What Now

What is the most vital day of the week? Monday. Why? No Mondays, no Fridays. I know it’s an old joke. Yet it is one that I use often. Unfortunately, now, for myself and many others, Friday no longer holds the same meaning as it did when we worked five days a week.

As humans, being at home full time starts to mean there is no ending and no beginning for our work week. No going out to dinner. No taking in a show, and no going out dancing. We cannot even go out on a picnic on a Saturday or to church on Sunday. We can’t even pet our neighbor’s dog or cat, for fear of catching the virus.

I know that this is tough for many people on many levels. So, I have a challenge for all who read this. It is time that each of us facing our new destinies to develop new ideas of things to look forward to having. Remember, Friday was not always the favorite day of the week. It did not become favorite until the five-day workweek came to be. Not even 100 years ago. So as our circumstances change, we can inaugurate new traditions.

Friday became important to us because it was the end of the workweek and the beginning of two days of fun. We must figure what is important to us now, and how that will help set our new traditions. After all, if you are going to invent something, invent something you would like.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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