Time to Move Forward

There are times in our lives when we forget we are more than just one idea.  We are a strong country that has persevered much and will do so into the future.  We are the culmination of what our fore-parents did, and the formula of what we will leave to our future.

Democracy has never been a guarantee that you will always have everything exactly your way.  What is guaranteed is your right to pursue happiness.  Happiness itself is not guaranteed.  Just because someone did not get exactly what he or she wanted does not give anyone the right to throw a tantrum, to destroy property or to shatter the peace of his or her home or the home of anyone else. Continue reading “Time to Move Forward”

The Best lessons Have Little to Do With School

When my kids were younger, I used to try to teach them various lessons.  I am sure they wanted to look at this as a form of parental torture.  I believe I was merely helping them to see a good lesson.  How did I do this?  By helping everyone to get involved. Continue reading “The Best lessons Have Little to Do With School”


Quality goes with reputation.  A person or company with quality will normally have a positive reputation.  A person or company without a quality product or output will have a negative reputation. In many Pacific rim industrial centers, quality is related to morality.  A person who produces items of poor quality is someone with faulty morals.

Quality discussions and ideas are found online, in books, and in consulting and training.  TQM, 8-D, Six-Sigma, 5-S, just name a few of the methods used in industries and companies, ranging from electronic system technologies to healthcare and the service industry.

Good quality requires work. Continue reading “Quality”


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