Hang In There

Strive for better circumstances. When the world sends you lemons, forget the lemonade. There are no guarantees in this life, so no one has said you must suffer (unless it is the fastest way between two points). I believe you should not unless you absolutely have to.

Studying, learning, and working hard is not suffering. It is a right and privilege that will make you stronger in your goals and wiser in your actions. Learn new things every day and never shrink from work. That is the only way you can gain actual experiences.

If your transportation is late and you have to, walk. If there are bills, worries, or pains, you are experiencing the real world and what actually happens while waiting for the next cable car. Never leave your karma or fate waiting.

The first week in May, I plan to roll out my subscription service for the Reveille.Rocks Roundhouse Training. It will start small and plans to have 30 courses, one-on-one offers, mini-lessons, and live calls. Please join us. We will start it at $27 USD and grow from there. If you join at a particular cost, that will be your monthly cost as long as you stay with us, no matter how high the subscription is raised.

I will keep everyone informed about where we are and where we are going.

Have you ever joined something and soon found out you only paid a small portion of what others who joined later paid?

Bridging Our Gaps

We have a lot of trouble right now, and in large part, it is caused by the gaps we have in communication and understanding of others. And sometimes in not really understanding ourselves. Until we minimize these gaps, our problems will not get much better.

The problem is a plague upon us all. You cannot point at one person, group, or even one incident. It is up to each person to find their own way to work with the rest of humanity to better understand each other. Until each person takes a step forward, the problem remains.

The good news is that we can do this. It will not look uniform, and it will not be evenly spaced, yet it can happen. It will be small at first, and then just like baby steps, it will grow.

There may be doubters and naysayers. If we do not pay them the attention they want, their noise will slowly fade and, hopefully, come to see this as something good. At this point, our gaps will shrink, and our understanding shall grow.


My name is Mike Balof, and my one big goal for this year is to meet and help as many people as possible. I am a life coach assisting people in finding gainful employment. And, if desired, new careers in different fields.

I am told I’m good at what I do. Over the years, I have helped many learn new skills. Not only do I have years of practical experience in this, I also hold a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training. 

If you know of someone who needs my talents, please encourage them to write me at Mikeb@reveillerocks.me or sign up for a free 20-minute Zoom call through http://reveillerocks.me/contact.

My quest is to find and help all those I can, so they help themselves find great and enjoyable work leading to a great and satisfying life.

If you are interested, join me on this mission. Book a 20-minute call, and we will talk.

Need a Real Job

I remember when I worked with job seekers. It was called the great recession, and there were no jobs to speak. I am always able to find something. Something that someone could do until the economy improved. It might be working in a department store, running a cash register at the local fast-food place, or even helping with some sales type. The point is, if you look hard enough, there is always a job out there.

Unfortunately, my most challenging work often met with thank you very much, but ‘please don’t look too hard for me right now; I still have 13 weeks left of unemployment.’ I believe that if you’re not going to take this seriously, please don’t waste my time. In the grand scheme of things, 13 weeks go in the blink of an eye. The whole idea of unemployment is to give someone temporary assistance until they find their subsequent employment.

Many people think that once the COVID subsides, everyone will be hiring again. History has proven this not to be the case. Owners and operators will not employ new workers until they absolutely cannot do without the help.

Do you go for the job When it is in front of you or is that the time you start to prepare? To get the job, you need your ducks in a row. History proves time and again that real victories go to those who plan and are ready when opportunity strikes.

Do you want a livable income? Want to be ready? I have developed some training that could definitely help you. Ask me, Mikeb@reveillerocks.me

Ask Yourself A Question

If you want to get somewhere, you must constantly be moving in that direction. It does not matter if success is imminent. What matters is that you have made a decision and are working your way towards success. As long as you have movement, you’re doing something positive.

When gold was found in California, those already on the ground seeking fortune had the best chances for success. When the industry was needed at the start of World War II, the corporations that were already manufacturing were in place to reap the greatest reward.  

And when the world needed to go into the new age of computers, the forward thinkers, already knowledgeable, made the most profound impacts and gained the most profitable rewards. The people who won the day in all these situations were the ones who sold the materials required to go find the dream.

Those who sold picks and shovels, the gear the soldiers needed, or the apps and hardware required to run the machines usually earned a good part of the wealth. Look around you. Look at the skills you have and how they can help others succeed at whatever the money maker of today is. Please ask yourself a simple question, “What can I offer for profit which will make others more successful?“

If you have done this, you have just answered your question.

Low Hanging Fruit

I do not know why I have always had an aversion to going after the low hanging fruit. Whether it be grapes, or people I can help, or the things that I can do, I have always wanted to challenge myself. I have also always had the drive to help others.

In my stubbornness to do better and help more, I often forget that it is the sustenance from the lower hanging fruit that gives you the skill, energy, and knowledge to go after things far more challenging. By reaping what you can from the low hanging fruit of your trade, you can build better skills and a more stable organization to take on more abundant adventures. The little fruit was put there for a reason. Could that reason be to help you grow and do better?

Just because you can take what you reach does not mean you do not wish to go further. It just means we all need to start where we can achieve. And because of today, tomorrow we will be able to reach farther, and even more the day after that.

Do what you can. Do all that you can reasonably do. And when you have accomplished that, reach further.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Know Understand and Act

We have talked about understanding the problem.  We have spoken of knowing.  We need to understand one more thing.  The indispensable part I am thinking of is actually being there.  And, no matter how many books you read or YouTubes you watch, you will never understand or know until you are on the ground working with others and trying to make something better.

