Growing and Shedding

I learned something fundamental today. I saw that plants truly need a lot of attention. Plants grow new leaves and stems, and older leaves tend to whither and stop being productive. These plants require someone to work with them to help prune out what is old and no longer fertile and encourage the new growths to be healthy and become a productive part of the plant as a whole.

I realized there was a metaphor in there as to what coaches do in life. We help people to grow in the direction they desire. We help them to find what is productive and allows them to grow. We also help them figure out what has fallen by the wayside and not provide that much help anymore. 

I thought over this for a little while, and I realize that this was an allegory about me. I do help people, and I am also the one who requires help. I find it interesting to see such ideas in action, and we become reminded of them through nature.

Do you ever find yourself in growth? A place where there are things you no longer do because they’re not as valuable as the new things that you are active with now? Think about it, and please let me know.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.