Everyone has a reason to be grateful.  Did I wake up today, Great, I am very thankful that I did.  I count that as my first success of the day.  If I take the time to make my bed, it is the second success of the morning.  Hot water in the shower and I am on to the trifecta.

Gratitude is nothing more than the things we know are not guaranteed, and so, every time they happen (whether they usually do or not,) I am happy they did.  I am grateful for my wife and my kids.  I am glad they are happy and healthy.  I am thankful that I have a passion for life, and I have something I can use to help others.

Many people keep a gratitude journal, and they write down what they are grateful to have and do.  I am starting one.  Although I am 67, I am a little late to the game.  I am just thankful that I made it here.

I encourage everyone to set aside a little time each day to think of what went well for them that day. And think of what they were able to do for someone else that may have made that person’s day.  It does not have to be a lifesaving feat or an outrageously generous payment.  The simple, little things often mean so much more.  Think about it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Are You Positive?

This week I would like to talk to you about good and evil. Many people call it the light or the dark side. When you walk in the sun, you sometimes feel you are walking in goodness. When you step on the dark side, it is often a feeling of evil. Actually, the light of day and the darkness of night are always the same.  So, I would like to put it in the connotation of positive and negative.

You should look at it as walking with positive intentions and thoughts or walking and working in negativity. We have actually both within us. And, we could be pulled either way. We can work well together, working in the light of positivity, or we can fall into the depths of despair and live our lives in negativity.

So the question becomes which side has done more for you? What has done you more good, the times you stay positive, or the times you fall into negativity? We have both within us. We have probably been on both sides, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. And we have a choice.

Do you feel better about yourself when you’re positive or when you’re negative? Do you get more done when you’re positive or when you’re negative? Do things work out better when you’re positive or negative? Think about it.

If being positive did better for you in the past, you can get back there.  All you need is to find one positive thing.  Someone said hello, or the sun was out. I found a penny on the sidewalk.  Maybe something else you find favorable. Write it down.  Then remember the next good thing that happens to you and write it down when you have a chance.  By the end of the week, you could have a whole list of good things you can look at whenever negativity comes calling.  It does make a difference, a positive one.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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