Keep Learning

I thank all of you who read my blogs regularly. I honestly do appreciate it. Even if you only get to come by every once in a while, I hope to give you something worthy of the time you take to read it.

By the end of next week, I am going to start introducing new courses. The first one is free, and I plan to make even the highest-paid training affordable to everyone. My goal in making these courses is more about help for you rather than money for me. These courses are designed to help you fight off limiting beliefs and find gainful employment you will enjoy.

I would appreciate hearing from you about courses you would like to have. I am always interested in building new approaches to learning new ideas.  If there is a demand for a specific topic, I would be more than glad to work on that for you.

Have you ever wanted to learn something and not been able to find a course you could afford? Please tell me about that experience.

Growing and Shedding

I learned something fundamental today. I saw that plants truly need a lot of attention. Plants grow new leaves and stems, and older leaves tend to whither and stop being productive. These plants require someone to work with them to help prune out what is old and no longer fertile and encourage the new growths to be healthy and become a productive part of the plant as a whole.

I realized there was a metaphor in there as to what coaches do in life. We help people to grow in the direction they desire. We help them to find what is productive and allows them to grow. We also help them figure out what has fallen by the wayside and not provide that much help anymore. 

I thought over this for a little while, and I realize that this was an allegory about me. I do help people, and I am also the one who requires help. I find it interesting to see such ideas in action, and we become reminded of them through nature.

Do you ever find yourself in growth? A place where there are things you no longer do because they’re not as valuable as the new things that you are active with now? Think about it, and please let me know.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


As we talk about moving into the future and planning our route, we need to understand that sometimes we will end up on a plateau. The trip to where we are going is not as much an inclined plane, as it is a series of steps. We rise by learning new things and then stand on firm ground to practice them and understand meanings and actions. And sometimes the best way requires taking a step down on the ladder of success to go up again.

I would like to revisit the story of an old Master Sergeant who climbed this ladder. He started off as a recruit in basic training. All he had to do was learn, do with those in charge told him, and try not to look too far ahead. When he graduated basic training, he was promoted earning his first stripe. After the nine-month tech school in electronics, he was sent to his first duty assignment and promoted with his second stripe. He was now an Airman First Class

It took him a short time to see that the sergeants told the airmen what to do, and the airman went out and did. And in time he was happy to become a sergeant. As the years went by, his number of stripes grew as he was promoted. And, as he was promoted, he was given various additional duties and details which were demanding at times and did cause stress. Finally, he earned his sixth stripe. He was now a Master Sergeant.

As time went on, he ended up the shop manager for a one-of-a-kind satellite depot. He ran a shop of 25 people, and they were charged with fixing broken components, and repairing or modifying satellite ground stations around the world as needed. He also owned the stress and concerns that came with the job. One day he was standing at his office door watching as the airmen repaired circuit boards and tested them to ensure proper calibration. And, he started to think, how great it would be to sit at the bench again and only have to fix circuit boards.

We all have times, as we go through life, where we think of how great it would be to go back to a simpler time. And if we did so, how much easier life would be. Many people feel embarrassed by these feelings. However, taking stock of where you are, how you got there, and where you’re going is a good thing.

Checking on where you are and seeing if you really want to be there helps you to know if you are in the right place and on the right path. Although many stop and think about the simpler times, it does not mean that they are on the wrong path. Sometimes, it just helps to reinforce the fact that it’s better to be in the wheelhouse helping to make decisions, then to be in the boiler room doing the work and not having a say.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Positive Growth

We had a pleasant rain in the middle of the night. Not very hard. Just a touch of hail but it was minimal, and although it was a thunder and lightning storm, even that was very quiet. When I first went to the Azores, it only rained at night. I thought, “what a wonderful idea. How do they get the weather to cooperate like that?”

Actually, later, when I move there with my family, I learned I was just lucky the first time. This thought brings up another good question. How often do we see a rare occurrence when we are someplace new, and just think that that’s normal for the place we are? This is a fair question, which grows based on assumptions.  The question also works both ways. How often when visiting another area do we see something that’s normal for them, and consider the occurrence rare?

Both questions are based on what we know at the time. And, both thoughts could have right or wrong answers depending on whether or not we have all the facts. And to have all the information, we have to engage with others.

When you engage with others, you will open yourself up. When you open yourself up, you can share and learn, learning more and growing. Often this positive effort is hindered by fear.

When we open ourselves up, we have to trust in others. We fear they may think we are uneducated, unknowing, or nosy. What we may fail to understand is they probably have the same worries. Yet, if we are willing to take a chance, and they are also willing to take a chance, there could be a profound mutual benefit and positive growth on both sides.

I guess the question here is, do we want to live a negative life of fear, or a positive life of engagement? I think only our egos know for sure.  Yet I can speak from experience, there usually is more positive than negative in life if you look for it.

Have a positive day.