With all that is happened in the last 90 days, I feel it is essential that I touch on a subject that I have in the past. Many articles, reports, and rumors circulate these days, blaming and pointing fingers at each other. Therefore I would just like to go over a few things I have learned in the past.

Just because someone writes, it does not ensure that it is accurate or factual. When you have a country with the first amendment, what you really have Is a license to say whatever you want, whether actual, false, or somewhere in between. When many people write, it is not always for the good of the masses, rather the paycheck’s healthiness.

Sometimes skewed writing happens out of misunderstanding, sometimes out of greed, and sometimes to persuade others to another ideal, whether truth or not. There is one way you can figure it out, though. What you have to do is, rather than look at the words themselves as the whole meaning, ask a question or two.

Some of my questions are who is writing The article? Where did they get their research from? Where is their money to write this coming from?

Sometimes, the most exciting articles that can easily sway you have much darker and more sinister actions. Once you ask your questions and take a look behind the curtain.

I am not encouraging anyone to be a cynic. I am suggesting that you know where ideas come from and how they were formed.  Never accept opinion as knowledge.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to write again soon.