New Ways

I just learned I might be doing all the wrong things. I am always setting goals and looking for results. When the goal becomes obtained, I go back to being my usual self. The problem is my usual self is not getting anything done. I need to work at this.

If I want a clean house without having to work at it eight hours a day, I need to develop a way that works for me and does that. If I want a nice-looking yard without a lot of back-breaking toil going into the mix, I need a way that will do that for me. Setting goals is sweet, yet how many goals have we set and how much disappointment have we found later when the target could not be maintained over time by itself?

If we want to be able to do something and make it last, we need to find ways of doing so that a will not break the bank and still allow us to live the type of life we want to live. Not to say that there will not be compromises. It is just that when we do make compromises, we need to make them to the betterment of our real desires, our families, and our surroundings.

It is all relatively new to me, and as I learn (mainly by trying, making errors, and trying again), I will let you know how this goes. For now, this is something to consider. For me, it is an idea on how I can change my life for the better while working through the changes I need to make myself, to make good things happen.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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