A Great New Class

I have a small secret I would like to share. Along with a few friends, I have been working on an exciting story that we will use to provide some outstanding training to whoever is interested. Our premiere of this training will be on 2 February at 1430 ( 2:30 pm mountain standard time.) That would convert to 9:30 pm UTC.

Our story is about a family team who found themselves lost in the jungle. They need to work together to battle their way out of their predicaments and back into civilization. I can’t do this entire scenario justice so let me give you a little bit of the story:

~ Slowly, small gripes turned into finger-pointing, and finger-pointing eventually turned into name-calling. Everyone was at each other’s throats. They each felt that they were doing more than anyone else in their team was doing, and they were calling each other out about it. The truth was, they were working as hard as they could and yet trying to do the required work and their own unique projects at the same time. It just made everything even harder. ~

What do you think will happen? How will they solve the problems and get back to the tasks at hand, the things they need to do to get back to civilization?

To learn more, please join us. Go to Eventbrite and sign up for Your Journey Forward. The class will be on 2 February 2021, at 9:30 pm UTC.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

What’s your story?

Do you know your own story? Most of us can remember some of the critical points. You need to be able to talk sensibly about the important who, what, where and when. Can you give someone your story in about 90 seconds?

I thought I could until the one day a new college president found out that I was finishing a Masters degree in adult education. He looked at me and said, “Tell me your story?” I’ve done a lot with my life. But at that point, with the question coming out of the blue, I found it hard to tell him something that made sense.

I’ve had an exciting life, I was an Eagle Scout, I was in the Air Force for almost 22 years where I worked on five of the seven continents. I built computers for Apple. I have taught people how to use computers, how to find jobs, and how to write resumes.

I was a process engineer who designed the assembly lines, and the process is to build the computers. I have tracked satellites, modified satellite ground stations and worked in research and development. I have an Associate in Applied Science in Electronic Systems Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and finally a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training. Getting caught flat-footed, how could I put everything understandably in 90 seconds or less?

The trick is to actually think about it and practice beforehand. If I’m going to talk to the head of a technical college, I may need to emphasize different points than I would if I had to speak to a manufacturing vice president. It is not that I’m hiding anything, or over exaggerating certain aspects, I just need to talk to what they’re interested in when they ask.

Getting caught flat-footed was my own fault. We never know when an important question will come or what setting it will be. If we think about the questions that could be asked, by whom and where then we can be prepared. Running over them in our mind from time to time, just to keep them fresh is good. Taking 10 minutes a week to practice it a couple of times is even better.

There is a saying I hear a lot that talks about people not caring what you know until they know how you care. Sometimes you will never even know that people are watching you as you do something good for someone else. They see that you care and want to know more about you. Most life-changing moments are serendipitous and come out of the blue. You may not know when they’re coming, yet we can fall back on our scout training.

Be Prepared!

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