that no one falls victim to the demons along the road. Those who would steal your dreams or convince you that you were not worthy of your planned destinations. It is also good to have a friend to help you out if you fall into the trap of the rut. We have all done this, and a good friend will jump in with because he or she knows the way out. You want to make sure that you would do the same for them.

Think about this, and please let me know if you agree with it or not.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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