Your Past, Your Future

Often, to move forward, we need to start by releasing the past. We never forget the wonderful people who have touched our lives. We do need to settle within ourselves the angst and pain of unsettled disputes. We owe a settlement and forgiveness to those who have gone before us. And, we owe the settlement of accounts to ourselves also.

It is often hard to let go. Emotions cloud our thinking, and some imagined wounds are harder to heal than real ones. We must understand the caring others had for us, and their desire, whether it was ours or not, and the fact that love takes many forms.

As we make peace with our past, our future will begin to blossom. Settling accounts and old debts, and allowing the anguish to subside is the best way to start your new trip. And pains won’t subside overnight, yet in time you may find it replaced by new happiness and new paths forward.

As we move forward, we do not forget the good of the past. Our trip to our future gives us new avenues and new paths to bring new happiness and new caring. As we walk these new roads, we will be able to enjoy great new wonders.

For now, do not rush. Instead, make your amends with the past. Then stay open to what lies ahead. For that is your future and your path to walk.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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