Time to Breathe

Have you ever had a day where you’ve been on the run from the very start and yet very little you planned to do was accomplished? That seems to be my world today. It goes with the old adage of ‘the hurrieder I go the behinder I get.’

This happens to many of us from time to time. There are some things you can do to mitigate the problem of too much to do in a small space of time, and although it won’t stop the need for immediate actions, it can definitely help. All we can do is work at staying on top of where we are in where we need to be.

One thing we could do is keep a good schedule which tells us what we need to do and when, and where we need to be and when. This sounds easy, just remember we live in an ever-changing world. Things happen, appointments change, something gets canceled, or an emergency comes up. The next thing you know your schedule has problems.

On top of this, we seem to have minds who throw us thoughts whether we want them or not. Our minds are almost always active, and quite often all this activity just lends itself to getting even more in the way of our work to get everything done throughout the day. I have learned something new this week, and I have to tell you about it because it’s so counter-intuitive.

You need to take 10 minutes to clear your mind and breathe. The technique is not hard, just find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10 minutes. Dim or turn off the lights, and just concentrate on breathing. Take 3 breaths where you breathe in all the way. You hold it for only a second, and you then breathe out all the way. Hold it for just a second, and breathe back in again. After 3 breaths are done, just start to breathe regularly. If thoughts try to come into your mind, do 3 more breaths. And then go back to breathing normally again.

Some people will do this for 20 minutes when they first get up in the morning.   And, some people will do it in the evening to clear their mind before they go to sleep. You have to figure out when the best time is for you to do this exercise.

This is a form of meditation. No chanting is involved, neither are there mantras. This is just you,  focusing in on your breathing and clearing your mind. People who do this regularly claim a host of benefits.  

Some benefits people find by doing this include feeling better, a clearer thought pattern, less interruption of thoughts by the brain,  and more stamina. I can understand many of these attributes because of the breathing that goes on. Quite often when we get riled, or anxious, or worried, we have a tendency to stop breathing or breathe very shallowly.  

I am not saying that this is an absolute cure for everything. And if you have medical issues, you should check this out with your physician first. What I am saying is that I find some good in it, and I am also saying nothing ventured nothing gained. Please remember, when trying something new, start with small increments, and then build to what is comfortable for you.

If you would like more information or care to discuss this please leave a comment.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

I Have the Cord…

I left my phone at home today. 

I do not know why.  Pam and I had a discussion about it, I checked to ensure I had the cord in my satchel and then I left the house, forgetting to pick up the phone which was sitting next to the TV.

I could blame forgetting the phone on many things. And no, it was not a Freudian slip. I just seemed to be one of those people who have too many concerns at once going on inside the noggin. Worse than that, I seem to have an internal monologue which just doesn’t seem to have a clue about what the word ‘quiet’ means.

The VA has put out an excellent application which I have recently put on my iPad. It is a mindfulness program. It is a directed method of meditation to help with many situations. The folks who designed this did an extensive and excellent Job.

I have had the program for a little while, yet I have not used it on a regular basis. If getting ready for work today is any indication (and yes it has happened before,) I will be finding time very soon to use this VA application and start a better campaign to quiet that inner dialogue.

If you have faced this type of a problem and had success, I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Unfortunately, I find myself somewhat of the novice at meditation.