How Are You Doing

With all the problems we find in our world today, how are you doing? Could you be doing better? And the biggest question, what are you doing to make it better? All fair questions.

We find ourselves this year in a maze of problematic situations. We did not cause these problems, nor did we ask for them.  We are, right now, finding ourselves in the cauldron of fate where people earn their stripes and bragging rights or could end up cast back onto the slag heap of fate. So the question I bring you today is straightforward.  In all this turmoil, what are you focusing on that is making your particular life better?  

The fact of everything going on around you is scary. It does not mean that it is going on immediately in front of your face. There are a lot of negatives in the world right now, and many things we want to achieve, we cannot, we can find ways to make things more pleasant for ourselves. Before we can do that, we should understand our make-up.

Try to understand what makes you tick. Figure out what causes you happiness and joy, and find a safe and sane way to do those things. Also, try to understand what causes you angst and why. Try finding ways that will diminish that angst.

You can do this. It could be a little harder than it once was. Yet yes, you can do this.  It may not be perfect. It may take some work or a little ingenuity.   Most of the things that we try to do can happen if we put a little effort and brainpower behind it. If you do not believe me, prove me wrong. In the meantime, I’ll try to write another blog tomorrow, which will give you some ideas to work on, that may get you closer to these ideas.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.