Ask Yourself A Question

If you want to get somewhere, you must constantly be moving in that direction. It does not matter if success is imminent. What matters is that you have made a decision and are working your way towards success. As long as you have movement, you’re doing something positive.

When gold was found in California, those already on the ground seeking fortune had the best chances for success. When the industry was needed at the start of World War II, the corporations that were already manufacturing were in place to reap the greatest reward.  

And when the world needed to go into the new age of computers, the forward thinkers, already knowledgeable, made the most profound impacts and gained the most profitable rewards. The people who won the day in all these situations were the ones who sold the materials required to go find the dream.

Those who sold picks and shovels, the gear the soldiers needed, or the apps and hardware required to run the machines usually earned a good part of the wealth. Look around you. Look at the skills you have and how they can help others succeed at whatever the money maker of today is. Please ask yourself a simple question, “What can I offer for profit which will make others more successful?“

If you have done this, you have just answered your question.