You Earned It

You have the best resource that anyone has ever had in the history of this planet. It’s difficult for you to see this resource in action, or hardly at all for most of the time. That is unless you look in a mirror. Yes, your best help, and the one that gives you the edge over all others, is you.

As as you work, you learn and grow. You know more about yourself and more about others every day. And as you grow, all that knowledge is kept in one place, you. You usually do not notice this because it comes so easy to you. Yet when you want something, you can dig deep within yourself to find the stamina, courage, and abilities to gain the upper hand.

The one person that can make the most happen is the person in the mirror. We tend to ignore that person because we’re so busy trying to figure out everyone else. It’s time for you to take some consideration of how talented that mirror person is.

If you work hard at it, you will find a treasure trove of abilities and knowledge that you probably weren’t paying attention to all these years. All of this belongs to you. You earned it over years of hard work and learning. It is time for you to take your just rewards and do good for yourself And your family.

After all, don’t you deserve it?


With all that is happened in the last 90 days, I feel it is essential that I touch on a subject that I have in the past. Many articles, reports, and rumors circulate these days, blaming and pointing fingers at each other. Therefore I would just like to go over a few things I have learned in the past.

Just because someone writes, it does not ensure that it is accurate or factual. When you have a country with the first amendment, what you really have Is a license to say whatever you want, whether actual, false, or somewhere in between. When many people write, it is not always for the good of the masses, rather the paycheck’s healthiness.

Sometimes skewed writing happens out of misunderstanding, sometimes out of greed, and sometimes to persuade others to another ideal, whether truth or not. There is one way you can figure it out, though. What you have to do is, rather than look at the words themselves as the whole meaning, ask a question or two.

Some of my questions are who is writing The article? Where did they get their research from? Where is their money to write this coming from?

Sometimes, the most exciting articles that can easily sway you have much darker and more sinister actions. Once you ask your questions and take a look behind the curtain.

I am not encouraging anyone to be a cynic. I am suggesting that you know where ideas come from and how they were formed.  Never accept opinion as knowledge.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to write again soon.

Research Your Desires

Yesterday we talked about researching yourself. Taking time to learn more about you opens up many doors and helps you to start to narrow what you really want to do. And that is important. After all, for right now at least, this is the life you have. You want to find the things that make you happy and passionate, and you want to pursue them.

Imagine, as a child, watching a television show about an emergency medical technician (EMT) and his partner. They go out and save lives, do great and heroic things, and all works out for good within the half-hour program. On that show, the EMTs are adored heroes and loved by all. Imagine your shock and dismay if you spent years becoming an EMT with little more than that knowledge.

EMTs are valued people, and I honor them in the work they do. They are however in a sometimes thankless job. They are often out picking up hurt drunks at 3 AM in the morning after the bars close, having to help in the middle of domestic arguments, and even sometimes being scorned by their own families because of the shifts they have to work and the times that they are not home.

Don’t get me wrong, EMTs are heroes, and I very much respect them. It is just hard to feel that sometimes when you are working with a shooting victim in a bad part of town while being shot at yourself. In our city, we raise money for firefighters and EMTs to receive the same bulletproof equipment that our police use.

We need EMTs, and if you really desire to be one, please go for it. Just know what you’re getting into with eyes wide open, and your research completed. I’m not picking on EMTs. I could show concerns for almost any position in any career field. You don’t ‘not’ go into a career field because of the fears, you go into a career field because of your passions. This is very important to understand.

I have developed some tools and ideas and researched where other excellent and free tools and considerations are found. If you are seeking ideas and research on where you want to go and what you want to do in your future, please let me know.  I may be able to assist.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Researching You

 People research each other all the time. Join the military, get accepted for most jobs, get the car loan, or pick up a mortgage for a house, are just some of the standard reasons that people will run a background check on someone. We sometimes Google ourselves, and that’s only normal. We are always curious about what others are going to learn about us.

If we know that others are going to be looking us up online, maybe we should get there first and understand what’s being said about us. Now before you start a sentence with, “Sarge, a little paranoid today, aren’t we?” Let’s think about this.

