You Earned It

You have the best resource that anyone has ever had in the history of this planet. It’s difficult for you to see this resource in action, or hardly at all for most of the time. That is unless you look in a mirror. Yes, your best help, and the one that gives you the edge over all others, is you.

As as you work, you learn and grow. You know more about yourself and more about others every day. And as you grow, all that knowledge is kept in one place, you. You usually do not notice this because it comes so easy to you. Yet when you want something, you can dig deep within yourself to find the stamina, courage, and abilities to gain the upper hand.

The one person that can make the most happen is the person in the mirror. We tend to ignore that person because we’re so busy trying to figure out everyone else. It’s time for you to take some consideration of how talented that mirror person is.

If you work hard at it, you will find a treasure trove of abilities and knowledge that you probably weren’t paying attention to all these years. All of this belongs to you. You earned it over years of hard work and learning. It is time for you to take your just rewards and do good for yourself And your family.

After all, don’t you deserve it?

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