Everyone has a reason to be grateful.  Did I wake up today, Great, I am very thankful that I did.  I count that as my first success of the day.  If I take the time to make my bed, it is the second success of the morning.  Hot water in the shower and I am on to the trifecta.

Gratitude is nothing more than the things we know are not guaranteed, and so, every time they happen (whether they usually do or not,) I am happy they did.  I am grateful for my wife and my kids.  I am glad they are happy and healthy.  I am thankful that I have a passion for life, and I have something I can use to help others.

Many people keep a gratitude journal, and they write down what they are grateful to have and do.  I am starting one.  Although I am 67, I am a little late to the game.  I am just thankful that I made it here.

I encourage everyone to set aside a little time each day to think of what went well for them that day. And think of what they were able to do for someone else that may have made that person’s day.  It does not have to be a lifesaving feat or an outrageously generous payment.  The simple, little things often mean so much more.  Think about it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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