When you have much to do, and there’s no one else around to delegate to, you need to get to work and do it. If you think you’re feeling miserable looking at it now, think about what it would be like looking at the same thing two weeks or a month from now. If you take the time to do it now, you get a boost because you can look at it and you have endorphins that will release in your brain because you actually got it done.

There are many things I have to do that cannot be delegated to anyone else, mainly because no one else is there to do the work. I have to make my bed in the morning. If the dishes pile up and the kitchen gets messy, I need to do some cleaning. If I ignore these things, I have to look at the results. If I do these things, I get to enjoy the results. If I do the chores and I get tired doing while working, it’s a good tired. If I ignore them and do nothing, I’m still tired, there is just nothing good about it.

Remember, there is nothing wrong in delegating equally. Sharing anything shows inclusion. Keeping everything to yourself, unfortunately, excludes everybody else. When people feel excluded, they get worried, and problems start to arise. Everyone feels better when they are included, even when there is work to be done. Just make sure to include the same people in the rewards.

Togetherness, sharing, being part of the team, working and learning, and growing together, people are social animals. People like to be with others and do things together. Even when they act like they do not.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.