If you know what’s going to be said, you can spin things to be more favorable for you. You can also correct something that may be wrong. Every once in a great while, you should even do a deep dive. Employers are going to use a background verification service if nothing else, just to make sure that your resume is correct. If it has been years since you’ve applied for a job, maybe you should also check yourself out with one of those services. You can find them online for about $39. Knowing is always better than not knowing.

Knowing what others are thinking of you or know about you is minor compared to you knowing and understanding yourself. How do you see yourself? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Where do you want to be in 20 years? To be there, where are you going to be in ten? Where in five?

You can start now by taking an inventory of where you are and what you like and do not like about it. Then think of what you would really like to do, and some practical ideas as to how you can get there. If you can think about it and you really want it, you can probably do it. Remember, for the majority of us, the only person who can really stop us is ourselves. And usually, that’s only because we’ve forgotten how much we can actually do if we put our minds to it.

Do not talk yourself out of where you should be over something as simple as the fear of the unknown. Find out about what you want to know. You have to have knowledge and faith in yourself. And if you believe, so will others. Never ever sell yourself short.

I have a five-day minicourse that can help you to take stock of where you are and where you want to go. Best of all, the courses free. It is taught by a chatbot and runs on Facebook messenger. If you would like to try this, please let me know. People who take it seemed to enjoy it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Be Who You Are

I find kids fascinating. They seem to soak up knowledge at an unbelievable rate. They’re honest, and more than anything else, they are genuine. If you ask a kid a question, you know you’re going to get a straight answer.

Kids are a little freer to think and learn because they don’t have egos getting in their way. If you have read my blogs, you have probably seen my observation that the main difference between teaching children and adults is that you dumb it down a little bit for the adults. Adults have egos which are bruised easily. Egos, especially bruised egos, make it harder for someone to learn.

Egos get in our way because we begin to worry about what other people think of us. We start to assume ideas of what others are thinking of us. And sometimes we develop false ideas of what we have to project to others and how we have to act because those actions are expected by others.

The truth is a little different. What we should do is be ourselves and be genuine. We should not act the way we think others think we should behave. We should actually be ourselves. No pretenses. No false airs of importance. No preconceived notions. Just ourselves. Ready to interact, learn, grow, and be happy within ourselves and our community.

I think I hear a thought sneaking into my consciousness right now saying,” Easier said than done.” I believe that anything we do is only as easy as we make it on ourselves. By being genuine, we get to live our own lives. We save time, emotion, and even money by not pretending to be something we are not. And, we feel better because we get to be who we are.

Think about this. This may not be something for the faint of heart. It is something that might help people wanting to be who they are.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Know Thyself

It is essential that we actually find out what we need to do in life, and to do this we need to research. We need to research not only what is out there that we could do. We need to research ourselves. Sound a little strange? You would be surprised.

When my oldest son was younger, he wanted to be a lawyer. He wanted to study at Harvard Law. And, he was very gifted intellectually and more than able to do so. Up until about his junior year, he was set to be a solicitor as they would say in England. Then something very unexpected happened. Taking the SAT for the first time, he did very well in English, very well. And, surprisingly he almost aced the math portion.

He was so surprised at how easy math was for him that he decided he would retake the SAT again next year and just ace it. And he did. He is now a tenured professor at a prestigious school on the West Coast teaching the various forms of mathematics and calculus and doing pure research.

The change in mindset would not have happened if he had not by chance done well on an SAT and decided to explore those possibilities. Until then, it was a hidden talent. My question to you today is, what hidden skills do you have?

You may have talents you know nothing about. That’s why they call them hidden. How do you find out about them? You have to do a little research on you. You need to take a few assessments, try new things, and maybe try a few lessons online or at your local community college.

Do not over-invest or spend money you do not have to start with. Yet try things. If you’re really interested in something, ask if you can shadow someone doing it for a day. If you’re curious about something, find somebody who does that job, can take that person out for some coffee and talk to them for 20 min. Do not look at just the things that are fun for you about the job, also explore those things that may not be so fun for you. It is crucial that you know all the facets that go into any gem of a job.

Thanks for being with me and hopefully will meet again tomorrow.

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