Stand Tall

Everyone wants to stand tall.  We want to think of ourselves as one of the best in what we do.  Yet, to gain status, we need to work hard and do our best.

You will never stand tall by tearing everyone else around you down. If you try to stand on a hill made of the remnants of those you have torn asunder, you will find yourself on some very slippery slopes. You will discover these slopes filled with the pebbles, slop, and traps that you have made.  Standing on top of the now barren and dangerous landscape you have made, you will surely fall.  And, no one would be able to stand on that slope with you.  And you will be known for causing the mess left behind that causes everything to be unproductive for some time to come.

To be noticed, you need to stand on the best of what you have accomplished. Will you be the highest? No. No matter how good you are, there will be others that will be better. The good news about that is you will not be the least, either. There will always be somebody with fewer skills than you, also.

So, what is the best foot you can put forward? Be the best you can. Remember, there are always people better and worse out there. And strive to keep learning because the World never stops moving forward. The only people who are stuck are the ones who fail to move forward with it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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