Times change. People change. Situations change.  The hard part of change is that it can go on around us while we fail to notice.  What was once vital is no longer needed.  What is now a must, is often choked out and ineffective because we can not understand the need for the change.  When we shun change, we must talk with the person in the mirror.

Change is not a bad thing.  Change keeps us fresh and new.  We become challenged to learn new ideas and protocols when change arrives, and this helps our minds stay nimble and expanding.  We need this, in part, to keep our brains active.

As we change, we should not hoard the past.  Keep the ideas and memories. You might keep a souvenir or two.  You do not need to fill your house with the items you no longer use.  The things left from decades ago are only keeping new memories from forming.

It is not easy to change and evolve, especially if you do not do it regularly. I would like to suggest you make a plan.  Start learning new items that interest you.  Never let yourself believe that you can’t.  Whatever reason you give yourself will not stand up to reason.  There will always be someone older, younger, smarter, and less intelligent than you who was able to accomplish the new things that you are attempting.  If others can do what you are working on learning (and they can), then you should have no problem doing the same.

You have an easy choice, believe you can, or think you cannot.  If you believe you can, nothing and no one can stop you.  If you want to think you cannot, well, you are a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Either way, you will be right.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.