Inside Us All

We are all different.  Different tastes in what we like. Diverse ideas in what we want to be and do.  And different ways of thinking.  Yet, for some reason, we all have at least one person that we hate to face alone.  Maybe more, but at least one.

We will often do many outlandish things to avoid the person with whom we end up spending most of our time. And yet, every time we turn around, there he or she is.  Fate dictates that we just cannot avoid running into this person.

This person is often obnoxious.  They pry into our most private thoughts and demand that we think of the most horrible things imaginable.  When they are around, we are never right, never safe, and according to them, probably not even sane.  Why we even let them near us is a wonder.

We need to guard against the anxiety and stress we end up with whenever this conveyer of nays starts to badger us. Trying to argue is futile.  Until we get a firm upper grip, the verbal lashings go on and on.

We find control almost impossible, and the likelihood of complete separation impossible. This person feels and often acts as the enemy, destroying our deepest dreams, and yet, also acts as our closest friend.  They know everything about us because they live within us.  They are our inner being.

If you can learn to control your inner self, you can go far.  Failing to do so will always find you hampered.  You want to be careful, though, because sometimes your inner being might be right.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Getting to Where You Need to Be

The question we look at often is why. Why this? Why me? Why now? Yet, many times the why is just superfluous.

If you have a situation going on, something out of the regular routine of your life, the real questions are what and how. What do I do about this? And, how do I do it?

You can spend days and weeks going over the why. As an after action report the why becomes essential because you have a chance to not get in the same problem area again. Until then, you need to improve the situation.

There are two ways to map your path out of any situation. You can start mapping where you are and plan towards where you want to be. Or, you can reach out ahead of yourself and figure out where you want to be, and then map backward to where you are. Here is a sample of each.

Mapping Forward

This is the situation I am in now (write it out). To get to where I want to go, I have to do A (write out whatever step A is.) Then I have to do B (write out whatever step B is.) And finally, I have to do C, and of course, you write out whatever that is also.

map a
map a


Mapping Backwards

Sometimes, mapping backward is more straightforward. You know where you need to be, so you start by listing that. Then you start working back. Before I can get to my destination, I am must do C, (write out whatever it is you need to do at step C.) Before I can get to step C, I must do step B. Don’t forget to record step B. The action between where I am now and step B looks like it may be too much of a stretch. I better put in a step A. We better record that one also.


map B

These are just Two of the avenues to get to where you want to be.  Wherever you are going, Have a good and a safe trip.


I Have the Cord…

I left my phone at home today. 

I do not know why.  Pam and I had a discussion about it, I checked to ensure I had the cord in my satchel and then I left the house, forgetting to pick up the phone which was sitting next to the TV.

I could blame forgetting the phone on many things. And no, it was not a Freudian slip. I just seemed to be one of those people who have too many concerns at once going on inside the noggin. Worse than that, I seem to have an internal monologue which just doesn’t seem to have a clue about what the word ‘quiet’ means.

The VA has put out an excellent application which I have recently put on my iPad. It is a mindfulness program. It is a directed method of meditation to help with many situations. The folks who designed this did an extensive and excellent Job.

I have had the program for a little while, yet I have not used it on a regular basis. If getting ready for work today is any indication (and yes it has happened before,) I will be finding time very soon to use this VA application and start a better campaign to quiet that inner dialogue.

If you have faced this type of a problem and had success, I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Unfortunately, I find myself somewhat of the novice at meditation.


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