Sustaining in Isolation

My wife and I are staying at home as much as possible.  I now have a choice. I can binge-watch TV, sleep, and play on the computer. Or possibly, I can study, learn new things, plan for the future, and hopefully be ready for what is needed when the all-clear sounds. 

I am not making money right now.  Any services as an active listener or life coach I provide are pro bono until this emergency is over.  I need to do this to repay all the people who have helped me in my life.  And, I should be ready for when life starts to be healthy again.  Life coaches will be in demand.

There will probably be new ideas and new rules to understand.  And yet, people are what they always are.  We can look at the aftermath of the 1918 pandemic to get an idea of how people came out of that plague.  Then we can fast forward to see what that might look like today.

We can plan and prepare to be of assistance and offer what people need when our standard returns, or we can zone-out and wonder what is going on when some semblance of regular life starts again.  As for me, I will rest a little, and I will be working to prepare myself and my business to be of vital help and benefit to others when needed.

Stay healthy, my friends.  Remember, nothing lasts forever.  The Virus, too, will pass on to better days.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.