Books can only tell you what was in the past.  Videos can only show you what the person recording was interested in.  If you are going to make a difference, you need to be with the people and where the change needs to take place.  Anything done only in your head is not really done at all, at least not in the real world.

You must be there, working with others, and understanding the problems to actually know what needs to be done.  Until you gain first-hand knowledge, how do you really know what has to happen to make something better than it was?  You may want to, but not being there, you will not know if your ideas are a hit or a miss.

You do not need a lot of money.  Others have done great deeds with next to nothing.  You do not need a throng of thousands, the real work is often done by small cadres.  We have seen that going back thousands of years.  Violence will never work.  The movements that truly last are built on peace.

 What you need is to be there, understanding, knowledge, and action.  I understand that faith without actions is dead. If you have dreams and desires to help others, do not let them die waiting to act. 

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Working Out the Kinks

We all have times when something starts to hurt or fail to work.  Maybe the coffee pot goes on the fritz and does not put out enough coffee at a warm enough temperature.  It could be the car that is making a rattling sound every time you turn a corner. Possibly it is the back and abs that hurt after a fitful night’s unrest in bed. Whatever it is, you have two choices: accept it as the way things are or get curious and start asking questions until you understand enough to do something about it.

I lead with acceptance because that is where most people start.  Annoyance and acceptance.  Everything is just getting older.  Give it more time to warm up.  You just have to accept you are not a spring chicken.  It starts to sound like you are just giving up. 

After you work your way through the thorns and excuses, many will turn to option two and start to ask questions.  How long have we had this machine? Exactly what is making that sound, and will it fall off in traffic?  Why am I hurting, and can it be cured?  Now you are looking at fixes rather than mere acceptance.

I would recommend that we should all (yes, I am as guilty as the next person) swap the two choices. Get inquisitive first and hold off on acceptance as a very last resort.  We are going to end up curious anyway, and finding things out sooner than later can save money and frustration.  If a fix is possible, getting it done early-on will keep the problems from deteriorating further and costing more.  If the item has failed, go find a sale or get something that really makes you happy.

When these types of problems come along, and they usually will at some point, you can be complacent and miserable, or you can reach out and take action.  The latter will generally make you feel better.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Do or Do Not

I have to start off today with an apology. I wrote a fantastic blog yesterday, which my computer locked up, dropped, and lost as soon as I completed it and started the save process. This is not the first time I have been foiled by electronic technology. And I am sure it will probably not be the last. Yet, I cannot merely leave it at that point.

First off, electronic technology problems are a side issue. I take full responsibility for not delivering your blog to you yesterday. I assure you that I will take more productive steps in the future to ensure your blogs are ready to be sent and will be in place when you wish to read them.

Secondly, and I have just had a poignant demonstration of this very recently, complaining, never gets anything done.  Doing consists of the actions you take after you realize only because you complain, a fix usually does not instantly and magically appear.

If you want something done, it is up to you to help determine and understand the root cause. With the root cause found, a permanent fix can be developed and implemented. With the problem permanently fixed, it gives you more time for things other than worrying and complaining.

Of course, if you are actually looking for peace and quiet, you may have something with the complaining. If you complain that long enough, loud enough, pretty soon no one will come around to talk to you or call you back when you call. The problem with the constant complaining is the harm it does to your blood pressure, possible aneurysms, and your overall health in general.

As a mean old Master Sergeant, please allow me to suggest that you take the steps of a wise old saying. Do something when you can, understand why it cannot be done if you cannot fix it, and have faith in yourself, and others, that you will be able to tell the difference. You could be like the man of old, always riding off to tilt at windmills, yet does that really fix anything? And you could fold up your tent, sneaking off in the middle of the night claiming that nothing could be corrected, but that would rob others of your ability to work at the things you could change.

I am not telling you what you should or should not or must do. Only you can know that for yourself. The choices are yours. You have to choose what is important enough for you to go tackle. And understand what your abilities to correct something actually are. As for me, I am going to work at ensuring my products meet my client’s expectations, and I can deliver them as promised.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

You Need to Act the Part

Often, we have great ideas. We have ideas of the books we want to write or the place that we want to build in the backyard for the kids. We are going to make great paintings or learn to knit or do something else that is memorable and long-lasting. And, we are very serious about it. The only problem is we never do anything, we only think about it.

Great ideas are only electrical impulses in our mind until we put action to them. The hardest part of any great idea is taking the first action. The first step of your journey, the first action in the knitting class, laying out where the swing set in the fort will go, or writing your first paragraph, all these are action steps. And these are also the hardest part of the task that you may face.

The reason that these will be the hardest is shown to us in physics. Something at rest stays there until acted on by outside forces. Also, it takes more energy to start a movement than it does to sustain the action. This is just one of those truths of the universe. And it equally seems to play at the start of all projects.

Some resistors to getting a project started are ensuring you have adequate time to do the project. You have the desire to do the project. And you have some capital you could put into the project. Other resistors are the television set, video games, the fishing pole, and naptime.

Sometimes to make something worthy of your plans and ideas, you need to sacrifice some of the lesser things to create for the greater good. We all do this from time to time, and those who do usually find these sacrifices are small compared to the good that actions do for themselves and others.

I cannot tell you what is truly good for you. Take a look around you. Look at your heroes, those you respect, and those who are taking actions that you appreciate. More than likely, these people have taken time to put thoughts and ideas into actions and accomplishments.

When everything is tallied up, shouldn’t you be counted in with the heroes, the respected, and those who you appreciate? It’s not that hard, take a step and start an action.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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